Friday, October 9, 2009

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I went to the big Makita clearance sale and found that even at 1/2 price I still couldn't afford a new cordless drill. I know that cordless tools are not necessary but they are sure handy. As the name implies...cordless. You can buy cheaper tools and I looked at some yesterday. I have a cheaper drill that is very powerful and works well but the batteries are short lived and cost more than the drill did when you try to buy replacements. I saw the drill new at Wally World for 69 bucks. To buy a new battery for the one I have it will cost 80 dollars!

HOLD THE PRESSES! The Chosen One was has been chosen again. He has received a Nobel Peace Prize. For what? When you consider the nominations were conducted when Barry had been in office only 11 day what could he possibly have done? Don't tell me the Nobel organization has been taken under the hope and change spell. I'm starting to think the fix is in. HA HA HA.

Barry keeps picking some real winners for his cabinet. It has now come out that his Safe Schools Czar is a backer of............NAMBLA! WTF? Now his Muslim Relations Advisor has been on a show in Israel sitting alongside a leader of a group that wants the Western way of life destroyed, endorsing Sharia law. Again, WTF? Can this Administration get any more twisted?

When 1 in 4 people of the world are Muslim I say "Come on Christians have more babies". We're as guilty as the next as we are a one child family and it's a moot point at this time, but seriously, Christians need to breed like rabbits or we will be a dying breed. Can you believe 1 in 4 over the whole world? I guess when their women are kept in wraps, not allowed to hold a job, rarely go out in public there isn't much to do except have children.

It rained all freakin' day yesterday and I woke up to sprinkles and drizzle this morning. The forecast calls for rain or even a little snow for Saturday. Am I ever going to get this roof done? Oh well. Take it as it comes I guess.

I went buy a friends garage yesterday and we got to talking of course about guns and then got around to concealed carry. I got adding up and found I was packing 40 rounds of ammo on me. One 13 round mag in the well and one round in the pipe and two spare 13 round mags. I won. I ask again, what do you carry? Yesterday I was packing the XD45 Tactical 5 inch. How about you?

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