Saturday, August 8, 2009

Soto confirmed, plinking

Ding dong the witch is confirmed, the witch is confirmed. I know what I think about that, here's what the anti gunners think about it. As expected the Democratic controlled Senate confirmed Sotonothing's SCOTUS seat. The balance of power has fully shifted and now we are well and truly fucked when it comes to personal rights, freedom, gun ownership, anything the Constitution acknowledges as our rights. This woman has screwed up 80 percent of her lower court rulings and now she's on the highest court in the land. Hell, she couldn't even answer the question of whether she thinks people have the right to self defense! Come on 2010! Hopefully we conservatives can get a boatload of other conservatives elected to both houses and put the brakes on this run away socialist steam roller.

Son and I went plinking yesterday. We took a lot of 22 firearms due to the lack of centerfire ammo and the high cost when it is available. Here's the roster... S&W 422, Ruger Mark II, Rock Island Armory .45, Glock 36 .45, Ruger 10/22, Kel-Tec Sub 2000 .40, MAK 90 and a NEF Sportster .22. A lot of holes were punched in cardboard and a lot of rocks were chased around. Nothin' but good ol fashioned fun!
Today to please the gentler side we went to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City. Of course when we got there the menfolk did find a lot to interest them too. Then a quick stop by the KC farmers market and back home to grilled burgers, cucumber salad, baked beans and chips. Oh, and lots of sweettea.

Well, summer finally got here. When the calendar changed to August to mercury started to climb. Today is about 97 or 98. More of the same tomorrow. I knew I wouldn't be let down. August is always hot as the gates of hell.

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