Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool Bike, Fall and Winter preps

I was over at Tam's place this morning and she had a link to some awesome old bicycles today. That sure brought back some memories. When I was a kid I was in the hospital for a tonsillectomy and when I got home I had a shiny new red bike waiting for me. Wow! Now we couldn't afford a Schwinn Stingray, but that was the coolest thing I ever had. Then Christmas came. Under the tree I found a sparkly vinyl banana seat, a chrome hi-rise sissy bar, apehanger handlebars, and a fat slick back tire! How cool was that? All parts were installed and I became the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I took great pride in the length of the black stripes I could lay in front of the house after flying down the street and lockin' up the brake. Hell, come time for the Jesse James Days festival I took first in the bicycle race. Not bad for a fat kid. Thanks folks!

Well, we had our first taste of Fall last night and this morning... low's in the low 40's and some places made it down to the high 30's. My kind of weather is comin' up! I love cool, cold weather. Add in some snow, sleet, freezing rain and I'm in hog heaven. Call me a freak but that's the way I am.. The worse it is the better I like it. I hope for a lot of snow this winter so I can cash in on the residential snow removal gig. Move over kids! Oh, that's right. Kids are too lazy to clear snow for cash now. Good for me. I found a place that had New Old Stock snow blades to fit my discontinued Cub Cadet 1330 for 400 dollars new in the box. They also had NOS bare mower decks which I need. Now I only need some cash. I need to knock together a winter shelter for the Cub if I plan to use it this winter.

Last night I listed all the things we need to do before winter sets in. Repair all the oil lamps, get more lamp oil, get an Aladdin style lamp, get spares for all the lamps, insulate the utility room floor, get more kerosene in stock, things like that. I keep hearing that natural gas prices are going to spike this winter so I want to augment our ng heat with the kerosene heater and the the Sun Heat electric furnace. If the lights go out from a broken limb or excessive ice we will have rudimentary heat. Ideally we need a generator so we can run the actual furnace in a power outage. What do you think Cherry Pie?

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