Thursday, July 31, 2014


Here is another installment of James Keating's knife coach series. I know this is not the sam as one on one training. In the absence of funds for travel and specialized training this as good as many of can get. pay attention and practice these and all his moves and motions. Notice that he moves like a dancer or a skilled martial artist. Train, train, train.

Friday, July 25, 2014

To The Knife

Kerodin speaks to an issue of which I'm fond of and working on a post about. Heed his words, read the damn Constitution and understand what those guys that wrote it meant.
The Document that we live by, that recognizes our right and freedoms also limits what the government is allowed to do. And it's not what they are currently doing and not what they have been doing for many years.

To the fucking knife!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dixie footwear

Just got these in the mail today...

I got them on EBay from rebelmansam. check out his eBay store for lotsa cool stuff

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fireworks AAR

WOW! What a difference a few hours make. I went over a couple blocks to sit in a parking lot and watch the fireworks show at the KC Riverfest. Once I had gotten settled in and the sun came down the action began. Behind me, my street sounded like a pitched battle was going on. Firecrackers galore, aerial shells, jumping jacks and many, many explosions of some sort or another. Prior to the big show I kept hearing a series of sharp explosions and went in search of them. It turned out to be my across the alley neighbor and his propane cannon. The others I could only guess as sparkler bombs, acetylene bombs or M-80's and quarter sticks. The cool thing was that the folks on my street, once they got done, swept up their mess and called it a night! By the way, my house has the wonderful odor of expended fireworks!

Have a happy Independence Day! Remember what this day is all about. Remember what those fireworks symbolize. Remember what out Founding Fathers went through to let us have the lives we enjoy today.

Fourth Of Blah

This is my first Independence Day in the Big City. And so far it sucks. KC has a no fireworks ordinance that is lightly enforced yet has most folks afraid to set any fireworks off. Now there a few folks in my 'hood that are making sparkler bombs or acetylene bombs or something as there have been many loud booms in the area. Personally though, I have been out of M-80's and Quarter sticks for a few years now and no longer have any contact to purchase said items. I am also out of Pyrodex to shoot in my little cannon I made several years ago. So no boom boom for me dammit.
  I made my little cannon from some 2 inch cold rolled steel, a piece of 2" x 2" steel and a length of rebar. I bored a half inch hole in the center of the 2 inch bar and then drilled am 1/8 inch touch hole. I then welded the barrel to the 2 inch tubing and then the rebar to the tubing.  Put in a tablespoon of Pyrodex P in the barrel, hammer in some newspaper wadding, add the fuse, jab it in the ground an touch it off. KAFUCKINBLOOIE!!! Yes it's pretty damn loud. And yes it will send a projectile waaayyyy out there. And it makes an impressive cloud of smoke. But no, I forgot to buy the powder so no cannoneering for me. I am going to the Riverfest tonight which will have a very nice pyrotechnic show. Which mostly bore me now as I used to shoot propyro. And sitting in a chair watching is lot different from touching off a five inch mortar up close and personal.
Here is my little cannon. And don't give me any crap about the welding, I was doing it on the QT at work.

The noisemaker......

The business end...

Does this give you any ideas? It certainly did for me. A series of these electronically fired for perimeter defense? And loaded with buckshot? Or some other nefarious loading such as launching noise distraction devises?