Thursday, September 24, 2009

A hanging, a cutting and some living

The authorities are looking for the individual that hung Bill Sparkman, a part time Census worker. Sparkmans body was found hanged in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Officials say they are looking for someone with anti-government sentiment. Anti-government sentiment? In the Appalachians and Blue Mountains? Does the word "revenuer" come to mind? There has been anti-government feelings in that area since before the Revolutionary war! Those are the folks that RAN to fight the people that wanted to tax them, take away their arms and deny them their freedom. And if the investigators are looking for someone with anti-government feelings they won't have to look hard these days.


The USG always has our best interests in mind, don't they? In order to help dam up the leaking southern border our government is going to remove 384 Border Agents! There are currently over 1300 miles of southern border that are not protected and the staff, as it is now, has caught hundreds of illegals as well as a few folks with evil on their mind. So now, the authorities with all their wisdom are going to cut the number of agent in the south and increase the number in the north. I say make All federal legisltors live on the border and put up with the human trafficking, the drugs, the gunfire, the theft, destruction and kidnapping for at least a year before they are eligible to vote on any laws or budgets for the border patrol


There is a large group of people living below ground, under Las Vegas. This isn't some high tech low impact type of experiment. This is people that feel they have no other choice at this time. Most make their money by searching the local casinos for unclaimed credit on the slots. The real astounding thing is that their home is the flood drains under the city. Do these folks realize what a flood is and what the drains intended to do. I worked underground for many years and know how cool it can be and if you are doing it on the sly how cheap it could be to live in but, these are storm drains intended to carry away massive amounts of water, from desert flash floods, in a short amount of time. I know times are hard, but.......


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