Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparedness by .gov, bug out!, 26 what? and flu tips

The United States Government is once again, entering the preparedness fray. They have a new site at and on it they encourage every one to research what kinds of disasters could happen in their locality and take steps to prepare for them. Hey, that sounds like good advise. Research, plan, be ready. What a concept! Here is a link to a list of 101 things to stock up on for bartering in an extended emergency. A lot of that list is stuff that you should stock up on for your own uses. Tonight we loaded the "new" car with Cherry Pies' B.O.B and assorted supplies so that she will be prepared on the road and at work.

If you have plans to relocate at a distant location in the vent of a major event, do you really want to be driving around with a veritable fortune in supplies? You can look into renting a storage unit along your intended travel route or even near your final location to keep the majority of your goods in. Take along the basics and pick up your major supplies as you travel. Just be sure to have a security detail on watch when you're are unloading the storage unit. Oh, be sure to pay the unit fees so your life source is not auctioned off to the highest bidder. You can store you goods at your retreat but how do you keep them secure when you're hours away? Given enough time anything can be broken into. Think what a tempting target a locked barn or shipping container would make for the "local" yahoos. Especially if there's no one home for days or weeks on end.

Most First Ladies have had 1 or even 2 assistants. The current First"Lady" has at this time Twenty freakin' Six assistants! 26! And according to Chris Matthews, if you disagree with her having that many helpers, you are, get this, a RACIST. The liberals sure are throwing the R word around a lot lately. While we're at it, Maobama's Green Czar Van Jones says the Republicans are assholes. That may be true in some cases but does one of the appointees of the so called President need to be making these kinds of remarks?

Midweek already. I think I'll try to get some miscellaneous items for storage this weekend. Toiletry items probably. Razors, soap, various OTC stuff, feminine hygiene, things of that nature. Speaking of being prepared... With all the Swine Flu going around and forcast to be a major health event, get yourself a bottle or two of P73 Oil of Oregano. This stuff is GREAT. Tastes bad works, like a charm. We will be getting a new bottle this weekend. Cherry has contact with walkins every day and one of her co workers has 2 or 3 school age kids that come in contact with a chain of thousands of people. So the potential is there for her to come in contact with the bug. She started her defense today with a morning drop of oregano under the tongue. Come to think of it some colloidal silver would be a good thing to have also.

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