Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold, Cans and CCW What Next?

Little by little we are getting more freedom here in Missourah. Our House has passed a bill to accept lawful silver and gold coin along side Federal Notes for payment. Of course there were some Dimocrats that were against the acceptance of , of, well, I guess legal money. That's right some Dims did not want the state  to accept money as payment for various and sundry items, services and taxes. Hell, one even had to be removed from the House due to his after vote actions. Some even went as far as to say we were never on a gold standard. If that is so, then how does he explain those pieces of green paper that that said they could be redeemed or exchanged for actual money, i.e. gold. There was also a certificate for the redemption of silver. I have  sample of each a silver certificate and a gold certificate.
As another example of the slow movement to freedom here in the Semi Great State of MO, a few years ago it became legal to buy, sell and possess suppressors. We tend to move slowly in our legislature. It only took 10-15 years of active lobbying to get a CCW law passed.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Broke Like The Government

Well, me and Cherry Pie added up the cost of traveling to the preparedness show and found that it was NOT in our budget. Sixty bucks for gas, eight dollars entry fee and incidentals and we were looking at a hundred bucks easily. I couldn't find anyone to split the cost with so, at home I stayed.
 Instead of checking out the preparedness scene I assembled the vanity, did some extra bracing to it (as I can't leave well enough alone), assembled the drawers, and cooked breakfast and dinner.  Cherry started the process of sealing the grout and quarry tile in the shower and eating anything I cooked. She also took out the base trim in the master bedroom and installed it in the hallway. I'm teaching her a whole bunch of valuable skills. She really digs the air powered trim nailer and is getting pretty good on the power mitre saw too. All very good things to know.

Friday, April 27, 2012

They What? The Time Is Getting Near.

Here we go with some outrageous quotes and actions committed by the leftist assholes who think they run this world.

 Bank of America. The knee jerk banksters have cut off finance to the McMillan gun company because they, well, you know, deal in firearms and firearms accessories. Since this such an evil endeavour the bank thinks McMillan should not have any financing or accounts with them. Listen up folks, if you have any business with BOA stop it immediately. There was a very successful police supply company Kansas City that closed over night due to loss of financing. Could this be a BOA action?

EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency. Yeah, those guys. It turns out that they want to set an example for everyone and crucify the oil companies. Could this be a part of the high cost of fuels in the country?

Then there is this fucker. He wants to cordon off blocks and sections of the country and send in specially trained units to search every farm, house, building and out house and seize every gun. This guy is a born and bred American but I cannot say this he is a true American. The only response I have to him is, if you want to start at my house, come on by. I want to see you personally try that maneuver with me. I want to see you come by my house with a few of your buddies. I promise that you won't be going home that night. I don't think he has a clue as to the repercussions that will come from this idea.

Now for a bit of good news. If you want to get a machine gun, short barrel shot gun or short barrel rifle or suppressor the means to do so is getting easier. Not as easy as it should be but it's step in the right direction. One of the requirements to purchase such items is to get the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on the forms. It turns out that a whole bunch of CLEO's don't want sign the forms.
   It appears that the BATFE is going to do away with that requirement. Now if they'll get rid of the fingerprint stuff, the fees and the forms we'll be where we should be.

Now some information for all you Threepers and support types. Check this out. Are you capable of action or support. Or are you one of the "shovel and lime" crew?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missouri Preparedness Expo

I found a link to this over at Survival Blog yesterday. I thought I was pretty well covered about things like this but one escaped my radar. And to make it even better it's THIS WEEKEND in Springfield Missouri. I'm hoping to make to make it on Sunday. Any Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas Bloggers going to be there? Give me a holler and maybe we can meet up. I know it's short notice but that's the way I found it. There will be a whole host of guest speakers and vendors there. The propriator of SurvivalBlog will be teleconferencing the Expo. World renowned Dr. Joel Wallach will be there as well as many survival/firearms/second ammendments speakers in attendence. Sounds like my kinda fun.

What Happened?

Woke up this morning had a bowl of cereal and then logged on to my blog. Much to my surprise what I got wasn't my usual blog but the NEW, IMPROVED version. We'll see how this shakes out. They didn't get the kinks out of the original in oh, what 10 years? As I'm from Missouri, I'll say this to Blogger, Show Me. Show me some better, show me some good, show me you give a damn. Just Show Me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hog What? Hogjaw, That's What!

Thanks to Borepatch I have a CD from Hogjaw speading this way now. Holy Crap! What a band!
Here at the Carder Armory we've jammin' to 'em all afternoon. Great lyrics and outrageous guitar work. Reminds me of early Lynerd Skynard mixed with a little more kick ass.

We have been very productive at home this morning. We got 7/8th's of the bathroom tile grouted before my knee's and back gave out. Surfin' along on 500 grains of Vickie now. Cherry Pie is upstairs painting the hallway now, then we can enjoy the rest of the weekend, uh, maybe. No telling what is goin' on inside her brain now.
Y'all have a great day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Got

Today and for the last few days I got zip, nada, nothing. I sit here half baked from my daily freakin' meds and praising whomever invented spell check. It's days like these I really appreciate it.
So Gun Day has come and gone. I didn't have any money to celebrate properly and we ain't gettin' a refund this year. It seems that during one of my recent rounds of unemployment compensation no taxes were taken, so now I owe the monsters at the IRS a few grand. When we aquired this house it qualified us for the new home owner tax credit. That knocked 2500 bucks off the total and now we are making payments to the folks we have been paying extortion money to out entire adult lives. Needless to say an imaginary refund doesn't buy any guns.
An another note, I'm really diggin' the computer changes to my truck. I got it on the highway yesterday and it definitely showed promise but due to fairly heavy traffic and crappy brakes I kept it below 90. I really pulls hard from 60 up. One of these days.......

I got my latest issue of the Sportsmans Guide shooter catalog and I circle many items to dream of. My favorite is the kit that mates 2 Ruger 10/22's to a tripod and jointhese their triggers with a manually operated crank. All done in satin aluminum with ventilated barrels shrouds and antiaircraft style sites. Then you need mags and ammo to feed it. I imagaine it would eat up a lot of .22 ammo on a weekend. Sorry for no link, Blogger god blees the little hearts, still wont allow me to highlite anything below the halfway point on the page. So past a certain point no links,, no images.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Round, So, So,So.....

I was watching Big Momma's House 2 this evening when one of the characters jogged my oft clouded memory. I lept to the google machine and low and behold the young lady in the movie is now the young woman in Two Broke Girls. Kat Dennings. This'll haunt me tonight.

A New Man

This morning I forgot to take my morning regimen of pills. Amazingly, I felt like a live human all day. No fog, didn't try to fall asleep every time my eyes closed, I could think clearly. Hmmm, too bad I can't do this every day. I did take my nightly dose though.

Solution To Low Buck Fail,Failed

OK, I went to all the hardware stores and all the parts stores in this town and came up with nuthin' except an ABS 90 degree fitting. After removing the stock air supply duct, I trimmed the upper fan shroud to allow the simulated mounting of the 90 and found that the fan hits the fitting. Strike one. I then came inside fired up the Internet and looked for rectangular HDPE tubing. Due to pricing this was considered as Strike 2. Hmmm, I remembered that I used to do business with a magical company call McMaster-Carr. They had EVERYTHING. Logged onto their website and got bupkis, nada, nothing. So call that Strike 3. By the time I bought the expensive plastic rectangular tubing and the rest of bits and pieces I would have the cost of a Granitelli cold air kit wrapped up in the home brewed kit. So, I'll save my after HD repair bucks and spring for the Granitelli system. I put the stock system back together and took the truck out for a consoling tire roasting ride.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Low Buck Fail

Since the Harley re-rebuild is on hold for a short time, I started looking for cheap ways to boost the output of the truck. I already detailed the reprogramming of the HyperTech and how that helped out. I started Googling cheap up grades and found a forum for Fullsize GM trucks.(until they realize that I'm not 13 and don't need my mommy and daddy to send them a note I'll not include a link) One enterprising member made a cold air intake using ABS plumbing parts. Being black in color the parts blended nicely with all the other underhood parts. This creative guy says he realized 3-5 mpg off this one mod and got a better seat of the pants effect too. Sooo, I printed off the list of parts , popped the hood to envision the placement a right off found that the home brewed creation will only work if you remove the factory cooling fan and shroud and install a set of low-pro electric fans in its place. Not the cheap boost I was looking for as a set of e-fans will set me back around 3 bills. That'd nearly get the HD fixed. I began looking at factory made cold air intakes and came up with a couple ideas. I'm off to the hardware store and the parts store to investigate that parts situation for my idea. Not hopeful at this time but ya gotta perform the due diligence.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Those Interesting Times

A few years ago I installed a few goodies on my truck. A high performance air filter. Not a cold air kit just a good filter. Then I put on a Granitelli mass airflow censor and a Hypertech computer upgrade. Here lately the truck has seemed sluggish and I couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me. Since I installed the computer program I have changed the tire size and started using a lower grade of gasoline. And I had installed the "economy" side of the program. So I got out the Hypertech computer and reprogrammed the truck for the current tire size and the lower octane gas and changed it to the performance side of the program. I then took it for a little drive. Man the difference is incredible. I can't wait to get it on a piece of open road as I also changed the top end cut off point. Oh, I also change the shift points for the tranny.
I case you haven't guessed I don't like stock vehicles. I always have to modify them for better performance. And I'm a hard driver. There is a set of tight downhill curves near my brother-in law's place. Specifically, the PP highway curves. Anyway I have always hit this section of road very hard. Last summer I broke the sway bar end links twice while storming these curves. My ultimate goal with this truck is to lower it, add different tires and wheels, install better brakes, a bigger throttle body, shorty headers and do some work to the top end of the motor. And definitely better sway bars and end links. As Tom Cruze said, I have the need, the need for speed. I had a totally bad ass '67 El Camino when I was 18. The motor was heavily modified and had a Muncie 4 speed tranny. I took that car on one memorable ride of nearly 8 miles in less than 5 minutes. Closer to 4. On a two lane State highway (33) loaded with hills and one curve known as, you guessed it, Dead Mans Curve.
One time I was on Decker's Flats going balls to the wall and I looked to my left at the Interstate and I was going faster than a State Trooper on what was probably a blood run. That was when Missouri used Mopar cars with high performance motors in them. Now those were truly bad cars. I was riding with my girlfriend, now my wife, in her 67 Chevelle convertible and we heard this ungodly sound, a roaring noise we couldn't place. Then a car flashed by and then we heard the siren. It was a Mopar cop car on another blood run. Back then helicopters were not part of the State Patrols corral. When a hospital needed blood in a bad way the State would pick it up from what ever hospital or blood bank that had it and then they would set up a relay of super fast State cars. In our area the hand off was at I-35 and PP highway. We saw the car that blew by us go sliding up the off ramp. The Trooper jumped out and tossed a little cooler on the waiting car. Then the second car took off it a cloud of tire smoke and a roar the only a hemi can make. Very cool times indeed.
One time some friends of mine were going to get tuxes for prom. One guy was driving a Ford with a 429 in it and the other guy was driving a bad assed Camaro with a small block. They were doing about 130 down 1-35 when a State Trooper pulled up by the Ford and motioned him over. The Ford pulled to the side, the Trooper ran up and told him don't leave I'll be right back. Now the guy in the Camaro saw this in his review and floored it. The Trooper caught him in less that 4 miles. Gave him a ticket and the made the return trip and gave the Ford driver a ticket. Ya gotta love that doing a buck thirty in a double nickle and getting a ticket. Now days they would take you to jail.

Happenings, Normal And Weird

We awoke to another gloomy Saturday morning. Grey clouds, intermittent rain,windy with cool breezes. Works for me! I made Cherry breakfast burritos this morning. When we got done eating she called our niece to rub it in. Our niece thinks I make the best breakfast burritos in the world. She has even drug many of her friends over to have them. She tells anyone who will listen that I am the greatest cook in the world. Ya gotta love teenage exuberance. This girl is the apple of our eye. We spent so many days and weeks with her as a little one she is just like our daughter. We are going to invite her over for chicken quesadillas soon. He boyfriend made them for her one evening and she claims they were nearly inedible. How do you fuck up chicken quesadillas?

I guess you have heard of the jet that went down in Virginia Beach yesterday. Well, that jet is from my daughter-in-laws squadron. She is an AE in VFA 106. Immediately after the crash, the base went into lock down. No one enters and no one leaves. So Momma and Daddy are locked in at work and Diamond is at child care. Hmmm. Son called a neighbor to go and fetch Diamond. In the end I believe Momma got out in time to pick up the little girl herself.

This week I had the sudden urge to write poetry. I have never written poetry and have had no interest in reading poetry. But I just had to do it. Cherry does NOT like my writings. It seems they are too dark for her. She doesn't even like me to read them out loud. It's strange. I was sitting there one day and a line entered my mind. I got my ever handy notebook out and wrote it down. the another line appeared and another. It went on until the poem was done. An hour later it happened again. That night it happened yet another time. I don't know where this came from but the three of them are on paper and I haven't had the urge to do another one. Beats me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well Crap!

Yesterday I cleaned out the garage in preparation for tearing down the Harley AGAIN. I completely rebuilt the engine of my HD this winter. Started putting the break in miles on it and the damn rear cylinder base gasket started leaking again. This is what started the whole rebuild off. So, I made space in the garage to actually move around and stuff and started the topend tear down. My mechanic buddy showed up about half way through the work, with him on one side and me on the other it made for quick work. It's a good this thing I'm doing this. After I opened the rocker boxes I found two bolts had the locktite fail and had backed out enough they were finger tight. So one catastrophe averted. When we pulled the cylinders is when things got interesting. The front cylinder has a deep score that goes from top to bottom. Now these are brand new jugs mounted to a bored out case, with a brand new set of flywheel inside. The case was cleaned before assembly. So what got between the cylinder wall and the piston skirt? We can only imagine that there was piece of machining junk stuck to a flywheel that came off under load. We matched up the piston with the scar in the cylinder and close examination revealed a scuff on the skirt and a tiny burr that had been raised on the bottom of the skirt. We are going to try honing the cylinder and see if that will fix it. If not, I will have to have both of the NEW big bore cylinders bored bigger, get a new set of pistons and a new set of base and head gaskets. It looks like it will run around 500 bucks to fix this if the honing doesn't. To top it off my sole source of income, mowing the yard of a friend has dried up. I went over to check the yard and noticed soot on the front door. Looking further, the back of the house was burned badly. I spoke with their neighbor and he said a lamp cord started the fire and it'll be 3 months for the repairs. Fucking great. These folks are very kind and like most people they are hard up. So with a big deductible to pay and other unknown expenses I don't know if they'll be able to pay for the mowing. The real problem is in this town unemployment is so high,there is a myriad of people mowing yards. As as result prices have dropped dramatically on lawn maintenance. Last summer I bid a yard, small front and large rear yards. Mowing and trimming around a lot of flowers and trees. I called it 40 bucks. Wasn't even close. The winning bidder did it for 25. So guys are low balling work just to make a few dollars. So I'll have to post some flyers at the local stores and see what I can turn up.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another issue Blogger

I the post" Things We Can't Have" I actually included quad spacing between each item. Blogger will not publish it that way. Nor will it publish it with the original double spacing. GRRRRR!! Too bad Blogger is not a living entity.

Links For Previous Post or Blogger Issue

I am having another Blogger issue. When I get to a certain point on the page the ability to highlight a word or phrase is negated. Now here's the weird part, I can highlight the entire page but not anything specific after a certian point on the page. So here the final links to the previous post.

Overunity Generators- Look Here

Royal Rife- Info Here

Tesla- Some Stuff Here

99MPG Car- It may be possible for all private passenger vehicles

Things We Can't Have

While perusing the intardwebs this afternoon I came across this nugget. 18 most suppressed inventions. I was surprised at the number of the inventions I have had knowledge of or new someone that did.
Coral Castle- The builder told everyone that he had discovered the building secrets of the ancients. He went on to build a coral castle out coral blocks that weigh up to 30 tons. He had no heavy equipment and no helpers but every day there were more huge blocks erected in his castle. Period photos show a pole at the construction site. This pole had a black box mounted on it every day and removed every night. After his death the black box disappeared. Was this box his secret?
Tens Units- The father of one of my childhood friends had back surgery and continuing back issues. The hospital prescribed a Tens Unit to control his pain. My mother has used a tens unit for therapy. Just this weekend I talked with a young woman selling modern digital Tens units. So I don't think this has been that suppressed.
Overunity Generators- In my waybackthen I found out about a man that had created a self powering generator that would power your entire house for free. For I think it was 5 bucks you bought rights to have one of the units installed on you property when they became available for the residential market. Forgive me if I can't remember his name, but he was putting on a demonstration in Arkansas if memory serves me correctly. The Feds raided this display confiscated all his units and paperwork. I haven't heard of anything about this for years. But in our recent move I found the certificate in the file cabinet.
Royal Raymond Rife- In the thirties this man invented a machine that would cure cancer using frequencies that kill the disease. A few years ago I listed religiously to a radio program called Preparedness Now. I got a lot of my early survival/preparedness info from that program. Any way on one of her shows the host had a guest speaker discussing the Rife devices. Apparently you can still get a modern version of the Rife machine. I have heard of well, 10's of people that have had sickness cured with the Rife frequency generator.
Tesla- An electrical genius that we owe homage to for our current style of electricity supply. He was the proponent of AC electricity. Good old Edison wanted DC polarity. Tesla had invented many remarkable devices. One scared him so badly that he would not promote it or develop it any further. After his death all his paperwork and research disappeared. Who got it?
99 mpg car- Wow, this brought back memories of perusing Popular Mechanics magazines as a kid and young man. There was always an ad in the back that said call this number and tell what vehicle you were driving and the man on the other end would build a carburetor or something for you that would enable your vehicle to get tremendous mileage. At one of the places I worked at as a young man, I met an older guy maybe in his early sixties. I only met his after he came off a 3 month leave of absence. He drove his Winnebago all over the country towing a full size Ford pickup. I commented that the mileage of the combo must have killed him. He told me he was averaging over 15 mpg from. that old 454 powered RV. And was getting over 25 mpg from the pickup. Later that year he sold the RV and bought a new one. He then called the number, and called, and called. Never any answer then it was disconnected. Being very determined he finally managed to get hold of one of the neighbors. Being in the early 80's this was a lot more difficult than it is today. After contacting the neighbor he was told that one evening the inventor had a limo show up at his house. The next day he and his wife packed up and left with no explanation to his longtime neighbors and friend. Big oil buyout? Government intervention? Who knows? Maybe this man did.
Have any of you had experience with or heard of or knowledge of any other strange, unusual, suppressed machines, devices or knowledge?