Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's see...haircut, trimmed my beard(which I had grown to a nice length), showered, shaved, dressed nicely. All ready for a job prescreening yesterday promptly at 1:00pm'ish. This was a mass screening, 50 or so people at this one, some of who didn't understand the written instructions in the letter that was sent out. Instructions there promptly at 1:00, bring all of the indicated paperwork with you, you know the basics like that. Anyway, while waiting for copies to be made of our "papers" the rest of our day was explained to us. Take this test and this test and test. De Ja Vue! I explained that I had taken those tests months ago and asked if those were applicable to this situation. Yes they are, just step into the hall and fill out this application please and thanks for coming today. Over a thousand people have applied for these 3 positions.

Worked on Cherry's car today. I found out that the problem wasn't really brakes but a busted sway bar causing the issue. So that's another problem to deal with. Have I mentioned that I really appreciate the visits to the advertisers on this site? If enough of you keep visiting the various adverts I may one day get a little check from them. So keep up the good work, THANKS and click on.

So there's a congress critter that wants a tax exemption for your pets. That's right your pets. Hey, the way I see it they get the same care that we gave our son. Food, water, a home, medical treatment. They just aren't as obnoxious as a teenager. What are your thought on this?

You should see the maple tree in front of our house this year. Folks are stopping to take pictures of it's gorgeous mass of flaming orange leaves. Since they have started to fall we now have an orange carpet over the yard.

The .gov wants everyone to take an H1N1 shot or spray. I guess they can't count because there aren't enough vaccines for the folks that actually WANT the stuff let alone for the entire population. So much for that example of government health care.

There has been so much good stuff come up at the local garage sales and auctions but we don't have the funds to buy them. Tools, generators, home furnishings, real estate, homes. It's terrible to see what people are divesting themselves of to try and make a little cash. I don't see to many deals on firearms though. Huhh, who woulda thought. I'm seeing more and more houses in this area with no lights and no evidence of habitation. The mainstream news finally made the announcement that the commercial real estate sector will be the next big failure to rear it's ugly head. The blogosphere has been talking about this for a couple of months.

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