Tuesday, January 21, 2014


And the cold returneth. It's supposed to get down to three tonight. BRRR! I need a hot body to lay up with me and chase these chills away. It's been a long dry spell and I'm ready for a change. Gotta get back in the groove! I'm workin' on gettin' the scoot running again and THAT will make me feel a whole bunch better. But I still need a little scooter tramp to grace the back seat.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Russian Troops...American Police?

It's crap like this I keep referring to, foreign troops being trained in the US and being allowed to "police" public events. This is the another chink in the wall of freedom and that wall is falling fast.

"The safety and security of America has been compromised by the very organizations which are supposed to protect American lives. For example, FEMA, our domestic enemy, and the Russian government, our foreign enemy, have signed an agreement which permits Russian soldiers to train on American soil for the first time in American history"

Go to this site and read the entire story, it's enough to make you sick. Our government is selling us out lock, stock and barrel.
If it's not a cop beating you down, it's the government stealing from you, lying to you and delivering you and yours to our enemies.

Really though, get Matt Brackens book called Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, read it and then read that article again.

Ready, Aim....FIRE!

There has been a problem with the chemical compound used for the death penalty. It seem on compound was not proper even though it resulted in the death that the Court called for. Missouri has a plan to circumvent that issue.

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One Missouri lawmaker wants to provide an alternative death penalty to lethal injection, allowing a method of execution which hasn’t been used in the United States since 1996. A Harrisonville lawmaker is co-sponsoring a bill that would allow"

Now we're talking! There are three other states that have the firing squad as an option in death penalty cases. Now a Missouri Legislator want our stste to have it too.

Here is the full story.

A Great Wind

Last night I went down the street to see my mother and step-father. When he and I get together you cannot get away without talking and discussing politics, knives, guns and the Civil War. So while some inane TV show was playing, he and I were talking about knives and this came into my head. I grabbed my new Varsity el cheapo fountain pen and an envelope and jotted this down. I kinda like it, maybe it'll lead to longer prose.

 " A great wind blew across the land and it carried the voice of anger and dissent.
This wind kindled the fires of rebellion and that in turn became the conflagration of revolution.
Men and women across this land dropped their books and tools and implements of peace. Their empty hands were soon filled with the arms of freedom."

It's amazing the way the human mind wanders and can do so many things at the same time. And what brought those words to my fingertips? My anger? My frustration? Or my desire?

We have used these in a failed attempt at freedom

And it seems podiums don't work for shit.

So maybe its time for these.....


Hone your skill, prepare your hides, be ready to take in a sudden short term boarder, just be ready.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's Not Salmon

In response to Wirecutter's post as well as the one I did on IHOP's crap, I give you pancake as they should be.

Tasty, light, fluffy with a bit of texture and a crispy, lacey crust. A smear of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup (the fake stuff not the real) and it's a gift of the gods in the Midwest. And oh, so simple to make.

Readers I present pancakes in all their glory......

In the pan...

 On the plate...

 Only three cakes but stacking up over two inches high!...

Take that Ken!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

And The Snow Flies

Snowing, and getting colder. The weather guessers claim -20 to -30 wind chills by Monday. BRRRR!
With the snow comes the strangers on AVT's. I live in a very commercialized area. With each snow comes a fleet of four wheelers from who knows where. I know they do not live in this neighborhood. But they do come and race up and down my street, doing donuts and generally having a good time of themselves. I get tired of it already. Tonight a KCPD cop drove down the street, watched two of the ATV's spinning round and round and then drove off. So much for law enforcement. It makes no sense to me to have an ATV only use it in the city. We do have areas that these units can be ridden in. Some public areas allow them and there are a couple of places that are for dirt bikes and ATV's to rip it up in. But no, these jack offs have to wait for a nice quiet snowy evening to run up and down the streets of Kansas City. My, how times change. Many years ago my ex-brother-in-law was at his moms house and it snowed while he was there. He unloaded the three wheeler from the truck and took it to a local park. Night time, cold, snowing, deserted, he was having fun in the park. that is until Kansas City's finest appeared. Being the way he and I used to be, he flipped the bird and busted out of there. Many cops gave pursuit until finally thinking he had lost them in downtown KC, a bright light and a loud voice came from the sky. The light blinded him and he crashed, the voice told him to stay where he was. Moments later a small fleet of PD cars showed up, arrested him and carted his three wheeler away. Today? They watch and leave.


This just in....IHOP pancakes SUCK! Jesus be with me! My worst efforts at flapjack making is far better that the pile crap I attempted to eat this morning. I was going to fix a great breakfast for my visiting brother and my mom and stepdad. BUT, brother saw an ad for some crepe stack that he thought look WONDERFUL. Of course the local IHOP did not have it. I ordered the buttermilk pancake stack and could only force myself to eat less that half of it before my taste buds revolted. It tasted like flour and water and was mushy to boot. When I looked at the crowd that was stuffing their face with this shit it occurred to me that if I could get some backing funds I could addict a few generation to my breakfast creations. I make some mean pancakes and many folks have urged me get a restaurant after eating some of my cooking. Oh, well. Mark that joint off my list of places to eat. I quit eating their over 20 years ago and now I remember why.
Due to the weather my brother flight has been put off until Monday so maybe I can make something good for him before he returns to Kalifornia.