Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whew! For the last month and a half I have had an actual JOB! I was working as the bell ringer coordinator for the Salvation Army office in the town I live in. It was a short term gig that ended the week after Christmas. As I have been saying, it was the easiest job I have ever had thankfully it didn't pay much! I found out I have a contact in the Salvation Army and he is working to get me an actual full time position if possible. This little job kept me jumping from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening 6 days a week. Thankfully they claim they are going to pay me mileage. I was putting on 350-500 miles a week in the two little towns I was servicing. I say claim to pay as I have not seen a dime of that money yet. I do have my fingers crossed though.

No Fourth Amendment in Kalifornia


I recent court ruling now allows Kalifornia Kops to seize and search the cellphone or PDA you are carrying at the time of a search. If I recall correctly the Fourth amendment to the US Constitution says we all have the right to be free in our person and papers. Modern times have shown the computers and such are the 20th century version of papers. Of course Kalifornia is claiming all is good. I can't wait for the lawsuits to climb their way up to the US Supreme Court. I say it all the time, GET OUT OF KALIFORNIA! RUN! FLEE! Leave that broken state to the illegal that are flooding in and the Liberals that support them.

A New Bargain

A while back I posted about a knife I got at an estate sale, a Cold Steel Voyager XL. An 80 plus dollar knife, I got it for a whopping 4 bucks. Well, yesterday I was perusing the local flee market and spotted what appeared to be an SOG knife in a dimly lit case. I got the attendant to open the case and lo and behold it was an SOG Pentagon Elite folder. New. Never used, factory edge still sharp and no trace of pocket lint. The retail on this gem is, from online sources, 69 to 95 dollars. If you go direct to SOG they want a whopping 155 dollars! My price from the flee market? Another 4 dollars! What a sweet deal! This knife is solid and sharp. It has a very unique arc lock that locks the blade open. It is very secure and easy to use. All in all I'd say it was a great find.