Monday, August 31, 2009

Craftsman, Caddies, Non Electric stuff

All my life I have been told that Craftsman (Sears) would replace any craftsman tool, if it ever broke. I have bought Craftsman tools all my life because of this and their reasonable prices. I recently did some work on my truck and was using my Craftsman torque wrench. Low and behold the clicker had quit and I broke a bolt off. A few days later I returned the wrench to the local Sears store and was told...We don't replace torque wrenches anymore. Take it to the Service Center in Kansas City and they will fix it. If not, then we will give you a new one. Off to the Service Center this morning, wait in line and get told ...We don't fix torque wrenches here and we don't think the company that does our tool repair does it either! They are sending it in to see what happens meanwhile I'll be looking for a Snap On or MAC torque wrench. I pretty sure if I break one of theirs I can go to any of their trucks and hand it to the owner/operator and they will give me a new one. &%^&*&(*Craftsman.

Cherry Pie brought her Caddie home tonight, finally. All kinds of Cadillac goodness. I can't wait to take a trip in it. I understand they don't have a speed limiter anymore. Hee,Hee. The last STS we had would only go 101 or so. I have read these newer ones will go 135+. Hee,Heee.

Well, I finally did do something to increase our preparedness supplies last week. Sunday afternoon I bought a few more propane canisters for the lanterns and a small heater we have. Wallie World has 2 packs for 5.97. The other day they had Burns-o-Matic brand with 20 percent more hot stuff on clearance for 2.50 dollars. I called my brother and he wanted most of what was on the shelf.

I got my fall issue of Lehmans Non Electric Catalog today. They've got a lot of really desirable stuff in there. Go to there website , shop around and order one for 3 bucks. Think about it, Non Electric stuff can be really handy at times.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hidey holes or keep your cash

I write a lot about things to keep on hand and one thing I keep overlooking is cash. With a couple of banks getting shut down every weekend and talk of a possible bank holiday as well a forecast of 1000 banks to be shut down over the next 2 years, cash on hand isn't a bad idea. Now, you don't want to have cash just layin' around so what do you do with it? We found a decent safe on for a decent price. What if you can't afford a safe or don't have room for a safe? Then you have to use your noggin. Your dresser drawers are out of the equation as are the mattress and closets. Cash on hand needs to be readily accessible so you can't build it into a wall, but you might be able hide it in a wall with a mirror or decoration concealing the hole. How about an old flashlight with the guts ripped out of it? A lot of cash would fit in there I would suppose. DVD and CD cases will hold quite a few dollars and they can be stashed in a rack of dvd, cd and computer discs. Don't hide anything of value in anything that is liable to be stolen such as electronics, mowers, atv's or other high value easily moved items. Some of the places you find to hide money can be used to hide other things as well, like...I"ll let you figure that out. one time tested method is a simple burial. The modern version of the mason jar is the pvc pipe. A section of pipe a foot long with screw on end caps or even the plain old glue on caps will hold a lotta stuff. Pick a favorite spot in the back yard and when the neighbors aren't looking dig a hole drop the tube and replace the sod. Done deal. You will need to securely bag the items in ziplock or mylar bags before placing in the pipe. Some desiccant will go along way also. Have fun and get creative so you can be assured that the cash you make will stay in your possession.

Here are a couple of links for ideas.

If you're handy with construction, check out this site and see some real cool hiding places.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Notes. Reading

Stayed up late last night reading and planned on sleeping in LATE to make up for it but the german shephard had other ideas. Cherry Pie was out the door by 7 ay em and the wedgeheaded shit dispenser stuck his head under my arm at 8:30 so I got up. Went to the swap meet and didn't find anything I couldn't live with out. Made a hefty down payment on a car for Cherry so we are not spending much for a couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying the globull warming in Missouri. Last night it was in the 50's! I can really get into that. When will the coverage of the Captain of the Chappaquiddick ever end? And when will the media stop talking as though he was a saint? He was a murderer.

Yesterday I read "Out The Ashes" and last night I read "Anarchy In The Ashes" both by William Johnstone. Interesting reading that details a nuclear/germ bomb exchange by all pertinent parties of the world and the reorganization of America in to several clans/tribes/countries but focuses on the Tri States as envisioned by the veteran/author/drunk/leader, Ben Raines. There are a couple more in this series that I think I'll check out. I am waiting for James Rawles new book to come out called "How to Survive The End Of The World As We Know It" It comes out September 30 and Rawles is hoping for another book bomb to drive it to the top of the charts.

Cherry Pie is asking, nay, demanding my outstanding homemade pancakes in the morning so I guess I'll whip up a batch. This evening we had BLT sandwiches for supper. MMGood!

Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A wandering Friday

I have lived most of my life in Missouri and it has been pretty good. I did move to Texas as soon as I got out of high school. I thought that would be like heaven as I always heard about all the great hunting in Texas. Whoa! Them Texans wanted you to PAY to hunt. That was a whole new concept to a boy from Missouri. The fishing needless to say, was great, but you had to cough up major dough to shoot a tiny little deer. In the last few years the pay to hunt program has appeared in Missouri. Now pretty much any where you go in this state you can shoot a nice whitetail deer. The middle and upper portion of the state deliver some real monsters. The rates around here aren't to bad but if you're lucky enough to have a friend or family member with huntable land then you are truly blessed. Of course there is an abundance of public land to hunt and there are a lot of deer taken from public land but, after having several hundred acres to myself it almost scares me to drive through a public preserve during deer season. Orange dots as far as you can see. I am truly appreciative of all the fine folks that have allowed me to hunt their property all these years. When you get down to it though, a place of your own is the only way to go.

We are still experiencing globull warming here in MO. The high today was 75 and the sky was cloudy all day. All my life August has been HOT and clear. I wonder what the winter is going to be like? I have read that there has been little to no sunspot activity this year and that is supposed to cool things down. We're putting away a little more kerosene for the auxiliary heater and closing off the unused upstairs for the winter to try and use less heat.

Well I slipped a little this week and didn't do anything to boost our preparedness this week. No canning, no more ammo, no learning. What a wasted week. How about you?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

US military orders 300 Win Mag. 16% Unemployment

If you own and shoot a rifle chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum then you better think about getting some in stock now. The US military is switching over to .300 win mag rifles to gain an edge over the 7.62x51 round. Existing rifles are being rebarreled and new rifles are being ordered in the hotter cartridge, The military is ordering, get this, over 80,000 rounds to start with. So get your supply before the factories are tied up with the government order.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has sharpened their pencil and now predict that we will lose 200,000 jobs a month coupled with a weaker 2010 economy that translates into more than 2.3 million unemployed. Speaking of unemployed... I have written in the past of the gov't unemployment numbers being bull. Now a study has come out saying the same thing. Take in the folks that have run out of unemployment wages, the folks that are "underemployed" and the more realistic percentage is 16. That's right 16% unemployment nation wide.

Knives. On Sale Now!

A vital part of everyones daily carry and an important part of a 3 day pack, or as some call it a bug out bag, is a knife. Smoke Mountain Knife Works has a jillion knives in stock and always has some terrific sales. If you're in the need of a fairly large knife for your pack then take a trip to . This month they have a clearance on Smith and Wesson knives. Here is a 7 3/4 inch fixed blade knife for the astounding price of $7.99. They have 2 others in this series as well and if you buy 3 or more they are $6.99 each. Here is a more defensive style knife (one that can't be shipped to Kalifornia) at a mere 10 dollars. What a deal! They also have some great deal (10 bucks) for more traditional pocket knives too. One time I scored some Schrade X Timer lock back knives for a whopping 5 dollars a piece. Any way, a 7 3/4 inch knive is a very versatile tool to have in your possesion. Use it for dressing game, cutting smaller fire wood, self defense etc., etc. As Mikey was told...Try it, you'll like it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ding Dong the killers dead. The Fed. Sources

Mary Jo Kopechne's killer died last night. And he gets to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. With real heroes. That's all I will say about that.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Tax cheat and Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner about questions they received via Most centered on the potential for an audit of the Fed. Timmie is against it. He says that "because we have been forced to do just extraordinary things and, frankly, offensive things to help the economy" He also says that auditing the Fed is a line we don't want to cross. And this guy runs the Treasury?

Have you been watching the series on the Outdoor Channel called Best Defense Survival? It offers a lot of real good tips on technique, firearms, training, defense and survival. Check it out!
I have written several time about storing food for an uncertain future so here are a few sources for materials.
This is a good source for mylar bags, gamma seal lids, O2 absorbers and other emergency needs and the one I use at this time.

This is another source for all the above and a lot more.

You'll need these thing when you start storing food. You are going to start that this week end, right?

If you want some real good old time no power stuff as well as some modern stuff go to this site.

Check all those places out, they are very interesting even if you don't buy anything.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Federal Reserve has been refusing to allow any glimpse into their financial records with regards to any banks that it made emergency bailout loans to. Bloomberg news filed a Freedom Of Information Act request and a Federal judge has declared that the bank must provide the documents. Finally, someone is going to make the Federal Reserve toe the line. Now if we can get that bank audited it will be really sweet.

The Obama administration wants to go back in time and prosecute individuals that may have had a hand in using creative interrogation to get vital information to stop further acts of terrorism or violence against American interests. Let's see. If we need to get information out of a terrorist we can't beat them, we can't waterboard them or play loud music. So forget about making them wear panties, showing them bugs, depriving them of sleep or talking bad to them. If the liberals keep having their way we won't even be able to say pretty please with sugar on top. This idea of AG Holder is completely nuts! He wants to take away interrogation privileges from the CIA and turn it over to a new Interrogation Unit made of representative of all the law enforcement units and the military and run it out of the White House. What a moron. This administration is proving everyday how inept they really are.

Yesterday I wrote about stocking up on various supplies. Lo and behold this morning Survival Blog posted a letter from a reader giving info on how to use your inventory. Take a read of it. I find a lot of good ideas presented on that site.

The Goddess has spoken. Go and read.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the course of our daily lives. What with weather events, accidents, terrorism, and who knows what else it's a prudent idea to keep a pack of supplies in your car every day. For example, my wife drives 50 miles one way to work in another state. When the weather gets real foul it can take her more that 2 hours to get home. So she has plans to overnight at her office. After discussing this with her she now keeps a pack in the trunk of her car with a change of clothes, some food, water, a flashlight as well as a knife some 550 cord and a sleeping bag. She also has a "food drawer" in her desk at work. We both have 3 day packs in the event that our town is struck by a tornado, flood or any other catastrophic event. Mine is in a military surplus ALICE pack and hers is in a commercial type pack to avoid drawing attention to it in the place she works. I usually work in a construction type setting and drive a pickup truck so it's not unusual to see a camo pack in that setting. In the 3 day packs we of course have 3 days food, 1 day of water and a filter to acquire more water as we need it, a canteen, clothing for 3 days, 550 cord, a large knife, first aid supplies, a radio with spare batteries, 2 way radios with spare batteries, compass, a sewing kit, a collapsible shovel on mine and fire making supplies. If you want to put together a 3 day pack, there are sources on line that will help you with the basics and then you can flesh them out as needed.Here's one and here's another one with several versions. The changing weather requires changes to the contents of the packs of course. Remember that there may come a time when you actually have to wear/carry this thing so don't include the kitchen sink.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another kind of wealth

Today in the news...blah, blah, blah. That's right. A bunch of non important hooey. Unless you look at "alternative" news sources. Let's look at the essentials of life from my point of view.

Shelter. Home. Someplace to lay your head. That can be the McMansion you're are struggling to pay for or the payed for camp trailer you have parked in the boonies. Keep it secure and well stocked. Next is good ol' food. Eats. Grub. Everyone HAS to eat. Eat in moderation but eat good. Keep several months of your everyday type food in the pantry or larder. If you can keep a year or more in stock that's even better. Make sure you have a sure thing water source and a backup plan for that. I don't mind being nekkid but in general clothing is kinda handy so keep suitable clothing in stock. That means more than the suits and dresses you wear to the office. Have heavy weight clothing available for the dirty jobs that basic survival calls for. Stuff like jeans, dungarees, fatigues, canvas or ripstop shirts and decent boots. Don't forget to include alternate season clothing. If you have all that you'll need weapons to keep it. This is where it gets interesting. Lets just say a centerfire semiauto rifle for everyone in the house. Then a couple of pump shotguns, then a centerfire semiauto pistol for everyone in the house and finally the ubiquitous 22 rifle in your favorite flavor. Anything beyond this is strictly a personal decision. These are just the basics that I feel every house should have. Then you'll need ammo for all of them. Your finances will dictate how much you stock as ammo prices are quite astronomical at this time. I like to keep a couple thousand rounds for all the centerfire rifles and pistols and several hundred for each shotgun and as many .22 rounds as I can stuff in the house. A job to pay for all this stuff is a major concern of course. There are two other things you'll need before all this other stuff and the first is faith. One of your choice. Then you will need a mate you can depend on in good times or bad. Once you have all this you'll think of hundreds of other things to stock up on. Other than having an indefensible home in a suburb of a major city I feel pretty wealthy. How are your personal preps going? If you look around there are several books that give details on what to keep in stock.

I hope while you're here you notice the advertisers on the right side of the screen. Please visit them. This will help me with all the above.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My own Changes.

I have changed the name of this site, hopefully to prevent all the visits from people that were coming to Sharp Stuff looking for well, sharp stuff like knives and things of that nature. The new name represents my true philosophy... a Midwestern Rebel. I will continue to write about life, politics, preparedness, the Constitution, family and well, any thing else I want to write about. Thanks for reading and please notice I do allow comments to this site and at times ask for some input from the readers so reply via the comment section at the end of each days post. Thanks for taking a look at my little site!

Obamageddon, 9 Trillion, Gettin' ready

With all the financial problems facing this country and people, can we ever expect to see a turn around in the near future? I don't think so and I predict that there will be some improvement after the 2010 elections when many liberal Democrats as well as liberal and centrist Republicans are voted out of office. Gerald Celente from Trends Research believes that we are facing,what he calls an Obamageddon. Trends Research has made many accurate predictions in the past and with this background in prognostication many still say he's full of Hot Air. Judge for yourselves.

With all the grandiose plans the current pseudo administration has made and all the massive "changes" implemented, it is rumoured that Barry's folks are going to present a 9 TRILLION DOLLAR 10 year budget DEFICIT! That's up 1.9 TRILLION or so from their previous guesstimate. So when good Ol' Barry is removed from office by the 2012 election the next President or two can expect to catch hell about the deficit "they" have created when really, it'll be the deficit "he" created years before. Remember those first couple years of Bush 1's administration when the economy started to go to hell and every one blamed George? Then, after a year or two of investigating the numbers, it was found that the economy was screwed up from what Bill had done. Watch and see.

This week I refreshed my memory about canning food, bought 300 more .22 rounds and 50 lbs. of sugar. What have you done to improve your preparedness for you and your family? Try to do something every week. Learn a skill, gain some important knowledge, beef up the larder, beef up the armoury, beef up your muscles and endurance, make up some emergency plans. Even if you don't have dollars to spare there are a lot of things you can do that don't cost anything but your time and maybe some sweat.

Today I made some more picante sauce since my aunt Lori was good enough to give me some more tomatoes. This batch is hotter, a little sweeter and definitely tastier. Cherry Pie made venison lasagna for supper. With the outstanding weather we've been having we have the air conditioning turned of in AUGUST. WTF? The canning and cooking today made me want to turn it back on though. Basically, we have layed around reading and drinking sweettea all day. It's been nice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A civil? war, There's gold in them thar hills, Capiche?

With all the demands to pass legislation quickly, ignoring the peoples desires, violating the constitutional restriction on government and states rights some think that BHO is pushing the country to civil war. Hey, if it comes to that.........

Is the economy hitting you hard? Need some extra cash? Don't have a job? Do you know that gold is over 900 dollars an ounce? No wonder gold panning is being revived. Heck, dig some gravel, swish it around in a pan and wha la, you just made 900 clams! It's quite a bit more involved than that but panning is making a resurgence in this country as the times remain stagnant or, as most feel, continues to decline. As they say, there's gold in them thar hills!

I don't know how it has to be said, but Washington, DC can't figure the gun issue out. It took a Supreme court ruling to get the people the right to posses assembled, loaded firearms. Now that HELLER has gained their rights back the city says they can't carry them anywhere. As if the only crime that happens in DC is in the home. DC is the biggest cesspool of scumbags in the country. It's a shame that good people have to live there with the hoodlums, both uptown and downtown, and have to fight the city for the right to defend themselves.

The rain finally ended yesterday and now we had a globull warming high of 78 today, in August in the Midwest. More of the same coming Saturday. Gosh I hate globull warming.
Made another batch of picante sauce today and it's MUCH better. I put up 3 quarts, 1 pint and 3 half pints of the stuff. I had a hell of a time getting 3 of the lids to "pop".
Off to the big box store o' goodies tomorrow. We'll pick up a few more storage staples there as well as some day to day groceries. With the kids gone and not much to do at my Dad's for a while it's been a long boring week. Maybe next week will shape up better.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

globull warmening, cars and czars

This globull warming is out of control! Mid August in the Midwest and today it was in the mid 80's. Rained again this morning so I didn't get to mow yards until after 3 pe em. Made crab cakes, potatoes and corn for supper then off the the library for some more books. I've been averaging 4 a week at this time. For grins and giggles we went to a local car dealer that's advertising a push, pull, drag in trade deal. Oh, crap! Cherry Pie found a Caddy she wants. I'll check the price in the morning and see if it's feasible or not.

The guy sitting in the Presidents office has so many freakin' czars it' unbelievable! A czar for this and a czar for that and another one for good measure. Look at this regular feature at wmsa and be sure to read the portion concerning the army of czars. You will be amazed. Czars are not held accountable to the people and have no obligation to report to the congress. The are appointed by the guy acting as president and report to him. the basically have presidential powers and no real way of controlling them. What a load of crap!

I got invited to attend a meeting for setting up another Tea Party! There are going to be nationwide tea parties on September 12 so look for one in your area and make plans to attend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Theres more of us. No more snitches?, Rain, Rain go away

I don't feel so lonely now....The Gallup Organization says that there are more conservatives in the US now than liberals. I'll give you one guess as to how that occurred. That's right, the government is full of liberal at this time. See how that works? A lot of folks get tired of conservatives after 4 or 8 years so liberals get put into power and 8 months later most folks are claiming to be conservative. Of course, if I was a liberal and had this current bunch of asshats frontin' me, I'd claim to be conservative too.

Maobama has pulled the plug on the crap. Report that. I dare ya. Ha, Ha,Ha. Nothin' like a bunch of snitches. What rhymes with snitches? Yea, I know too.

Man the week has started out WET. Over 4 inches of rain at my castle in under 3 days. Drizzle, rain, downpour, thunder, lightening. All of it. Stayed in all day today read, cleaned house, read some more, cooked supper. It was so wet that both of the dogs refused to go outside until the sun came out around 3 this afternoon. This morning they looked out the window and went back to bed. I'm scared to look in my old stone basement. Sometimes it floods. And both of my pumps are burned up. Like they say ...sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours. HAAAA, HAAAA, HAAAA!
If it's halfway decent in the morning I'll load my tools and head to Dad's place to work on his house and see what else I can do around there.
I saw some great deals on ammo today at . 7.62x51 for 50 cents a shot? That's so 2 years ago. I also saw some good deals on 5.56x45. Check that site out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

bucket source, townhall, Public Option out?, Root Cellars

I got the 5 gallon buckets picked up this morning and they are all washed out and drying. Now I need to get "stuff" to put in'em. These came from a source I hadn't thought of before...a barbecue joint. They get their sauce made up in 5 gallon buckets and get all the pickles in the same. They even pre-washed the buckets so they weren't to bad, even the pickle buckets. I sat them in the yard and gave each a shot of dish soap and a double shot of bleach and added water. After setting for an hour or so I attacked them with a brush inside and out, then topped of with more water for another couple hours of soaking, rinsed and stored upside down to drain. The lids got the same treatment in the bath tub.

Have you seen the news about politifools not showing up for townhall meetings? One group doesn't care if they do or not. The Constitutional Patriots group in North Carolina found a novel way to get their message to their absent representative. Check it out.

The tide may be shifting! The Nobama camp has now said that the public option is not really needed to declare a victory in health care. They will now be satisfied with health insurance cooperatives. Do ya think they're getting the message? What a turn around from a couple of weeks ago.

It seems that more people are getting into vegetable gardening. Once the crop is in what do you do with it? Ideally the root veggies such as potatoes, carrots, onion, radishes, etc. should go into a root cellar. What if you don't have a root cellar? Here is a guide for creating one in your basement. Fairly simple yet it does require a bit of skill to build it. There are ways to store the root crop underground if you're up for a little digging. Here's one and here's a site that covers, basements, root cellars, pits and has some storage information..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last night we went to the local BBQ and Fly In On The River held in our town hosted by the local Wabash BBQ. They had a great turnout for the first evening of a 2 day event. There was a band playing called Salem Road and they were very good. They played a wide variety of rock and rock classics. We stopped by a friend who is in the competion and sampled some sausage, chicken, ham and beef along with a couple of beers. There is a precision drum and dance team from Kansas City that showed up to perform. They are called The Marching Cobras. What a talented bunch of kids. To end our rare evening out we sat on a friends deck and watched a very nice fireworks show.


While cruising Craigslist yesteday morning I found an ad for food grade buckets with lids for 2 bucks apiece. In the morning we are going to get a dozen of them. We have filled all the last ones we bought, at a higher price, with rice, beans, pasta, sugar, spices. We will next put away some more rice and beans as well as a quantity of salt and powdered milk. We really need to get a quality water filter to augment our food supply. I keep telling everyone to keep their eye on Craigslist as there is no telling what treasure you'll find on that site. So, this week to add to our preparedness inventory I added 300 rounds of .22, a 6 gallon water can and a dozen 5 gallon buckets and a case of pint jars. Oh, and this morning I found at a local thrift store, 2 books for 2.99 each. One called "The Green Pharmacy" and the other called "The Doctors Guide to Home Remedies". What have you done in the last week to boost your family's preps?


Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Numbers racket, garage sales and other tidbits

Here we go, everything but jobs is on the rise. The US deficit rose in July to 1.27 TRILLION dollars! And home foreclosures rose another 7 percent in July which brings that number up 32 percent from only a year ago. I have a neighbor that works for a title company and they are handling so much paperwork from foreclosures that she is working Saturdays and some Sundays, up to 20 hours overtime a week. That's a lot of homes and that's only one company. There are thousands of companies doing the same work all over the country. This could be why there are so many jobless claims rose to 558 thousand. That's NEW claims, that doesn't include people that have run out of benefits or people that are under-employed. Remember now, the .gov says that it may be 5, FIVE years before any new jobs are created. What will the unemployment numbers be by then? 15%, 25%?

We went garage saling this morning and mostly found junk. I did manage to score another 6 gallon water can for a whopping FIFTY CENTS. Last summer I found a nice cast iron benchtop drill press for 15 dollars. What treasures have you found at garage sales? I have gotten, in the past, a compact air compressor, several guns, auto parts, coins, military items and a plethora of other items.

We have to go to the dreaded Wally World tomorrow so I will probably end up with another couple hundred rounds of .22 rimfire. I think I'll stop at about 10 grand. That should make me fairly wealthy in a barter economy. Then I'll resume a gradual build up of the .45 acp and .223 at a slower pace due to the expense of those calibers.

The picante sauce I made the other day came out, well, not so badass good. It is very bell pepper flavored. It doesn't taste bad, just not like I wanted. So, this weekend we'll go to a farmers market, get all the goodies and start over.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm baaack. Mathews and Tucker, Unemployment, and so on.

The Son and his Bride have been here for the last few days so blogging has taken a backseat. Between all the visiting, traveling, shooting and eating out the site has suffered but suffered for a good cause. We ate so much good food while they were here I will have to fast for a couple days to get back to my usual slim trim 270 pounds. The two of them left this morning at 5 ay em to travel back to Virginia. One leaves on deployment in November and the other leaves in February so we won't have any chance to see them again for a long while. If I can scratch up the funds to do some work on the Harley I will try to ride out there when they get back. A new tranny, cylinder base gaskets and since it will be open I might as well put in fresh pistons while I'm at it.

I guess a lot has happened over the last few days. It was announced that the deficit grew by 181 billion in July, the House upped the request for jets from 4 for 200 million to 8 for 550 million. I heard on FOX that the deficit is growing by 75 billion every week. That's a lot of money WE have to come up with.

Take a look at this article on Unemployment by the numbers. It breaks down the unemployed and underemployed and gives a good overview of the jobs situation. Not a rosy picture.

Take a look at the video in this link and listen to these two buffoons. Prepare to be angry. One is MSNBC's Chris Mathews and the other is Cynthia Tucker from the Atlanta Journal Constipation. Mizz Tucker believes all opposition to the proposed healthcare and basically any opposition to the Prez is based in racism and douchebag Mathews wants to inject all those people with sodium pentothal until they admit they are racist! These are the kind of fools that are getting their points of view put on tv. What nutjobs, I can't think of any thing remotely civil to say about these two ...these two .... aarrrrghghghhghh!

I sure get a kick out of all the Politicians that are having their asses handed to them at the townhall meetings. This is what politics is supposed to be like. Hold their feet to the fire and get some answers from them. Make them realize they work for us. I am shocked at the brazenness of some of the politicians who have declined to hold meetings because they are scared of their constituents. They need to be removed from office immediately as they are not doing their job.

I dragged up some memories from a childhood spent in servitude in an agricultural family and canned some picante sauce that I made. That was an experience but it all came back readily. And the sauce is badass good! Oh, I layed in another couple hundred rounds of .22 to replace the ones we shot up. The local Wally World actually had a box of .40 on the shelf as well as two boxes of .357 and 2 boxes of .223. That's the most I have seen there in the last few months. Is the ammo drought ending or was it a fluke that I was there when they had some ammo on the shelf?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Soto confirmed, plinking

Ding dong the witch is confirmed, the witch is confirmed. I know what I think about that, here's what the anti gunners think about it. As expected the Democratic controlled Senate confirmed Sotonothing's SCOTUS seat. The balance of power has fully shifted and now we are well and truly fucked when it comes to personal rights, freedom, gun ownership, anything the Constitution acknowledges as our rights. This woman has screwed up 80 percent of her lower court rulings and now she's on the highest court in the land. Hell, she couldn't even answer the question of whether she thinks people have the right to self defense! Come on 2010! Hopefully we conservatives can get a boatload of other conservatives elected to both houses and put the brakes on this run away socialist steam roller.

Son and I went plinking yesterday. We took a lot of 22 firearms due to the lack of centerfire ammo and the high cost when it is available. Here's the roster... S&W 422, Ruger Mark II, Rock Island Armory .45, Glock 36 .45, Ruger 10/22, Kel-Tec Sub 2000 .40, MAK 90 and a NEF Sportster .22. A lot of holes were punched in cardboard and a lot of rocks were chased around. Nothin' but good ol fashioned fun!
Today to please the gentler side we went to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City. Of course when we got there the menfolk did find a lot to interest them too. Then a quick stop by the KC farmers market and back home to grilled burgers, cucumber salad, baked beans and chips. Oh, and lots of sweettea.

Well, summer finally got here. When the calendar changed to August to mercury started to climb. Today is about 97 or 98. More of the same tomorrow. I knew I wouldn't be let down. August is always hot as the gates of hell.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bogus Certificate, Concealed permits, Congress, 700,000 bucks

The latest great Obama Birth Certificate has a good chance of being proven as bogus, I hate to say. This time it's a question of the word Republic and the date of the bith versus the date of kenya becoming a Republic. Oh, and the certificate is a dupicate of an Austrailian certificate right down to the book number, dates and format. Now the question is who did it? A Consevative zealot or a liberal mole? Orly Taitz says she got it from a credible source go to her source and find out if he did itoe if another did it. This whole thing can be cleared up by a simple presentation of the ACTUAL birth certificate instead of a lot of stonewalling and diversions.

It seems like more and more people are getting their concealed carry permits. Here are some stats from Clay County Missouri. Most are saying they're concerned about crime that may be rising in this piss poor economy, some say they are doing it for fear of more regulations. WTF? If you are concerned about more laws, regulations or even confiscation then why put your name, address and social on a government form? The only reason to get a concealed permit is comply with the law. You carry the gun to prevent crime against you. Getting the permit won't help with your fears of more regulation. Getting the permit has submitted you to MORE regulation.

A judge has awarded a homeowner a buttload of money becouse he didn't like the noise and vibration from a neaby gun range. Giving credit where credit is due, the house was built before the range was. But 700,000 dollars for a noise issue? That's right Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars! Thankfully the Missouri legislature has passed a bill to prevent this kind of lawsuit. That should tell you that something was up with this whole deal if the State stepped in to prevent further actions of this sort.

Remember when Congress got all over the auto executives when they took private jets to the hearings? Congress has forgot all their lectures on fiscal propriety and ordered up 3 Gulfstream jets for the members of congress to use. The tab comes to about 200 Million Dollars! Of OUR money! (*%$#)&%^% %^$^%^%&%% ^%&%&%(%(^% &%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a weekend coming up, go out and shoot some guns, get some practice, train! Take a friend or two with you and get some team drills done.
I went to, choke, gasp, Wal-Mart yesterday and added another 550 rounds of .22 to the inventory. I think that brings me to over 6000 rounds of rimfire. Now if I can just afford a 22 conversion for my AR, they're running about 200 bucks right now. 22 rimfire is about the only thing I can afford to shoot and replace at this time. We'll see what the future brings.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here comes the Judge! Bank Holiday. Beauty in steel and wood.

I like to listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano when he is on the FOX News Network. He generally has solid conservative values and is not fond of an overly powerful government. We need more judges cast in his mold. Here is a video of him giving a speech at a Tea Party in Columbus, Ohio. If you can't hear what he's saying there is text of the speech below the video.

Bob Chapman has published an article saying that he has information claiming a bank holiday will be declared in the next month or two. Holidays are good, bank holidays are NOT. When the government declares a bank holiday all banks in the nation are closed until the government allows them to reopen. Think of deposits, no withdrawals, no loans, no access to safe deposit boxes, no debit cards, no checks. NO ANYTHING! This happened during the Great Depression and all private gold was collected during that one. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but this is one of the reason I keep encouraging people to have a stash of cash at HOME in their own safe. And a supply of food as well, since there will be no electronic transactions of the monetary sort but I'm sure local stores will accept cash or even some of that silver I tell everyone to stock up on.

The Goddess speaks.

I haven't been much for shotgunning for the last few years but if there is anyway possible, I want one of these, preferably while I'm still able to shoulder it. I don't have the foggiest idea of the cost is but I want one in 28 gauge. Hollaway and Naughton. Exquisite workmanship. The wood appears as though it's made of dark glass. Gorgeous! Be sure to check out the engraved case colored bits and pieces.

Check out this list of companies and people that want to deny you to the right to own a gun. How many of the Hollywood types have had mega-dollar hits that relied on GUNS as an important prop or even in a supporting role i.e. The Mexican, Shoot 'Em Up, The Rifleman, Rambo, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

HOT OFF THE WIRES! BHO birth certificate

It has come to light that lawyer Orly Taitz has submitted evidence of a Kenyan birth certificate for one Barrack Hussein Obama. The document was given to her by an anonymous individual who is fearing for their life. The certificate is part of the evidence presented in the newest birth certificate lawsuit filed by former Ambassador and Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes. The suit was filed on August 1, 2009. The certificate shows marks of repeated folding, an official seal, a signature of a Kenyan official, staple holes in a corner. Obamas Kenyan family all agree they witnessed his birth in Mombasa Kenya. Here's an article and here's another, both with pictures of the latest document. We'll see how this shakes out. If found to be an authentic document that will hold up in court, it will have massive repercussions affecting the faith Americans have in our government and how the world views our government. Can any one say riots? Race wars? DAMN! Will all those cars bought under the cash for clunkers program have to brought back or paid in full by the customer? Holy Cow!