Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog list update

Take a look at the blog list on the right and you will see I have added a couple of sites. The first is The Sipsey Street Irregulars. Hardcore constitutionalist and ready to take on any who violate our trust and rights. The second is lighter but still with some thought provoking humor, Day By Day Cartoon keeps me entertained on a daily basis. Check these sites out frequently. SSI has a very good article today.

Tax Protesters

I'm not a believer in the Federal income tax system. It is extortion money plain and simple. Pay up or we will imprison you or kill you. How's that for a voluntary system? It seems several government programs are run in such a manner. How's this one...get a permit to sell guns or we will hound you to poverty, imprison you or just kill you. That one is referring to an activity that had no real regulation to it until 1963. Then the .gov decided it was terrible to have the people arming themselves with things that could jeopardize the illegal, unconstitutional activities that have been going on ever since. Any hoo, in regard to income tax, look up section 861 of the income tax code some time. It is so inflammatory the IRS is deleting it from newly published code manuals. AND saying it doesn't really mean what it says. Ex-IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson is doing time for spreading this 861 info. She was actually arrested and convicted for not paying her income taxes per section 861 but she really made the IRS mad, real mad, when she went on a speaking tour, spreading DVDs out, telling the story of section 861. But back to my point, here is a lengthy article on the income tax system.

The Obama Machine

Look at this video that details all the crap Obama is signing into law that is threatening our very freedoms. He has really been busy when not out on dates, jet setting around, going shopping and attending concerts and apologising for all Of Americas "mistakes". This man is probably the most dangerous individual to ever hold this office.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I'm sitting here contemplating this latest round of snow. We receive another 5 inches today. More shoveling, only this time for two houses and 1 apartment. Hooray for global warming! How can any one believe in global warming? It gets warmer, it gets cooler. That's the way it is and that's the way it has always been. Forever.

House Plan 4

Good news! We don't need a new roof, we just needed to repair the roof the inept previous owner put on. Seriously, it has a new Timberline roof, someone just wasn't skilled at roofing. So my brother and I were on the roof in 35 degree weather with a 10-15 mph breeze blowin' and the sky threatening rain or snow. Most repairs are done, at least the ones that can be done in winter weather. Spring weather will allow some other repairs. Any way, that was a load off my mind.

CPAC Results

The Conservative Political Action Conference has held it's annual meeting this past week. They had an impressive list of speakers this year. Ann Coulter was on hand to offer her sharp, caustic wit, Judge Andrew Napolitano was there as was Mitt Romney. CPAC does a straw poll of all potential conservative Presidential Candidates. This year Ron Paul won the poll with 33 percent of the vote. Mitt came in second at 20 some odd percent. Since the last presidential election cycle, the one in which Dr. Paul was mostly ignored, he has become the go to guy for all things political by the news groups that dismissed him during the election. A person (professional asshat), from the Fox News network made the closing speech at this years meeting. I wonder what he thinks of the straw poll results as he thinks that Ron Paul is a kook and anyone that supports him is a member of the tin foil hat club.

The new poor?

I read today that there is a new class of Americans that may be called the new poor. These folks, myself included, are the chronically unemployed. I personally have been out of work for over a year and thankfully, I still have 1 or 2 unemployment claims or extensions left. But there are millions (2.7 million to be closer) of people that are facing the end of any unemployment benefits by the end of April. The article went on to say that it may be years before people like me can find a regular job. Years! I can find work but it is intermittent, sporadic and low paying at best. And it is work that I drum up myself, not in an office, at a jobsite or in a factory. I have been told I'm not qualified to do the things I have done for the last 10 years(maintenance and construction management) and I have been told I'm not qualified to be a custodian. So if I'm not qualified for anything in between what do I do? Anything I can find that will pay me, preferably in cash. There are millions of people that are in the same position. Good, hard working folks that, at this time, have no real employment future. I want to personally thank past President George W. Bush for my job loss and Pseudo President Obama for continuing the unemployment cycle. It used to be said that a way to improve a failing economy was to go to war. Well, we're on two battle fronts and that hasn't improve the economy any. Maybe it takes a real World War to make real job growth. Truthfully, as intermarried as the world economy is, I don't think things will ever get back on track. Look at the latest ripple, Toyota builds some crappy cars, so the stock market drops and anyone that sells to Toyota or supports them or is supported by them loses their market value and it just goes down the line to the smallest provider of the smallest vendor to the car maker. Purveyors of nuts, bolts, uniforms, paint, steel, tires, glass, fabric, wire and so on all see a drop in their business and their market value. The entire world is tied together like this so a hiccup on one side of the world causes a rash on the other side.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The census is coming, the census is coming

It's 2010 and time for the census. The Constitution calls for an enumeration of the people every 10 years. That means a counting of the people. It doesn't mean asking for your race, number of toilets, number of rooms in your house or anything else. It just needs to know how many folks there are in the nation so they can determine political districts and how may Representatives and Senators are needed. So, when that form comes to you it's real easy to complete, just fill in the number of people living at your address and send it back.

Glen Beck..professional asshat

I quit watching Glen Beck when he linked the murderer at the Jewish Center in DC to 911 truthers. I have not watched this moron since. I found today that he continues to prove his complete idiocy when he linked the Tea Party and constitutionalists to the murderer that crashed his plane into the building in Austin TX. What do you think?

Bill O'Reilly...senior asshat

I just started watching Bill again and now I will have to stop watching him forever. First, he thinks that mayors and governors have the right to suspend Constitutional rights during weather events (state of emergency to Bill), is bashing the Oath Keepers because they are urging their members not to abide by unconstitutional laws, and now wants conservatives to lay off his buddy Barack. All of these recent revelations have elevated him to Senior Asshat in my opinion. Once again, what do you think? Fox News is really starting to take a left lean of late. I rarely watch Fox any more and when I do I get crap like this.

House Plan III

We signed on the foreclosed property last night. Now my work really begins. Lots of plumbing, drywall and painting to do in addition to a bathroom rebuild, a kitchen remodel and an HVAC system to install. Bonus! I found out this morning, the roof needs to be repaired over the living room (it's wet and rainy here today). Oh well I really can't bitch about any of this when we bought over 2000 sf for 26 grand. So tomorrow morning, let the games begin.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Money II

A while back I had posted some info about a Georgia State Representative pushing a bill to make gold and silver the official currency of the State of Georgia. I don't know if that bill has been started or if it is even alive today. Now comes South Carolina to the party. Representative Mark Pitts has introduced legislation to make, you guessed it, gold and silver the official currency of the State. Once again the reason given is lack of trust in the paper, debt backed fiat dollars we are using now as well as distrust of the US market and it's ability to stay afloat. One "expert" says that gold is "unstable" and using it for money is unconstitutional as well. Unconstitutional? He should try reading Article 1 section 10 of the US Constitution which says, "No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque or Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of debts..." Maybe he needs to be made aware of a thing called the Constitution as it is evident he's not fully aware of it's existence.


I found this here a while back and I found it over here today. If you have been paying attention to the development of the US Army's NorthCom this is really interesting. It seems the Ruskies are keeping an eye on the situation too. Maybe the Roosians are making the same plans the USG is. What is all the military build up for anyway, in case the Canadians invade? Do they really need tanks and such to assist with floods, fires and earthquakes?

Shootin' Fun

I took the T/C Contender out yesterday for a little hand cannon fun. I haven't shot this thing in over a year so I was a little rusty at first but I warmed up right away. The barrel of the day was 14 inches long and chambered in 30/30 Winchester, wearing a Simmons 2-7 power pistol scope in a T/C Duo Mount. I started up with a reasonable warm up of 25 yard. I thought I was missing by a large margin but examination showed I was on as far as windage but elevation was about 2 inches low. 7 shot all clustered in a tight little 1.5 inch group. I then moved to the 100 yard range took a couple of shots and adjusted the scope and started hitting little rocks and such with every shot. COOOl! I might add that I have a generous brother in law who owns an old rock quarry and lets me shoot there. 30 shots later I was out of ammo and happy as a clam. Later I was at my brothers house and leaning on the deck and my right elbow started shaking. Brother wondered what was going on. I didn't know. Then it came to me, 30 shots of a rifle cartridge from a heavy pistol might have had something to do with it. I can't wait until I get the 45/70 barrel set up.

Monday, February 15, 2010

House Plans

We have finally heard from the realtor about our closing on the foreclosed property. In regards to the early close the bank wanted, we are closing 1 day early. One. At least we're closing. Finally. I say that but in all actuality this has been a very short lived process. So by next week I will be ass deep in home repairs and renovations. And my ass is pretty far from the floor.


This morning I installed a stainless Duo Mount on my Contender 45/70 barrel. Now I need a stainless scope for it and some powder and bullets and I'm all set to go shootin'. Then I cold blued my Dad's Marlin Glenfield model 60 barrel, installed the new magazine tube, staked the tube in place and glued the cracked wrist. Maybe it'll end up with a real scope on it in place of the 7/8 inch tube on it now. I wish I had more projects like this as I really enjoy this type of work. Work hell! This kinda stuff is fun to me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Economic Revelations

I saw the following information at the Survival Blog of James Rawles and found the articles interesting and wanted to pass them on.
I have been warning friends and family alike that this is coming ever closer, a collapse of the commercial real estate market. There are thousands of commercial building that are empty or devalued and still have mortgage payments due on the older higher value. The piper is calling on these properties much like the residential real estate bubble was burst. Read more about it here.
In the same vein, it seems that 1 in 5 home owners owe more for their home than it is currently worth. These home owners are more susceptible to defaulting on the loan. This brings us even closer to another wave of foreclosures and displaced families.
Finally, I saw this article on how society is going to be change due to long term, chronic unemployment much like that of the depression. This is really important as the current administration is saying that it might be several years before the job market gets better. The national unemployment average is around 10 percent. A quick count of our friends and family yields a 50 percent unemployment rate. When you read all this and reflect on what it means to you and the country, can you tell me how the economy can possibly be getting better, as promised by our government. How can it get better with the coming collapse of commercial real estate, another possible residential default wave and an unemployment situation that may span years?

More House Stuff

Five days and counting until our official close date on the property we are buying. Still no word from the bank on that "early" close they had inquired about. If you are looking to do some remodeling in your home, Lowes has a great sale going on the Sauder line of closet organizing systems. I mean really deep cuts. We bought an item that was normally 79 dollars for 18 bucks. We went back this morning and got more items for the walk in closet I'm going to build. We dropped 250 on this stuff. The before sale price would have been over 500 dollars. It's keeping your eyes open for deals like this that let you stretch your dollars. We went to the Kansas City Remodeling Show yesterday. We expected to get a lot of helpful information for all our upcoming projects, in actuality we were very disappointed with this years show. We also bought a gas range and dishwasher deeply discounted as Sears on Friday, an eleven hundred dollar range for 799 and an 800 dollar dishwasher for 671. Plus a 5 percent discount for applying for a Sears card. Now, we WILL NOT use the card but it did get us the discount that nearly paid for the sales tax. You gotta look for the deals to make it all work out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Open Policy. Riiight.

We have a man Sitting In The Presidents Chair that has continually promised open and transparent government while at the same time spending nearly 800,000 dollars to keep his background secret. We have had closed door meetings about health care, jobs, more health care, economic bailouts and a host of other items that should be open discussion for all Americans to witness. We should have seen this coming when the liberals asked McCain for his birth record and he presented them, pronto. On the other hand when the same was asked of Barry, AKA, Barack, AKA MaoBama he stalled, lied and sued to keep his birth record secret (don't hand me that crap about the faked Hawaiian COB. At the time that was one of the easiest document in the world to acquire), he sued to keep his scholastic records secret, he refused to honestly answer any questions about his youth, family, citizenship, early travels or anything that could or could not prove his eligibility to hold The Office Of The President. He and his liberal/socialist backers have stone walled at every opportunity and cast derogatory names at anyone asking question of his birth record and scholastic history. Take a look at this article and watch the accompanying video that is delving into his so called scholastic achievements. My favorite part is Barack Hussein Long Legged Mac Daddy Obama.

I find it amazing that NO ONE remembers Barry from college. Students, Staff, Faculty all claim no remembrances of him. AND, there are no photos of him in any year books, fraternity records or anything. What a mystery man! Who are his backer? Where did he come from and whose agenda is he pushing? It's certainly not the agenda of the American Citizen.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Military "Quartering" in Pennsylvania

Earlier I posted some info about posse comitatus, well, lo and behold look what I found over at Alex Jones place.
The military has moved into Pa. ostensibly to help out with the weather related problems but as I noted earlier most national guard troops are federalized. If you look around you can find this kind of violations every where and we are letting it happen. Did you read that, we are LETTING it happen. We as a nation are being fooled into turning this country into a socialistic, one world type of UN region.
Jay Nixon, Military Overlord?

Chairman MaoBama has tapped Missouri Governor Nixon to sit on a new board of governors that will oversee military action in the US. If they're talking military action as in police duties or insurrections, that is already covered by the Constitution in a little thing called Posse Comitatus. That means NO troops are to be, as the Colonials said, "quartered" with the citizenry. That means no using Federal troops to police your people. State Militias were OK just not any Federal troops. Whoops, all of our State Militias, i.e. the National Guard have been federalized. Any way, Jay Nixon was the Governor who was fine with the statements made by the Missouri Fusion Centers MIAC Document when they wrongly claimed that home schoolers, gun owners, veterans, and a host of other regular type folks were to be looked at as terrorists. And this asswipe is going to review any military action in the US? I can see him with a bowl of popcorn "reviewing" the military action via a monitor playing video from a Predator drone camera. Any way, read the article here.

It's Better Now But Not?

The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair and his illustrious staff of crooks, creeps and felons made a long winded statement that boiled down to "The economy is getting better but unemployment will get worse". WTF? These amateur politicians continue step on their toes every day while stepping on our toes several times a day, Seriously, they think things are better if if the unemployment remains high for several years? What kind of idiocy is that?

Anticipayation is making me wait...

We are still waiting on the bank that owns the property we are trying to buy, to give us the early closing they asked for. We are now 8 days away from the original closing date. When they asked for an early close, we got busy and started drawing, sketching, planning, shopping, attending classes in preparation for starting the remodel of the house. Well, the bank is putting a damper on our enthusiasm with their slowness to arrive at an "early" closing. Maybe they meant early morning? Or early evening? Who knows. We do have a call in to the realtor who has not called us back yet. After reviewing the photos and drawings I made of the interior, I found a neat little niche in the basement were I can build a gun vault. One wall will enclose the space. Then comes the real bitch, putting a concrete lid on the room. Oh well, hard jobs just make your better. I found another niche where we can set up a nice little den with its own fireplace.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gun Ban Over Snow?

We have all heard of the massive snow storm to hit the eastern seaboard and SE US. What isn't being disseminated is that when a state of emergency is declared, they can and will do what ever they want, constitutional or not. Look at King, North Carolina, this town has enacted a state of emergency and as part of this declaration have enacted a restriction on alcohol sales and instituted a curfew as well as a ban on firearms and ammunition and the carrying of firearms other than on your own property. While they have relaxed the alcohol and curfew impositions they continue to enforce the gun and ammo ban. Now understand we are talking about a TOWN, not a state. A town has declared a state of emergency and has suspended constitutional rights. No wonder they want a lid on the firearms. The state of emergency was lifted this morning but still, the fact remains that a small town stripped it's citizens of basic rights because of a snow storm. Here's what Judge Napolitano has to say on basic rights, focused n the Second Amendment.

Snow Storm Preparations

We were watching the local news last night and as expected the weather guessers were out in force. One video show some folks on the Kansas side leaving a grocery store where they were "stocking up" for the storm in case they were snowed in. In the minds of these sheeple, stocking up meant a small plastic bag half full of snacks and such. Seriously, you could see through the plastic bags and most of the people were buying snacks to hold them over in the event they were snowed in with the 3 inches that came down. Evidently they don't know what stocking up really means. First, stocking up means you don't need to run to the store before weather hits. Secondly, you don't wait for an emergency to stock up

Friday, February 5, 2010

The House Plan

The House

We are ever closer to closing on this foreclosed house. Yesterday I put a big fat check in the bank(courtesy of my dwindling retirement fund). The realtor called and said everything is progressing smoothly and the bank, who lost the last deal on this house 'cause of their foot dragging, wants to know if we can close ...early. Yea, we can do that.

The Plan

We intend to first do a general clean up and haul off at the new house, then comes an HVAC system. The next item will be rebuilding the master bath and remodeling the master bedroom(adding a huge walk in closet for Cherry Pie) and rehabbing the kitchen. I want to start moving in at this point as every thing else is sanding and painting type stuff. I found a handy little cove in the basement that I can easily turn into a gun vault by adding one CMU wall and a concrete ceiling. The rest of the basement will receive warehouse type racking to store all our other "stuff". Food, supplies, first aid, type stuff. There is a lot of other work we plan for this place but it will come down the pike a little.
For the current home, we are torn between doing a little fix up and selling cheap and doing a lot of fix up and changing and renting this one out. With a moderate amount of work I can make this place two rentals. Figure 500 a floor and that will more than cover the mortgage and put a little padding in for any renter related repairs. Or, we can do some work all over the house and rent it out as one unit for 800-1000 dollars a month which will still leave a nice cushion. We'll see.
We had planned on using any tax return we get to pay off Cherry's Caddy. Then this house thing came up and she wanted to use the tax return on the house. I told her we could pay off the Caddy then use the monthly car payment on the house. This would leave us with nothing but a mortgage payment on this home and if we can rent it or sell it, that will be covered.
If the mortgage is covered by rentals or payed off and the car is payed off we can bank all of our earnings. ALL of it. That's a serious amount of ching. We do plan on putting a lot of it in our own safe and converting a lot to real money. The rest goes in the credit union account. We are really looking forward to all these changes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Latest Stuff

We have had a lot of stuff going on in our lives lately. The good and the bad.

The good... We received a verbal acceptance of our offer on a reposed home. We have a closing date of 2/19. There will be a lot of work coming up shortly on this project. Next my wife is looking to get an agency of her own. She was asked by a local agent to be his AIT or Agent In Training. She has filled out the application, had her phone interview and is now working on a 250 question quiz(things like do you sleep like a baby?) that she must pass to go any further.

The bad...Our daughter in law is deployed on the SS Eisenhower. She usually goes to the Persian Gulf area. This time though, Ahmadinijad says he will be shocking the world powers on February 11. Is this more bluster or is he going unveil a new rocket or... a nuclear device? Add in the factor of our son going to deploy in May or April. Closer to home, a good friend of ours has been in the hospital for several days and today the hospital discharged him to go home to hospice care. We are very worried about him...and his wife.

See how life is? The good and the bad all at the same time.

The Bank of Rip Off

I have been doing a few little things to augment my meager income. For two brothers, I serve papers on their tenants when needed. I also do a little handy man work when they need it. Any how, the last papers I served for them, they payed me with a check drawn on Bank Of America. You remember them don't you? We the tax payers got stuck with a multi billion dollar bill to bail them out in the "Stimulus Bill". So, I trot my happy little self down to the local BOA branch and actually tried to cash the 25 dollar check. No problem as long as I don't mind a 24 perf'ncent surcharge as I don't have an account with them. I explained to them the check is drawn on one of their accounts, the guy that wrote is has 10 accounts there. So what? You don't have an account here so give us 6 bucks to cash this 25 dollar check. This kind of crap is why I quit using Bank of Amerika years ago. The brothers tried to get my signature notarized on their court documents at BOA but even with 10 accounts, BOA would not notarize my signature on their papers. If you have any accounts with or do any business with BOA I pity you. From now on it's a cash only venture.