Friday, October 2, 2009

I've got a busy day planned. First off...finish this Fantastic breakfast burrito I made. Then, Go to the health store and get 4 gallons of Kangen Water. Then I'm off to Home Depot to order the material for the roof I start on Monday.Next is a trip t0 my Dad's to get my tools so I can start the roof on Monday. Back home to unload the truck then off to the storage unit to load all the STUFF for the swap meet this weekend. The customer and Home Depot is about a 60 or so mile trip, going to my Dads from the HD is about an 80 mile round trip. Going back to the storage unit is another 14 or so. And sometime in there I need to speak to someone about my lawn tractor that still won't start. ARGHHH!!!! Oh, that burrito had spicy sausage, eggs, fried potatoes, onions, bell peppers, cheese and salsa. mmm, good.

I'm glad to play a part in this. James' new book is only out ranked by Sarah Palins' new, unpublished venture, Glen Becks' book and Dan Browns' newest tome. It ranks as number ONE in several categories. If you didn't order it on the book bomb day get it now as sales are so brisk Amazon has lowered the price.

I'd like to come across some good usable stuff at the swap meet. Stuff like a generator, an Aladdin lamp, tools or maybe one of those every popular, ever loved, guns.

As busy as I've been I haven't been able to to do any shooting. Took the day off yesterday to to do housework, work on the mower and start gathering up stuff for the swap. What a day off right? What are you doing this week end? Any thing good, or intersting?

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