Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold, Cans and CCW What Next?

Little by little we are getting more freedom here in Missourah. Our House has passed a bill to accept lawful silver and gold coin along side Federal Notes for payment. Of course there were some Dimocrats that were against the acceptance of , of, well, I guess legal money. That's right some Dims did not want the state  to accept money as payment for various and sundry items, services and taxes. Hell, one even had to be removed from the House due to his after vote actions. Some even went as far as to say we were never on a gold standard. If that is so, then how does he explain those pieces of green paper that that said they could be redeemed or exchanged for actual money, i.e. gold. There was also a certificate for the redemption of silver. I have  sample of each a silver certificate and a gold certificate.
As another example of the slow movement to freedom here in the Semi Great State of MO, a few years ago it became legal to buy, sell and possess suppressors. We tend to move slowly in our legislature. It only took 10-15 years of active lobbying to get a CCW law passed.

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