Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whew! That's enough of that. worked a couple hours at my Dad's which is a 62 mile round trip, then came home to mow lawns. I usually mow the visible stuff with the "push" mower to get a real nice look and mow everything else with the rider. CRAP! The rider wouldn't start. Mow the customers yard completely with the "push" mower and my front as well. Twisted my bad knee once and the same leg ankle twice. FTH!! Yea, that's what I said. What a bunch of crap, I mowed yards as a kid and here I am again mowing yards.
I start building a roof over a porch on Monday. I figure with My brothers help this will be a 3 day job and then back to my Dad's place to finish the living room. Crap, it's a bitch not having a real job. I am trying to make this kind of stuff my "real" job. I've had enough of working for people and companies that don't give a rat's ass about me.

I haven't heard anything new about the take over of Hardin, Montana. If the reports coming out of there are true, the Governor needs to send in the State's Guard to remove the APF from the city and imprison the leaders of that company.

I keep hearing the economy is getting better. Show me the the money! The car lots are not replenishing the lots after the cash for clunkers ordeal, the Wal-Mart lot is still mostly vacant, the Dollar Store and Aldi business is booming, monthly unemployment rolls are still growing exponentially, houses are getting repo'd at an enormous rate and the foreclosure auctions are growing every week and no one is hiring. What's better?

This weekend we're goin' to a swap meet we've never attended before. Try to sell our stuff and make a few dollars. Maybe I can find a lamp or something, maybe a generator or God forbid, a gun. I love swap meets!

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