Monday, August 31, 2009

Craftsman, Caddies, Non Electric stuff

All my life I have been told that Craftsman (Sears) would replace any craftsman tool, if it ever broke. I have bought Craftsman tools all my life because of this and their reasonable prices. I recently did some work on my truck and was using my Craftsman torque wrench. Low and behold the clicker had quit and I broke a bolt off. A few days later I returned the wrench to the local Sears store and was told...We don't replace torque wrenches anymore. Take it to the Service Center in Kansas City and they will fix it. If not, then we will give you a new one. Off to the Service Center this morning, wait in line and get told ...We don't fix torque wrenches here and we don't think the company that does our tool repair does it either! They are sending it in to see what happens meanwhile I'll be looking for a Snap On or MAC torque wrench. I pretty sure if I break one of theirs I can go to any of their trucks and hand it to the owner/operator and they will give me a new one. &%^&*&(*Craftsman.

Cherry Pie brought her Caddie home tonight, finally. All kinds of Cadillac goodness. I can't wait to take a trip in it. I understand they don't have a speed limiter anymore. Hee,Hee. The last STS we had would only go 101 or so. I have read these newer ones will go 135+. Hee,Heee.

Well, I finally did do something to increase our preparedness supplies last week. Sunday afternoon I bought a few more propane canisters for the lanterns and a small heater we have. Wallie World has 2 packs for 5.97. The other day they had Burns-o-Matic brand with 20 percent more hot stuff on clearance for 2.50 dollars. I called my brother and he wanted most of what was on the shelf.

I got my fall issue of Lehmans Non Electric Catalog today. They've got a lot of really desirable stuff in there. Go to there website , shop around and order one for 3 bucks. Think about it, Non Electric stuff can be really handy at times.

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Bruce said...

Dear Rebel,

I'm glad to hear that you got your Lehman's catalog. Your are right, there is a lot of desirable stuff in there. I'm lucky enough to be one of the people that actually gets to help decide what is in the catalog. If you have any good ideas of things we should carry, let me know.

Happy shopping!

Bruce DB
VP Direct Sales, Lehman's