Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Got

Today and for the last few days I got zip, nada, nothing. I sit here half baked from my daily freakin' meds and praising whomever invented spell check. It's days like these I really appreciate it.
So Gun Day has come and gone. I didn't have any money to celebrate properly and we ain't gettin' a refund this year. It seems that during one of my recent rounds of unemployment compensation no taxes were taken, so now I owe the monsters at the IRS a few grand. When we aquired this house it qualified us for the new home owner tax credit. That knocked 2500 bucks off the total and now we are making payments to the folks we have been paying extortion money to out entire adult lives. Needless to say an imaginary refund doesn't buy any guns.
An another note, I'm really diggin' the computer changes to my truck. I got it on the highway yesterday and it definitely showed promise but due to fairly heavy traffic and crappy brakes I kept it below 90. I really pulls hard from 60 up. One of these days.......

I got my latest issue of the Sportsmans Guide shooter catalog and I circle many items to dream of. My favorite is the kit that mates 2 Ruger 10/22's to a tripod and jointhese their triggers with a manually operated crank. All done in satin aluminum with ventilated barrels shrouds and antiaircraft style sites. Then you need mags and ammo to feed it. I imagaine it would eat up a lot of .22 ammo on a weekend. Sorry for no link, Blogger god blees the little hearts, still wont allow me to highlite anything below the halfway point on the page. So past a certain point no links,, no images.

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