Monday, February 15, 2010

House Plans

We have finally heard from the realtor about our closing on the foreclosed property. In regards to the early close the bank wanted, we are closing 1 day early. One. At least we're closing. Finally. I say that but in all actuality this has been a very short lived process. So by next week I will be ass deep in home repairs and renovations. And my ass is pretty far from the floor.


This morning I installed a stainless Duo Mount on my Contender 45/70 barrel. Now I need a stainless scope for it and some powder and bullets and I'm all set to go shootin'. Then I cold blued my Dad's Marlin Glenfield model 60 barrel, installed the new magazine tube, staked the tube in place and glued the cracked wrist. Maybe it'll end up with a real scope on it in place of the 7/8 inch tube on it now. I wish I had more projects like this as I really enjoy this type of work. Work hell! This kinda stuff is fun to me.

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