Sunday, October 11, 2009

TEOTWAWKI review and a retreat property

Last night some of Cherry Pie's family came over to celebrate her Fathers birthday. Her sister made lasagna, her brother brought salad, we provided brownies, apple crisp and ice cream. Dinner was great and desert was excellent. Several of them had wine or beer and some of us stuck to ice tea. A good time was had by all. It's nice to get together once in a while.

Sunday cool and cloudy. We actually fired up the furnace for the company last night. In the middle of the night the furnace was shut off. We slept much better after that. Worked on my old Cub Cadet and still no luck. I will try again later this week. I put a new solenoid on this morning and that did not cure the no starting issue. Next is the ignition switch.

I've been trying to buy some ammo cans to start building small emergency kits to place in vehicles but all the government auctions I've been tracking end up with the cans costing over a thousand dollars. Now the cost per unit isn't much but the overall cost is what I can't afford. then we have to stock the kits. More expense. I'll keep my eyes open for some deals though.

I received my copy of James Wesley, Rawles new book "How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It". If you are not a regular reader of his website then this is a very good book to add to your preparedness library. The ideas presented are sound and Rawles is living them as proof positive. I do consider myself to be a Rawlesian prepper but unless you have a very good income this is a tough nut to crack. Even if you have a modest income though, you can utilize the information in this book by reducing the amounts and variety and stretching the time frame as far as you think prudent. He does give some excellent advise on getting trained in various disciplines. Overall it is an great guide for someone new to the preparedness game. Get a copy on the cheap at .

If you like the Ozarks and want a piece of land to establish a retreat on this is a pretty good piece of property. Add a well and you've got a nice place to build a hardened cabin and enough ground to raise some food on. The State Forest being 500-600 feet away is nice also. If it was available though I'd prefer parcel B.

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