Saturday, October 10, 2009

The News. Really?

Hey have you heard...Nobama got a Nobel. I'm getting tired of that "news". As a matter of fact I'm tired of the "news" in general. It seems like a lot of filler with no substance. I know alot of folks say don't focus on the bad stuff, but, it seems like they could focus on the current stuff even if it is bad. Stuff like saying the unemployment levels didn't rise as much as predicted...but it's still in the half million neighborhood. I say focus on the problem to come up with a solution. It seems as if we are collectively pushing the economy to the side and focusing on celebrities, sports, scandal, entertainment, and fantasy more than things like Iran having a couple of nuke sites deep under ground and the US speeding up the development of 20,000 pound Massive Ordinance Bombs that when used one after the other can get to a depth of 200 feet. Hmmmm. Another war brewing? I hate to bring all this bad stuff up but it's here and needs to be addressed. Retail is losing it's ass, auto makers are back to failing after the Cash for Clunkers clunked out, real estate is still dropping like a stone and forecasters are saying the commercial real estate market collapse is coming never mind the 700,000 ghost foreclosures of homes that has yet to materialise.
These things are why I keep stressing the importance of financial freedom, stocking up on food and supplies, getting and keeping firearms and ammo and having a serious plan in place. We are not where we should be given our age and financial background but, given the late stage that we became aware of the frailty of our existence we are in a lot better position that most folks are. Keep your chins up and and keep working to you goal.

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