Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's The Little Things

Of all the wondrous things in life to behold I find short women very attractive and alluring and one other short thing really captures my attention. Yeah you guessed it...sawed off shotguns. The look cool, they look bad, the get everyone's attention. and due to unreasonable laws they are, for the most part, illegal. Yes, you can pay for a stamp then pay an outrageous fee to someone  for a gun they have modified. Or, you can pay a higher fee to the USG and make your own. Taxes, fees, records, investigations all because of an arbitrary length. This long is ok, one fraction of an inch shorter and it's illegal. Yes this is one of my usual rants in the vein. Here are some things I find very cool....



Yep, ya gotta love 'em!