Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bogus Certificate, Concealed permits, Congress, 700,000 bucks

The latest great Obama Birth Certificate has a good chance of being proven as bogus, I hate to say. This time it's a question of the word Republic and the date of the bith versus the date of kenya becoming a Republic. Oh, and the certificate is a dupicate of an Austrailian certificate right down to the book number, dates and format. Now the question is who did it? A Consevative zealot or a liberal mole? Orly Taitz says she got it from a credible source go to her source and find out if he did itoe if another did it. This whole thing can be cleared up by a simple presentation of the ACTUAL birth certificate instead of a lot of stonewalling and diversions.

It seems like more and more people are getting their concealed carry permits. Here are some stats from Clay County Missouri. Most are saying they're concerned about crime that may be rising in this piss poor economy, some say they are doing it for fear of more regulations. WTF? If you are concerned about more laws, regulations or even confiscation then why put your name, address and social on a government form? The only reason to get a concealed permit is comply with the law. You carry the gun to prevent crime against you. Getting the permit won't help with your fears of more regulation. Getting the permit has submitted you to MORE regulation.

A judge has awarded a homeowner a buttload of money becouse he didn't like the noise and vibration from a neaby gun range. Giving credit where credit is due, the house was built before the range was. But 700,000 dollars for a noise issue? That's right Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars! Thankfully the Missouri legislature has passed a bill to prevent this kind of lawsuit. That should tell you that something was up with this whole deal if the State stepped in to prevent further actions of this sort.

Remember when Congress got all over the auto executives when they took private jets to the hearings? Congress has forgot all their lectures on fiscal propriety and ordered up 3 Gulfstream jets for the members of congress to use. The tab comes to about 200 Million Dollars! Of OUR money! (*%$#)&%^% %^$^%^%&%% ^%&%&%(%(^% &%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a weekend coming up, go out and shoot some guns, get some practice, train! Take a friend or two with you and get some team drills done.
I went to, choke, gasp, Wal-Mart yesterday and added another 550 rounds of .22 to the inventory. I think that brings me to over 6000 rounds of rimfire. Now if I can just afford a 22 conversion for my AR, they're running about 200 bucks right now. 22 rimfire is about the only thing I can afford to shoot and replace at this time. We'll see what the future brings.

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