Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hidey holes or keep your cash

I write a lot about things to keep on hand and one thing I keep overlooking is cash. With a couple of banks getting shut down every weekend and talk of a possible bank holiday as well a forecast of 1000 banks to be shut down over the next 2 years, cash on hand isn't a bad idea. Now, you don't want to have cash just layin' around so what do you do with it? We found a decent safe on for a decent price. What if you can't afford a safe or don't have room for a safe? Then you have to use your noggin. Your dresser drawers are out of the equation as are the mattress and closets. Cash on hand needs to be readily accessible so you can't build it into a wall, but you might be able hide it in a wall with a mirror or decoration concealing the hole. How about an old flashlight with the guts ripped out of it? A lot of cash would fit in there I would suppose. DVD and CD cases will hold quite a few dollars and they can be stashed in a rack of dvd, cd and computer discs. Don't hide anything of value in anything that is liable to be stolen such as electronics, mowers, atv's or other high value easily moved items. Some of the places you find to hide money can be used to hide other things as well, like...I"ll let you figure that out. one time tested method is a simple burial. The modern version of the mason jar is the pvc pipe. A section of pipe a foot long with screw on end caps or even the plain old glue on caps will hold a lotta stuff. Pick a favorite spot in the back yard and when the neighbors aren't looking dig a hole drop the tube and replace the sod. Done deal. You will need to securely bag the items in ziplock or mylar bags before placing in the pipe. Some desiccant will go along way also. Have fun and get creative so you can be assured that the cash you make will stay in your possession.

Here are a couple of links for ideas.

If you're handy with construction, check out this site and see some real cool hiding places.

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