Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wham! Boom, Crash!

I don't know what I've done to piss of the guy upstairs but I'm really getting tired of the hits to my life, soul, spirit and wallet. Yesterday I walked down the street to my mother and step fathers house. I had not been there 5 minutes when one of my neighbors came down and told me a tree had fallen on my truck. Well, thankfully it wasn't a tree just a 20 foot limb. It was over 8 inches in diameter and fell from a height of 30 feet. If I had parked a little more squarely in the lot It would have landed on the cab. Here is the bitch, I was trying to be nice to my electrical contractor and let him park in my paved covered driveway so he would be close to the work and have his tools covered. So much for being a nice guy.

The truck is at the body shop, I'm in a rental and we'll see how this latest scenario shakes out. I must say though, the Volkswagen Passat I'm driving is very nice. It has crazy good brakes and this car really moves out. It makes me realize how tired my truck is.

Friday, October 25, 2013


My shift a work this evening started with my boss telling that the HR lady had to speak with me yesterday about WORKING during the all day sales event. What all day sales event, I've never even heard that phrase, I said and then told him that story was very interesting as I did not work yesterday! He stammered and said well it might have been another day. In my days of management you had to have you ducks in a row when you counseled someone and that included having the date correct for the supposed infraction. Huh, the infraction of working! Needless to say, My pressure vent was close to popping and he knew it. He suggested I take few minutes in the break room. So believe it or not I got in trouble for doing what I was supposed to be doing. That's two times in one week. In the other instance I had to catch up on a shit load of online training. Bossman ordered me to have it done by a certain day. So I bust my hump and get it done, then he tells me another manager complained that I was disappearing from my department! This is what life is like at Home Depot. Thankfully, I had two customers that made my a day quite a bit better and one outstanding coworker that really brightened my evening, Thanks Fabi! The job search is going into high gear.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Like Knives

I like knives. I really do. It's possible I might have every knife I ever bought, traded for, was given or found. That being said, in this recent move there are a couple that I have yet to find. But I will find them rest assured. I do want to modify my opening statement. My house was broken into once long ago and a significant number of automatic knives were removed from my possession. I replaced them with a lesser amount of better blades.

Take a look for your self.
This is the gang...

The roll of folders and a few others...
 Some fixed blades and folders. the large double edged knife in the center is one I made when I was 14 or 15.Made of unknown quality of stainless with walnut from a civil war plantation house. Next to it is a large one I made from a cross cut saw blade, with purpleheart wood and silver pins. Above them is a green river knife that I put water buffalo horn scales on. Miscellaneous others too.
Here are some Harley Davidson knives by United, these have cryogenically treated blades and are SHARP. Some SOG knives and Cold Steel offerings too. Gerber knives and mulitools too. Top left is a Mel Pardue auto and a couple of Rob Dalton autos as well

Here are the Italians. Direct from the old country. What a shock I had when I had to replace the Italians that were stolen. I bought the originals from the A B Coltiere factory for six to 13 dollars each. Shipped in a tidy bundle labeled as BOOKS. Fast forward to the infamous day and the new ones direct from Italy were twenty-five to seventy dollars each. OUCH!

Here are the autos. Five Italians, One MicroTech, the Benchmade Mel Pardue, A ProTech Godfather and two Daltons.

Here are the ones I have made. From the top, the stainless double edge I made as a teenager, then a camp knife made from the steel from a cross cut saw blade and finally a patch knife made from cross cut steel and white tail antler tine with gimping and silver pins.

In my hunting fanny pack there is a Cold Steel Master hunter and a Gerber folding saw. MIA from the move is a Buck 120. I think that's it. I think.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Images From The Past

I did a little digging around and found a couple of pictures of my great, great, great Uncle John McCorkle. He, his brother Jebez and his brother in law T.B. Harris all rode with Captain William Quantrill and the Missouri Partisan Rangers during the War of Northern Aggression. Supposedly Uncle John would not cut his hair or beard until the war was over but I have not found a picture like that. Imagine this, a long haired, long bearded man dressed filthy filthy clothes, wearing a slouch hat with 2-6 pistols stuck in his belt and pockets and a steel eyed countenance knocking on your door in the dark of the night asking for dinner or food for his horse. That's how the Rangers got by, well that and some "foraging".  Any thing to get by. And mostly the good folks in Missouri supported them. Supported them with food, shelter, information and moral support.

Here's John McCorkle

 John McCorkle ( L) and B-I-L T.B. Harris (R)

Note those knee high cavalry boots and looking closely you can see pistol butts too.
I get a kick out of looking at pictures from my past, imagining what those folks had to live through, what they had to do to live. I find it fascinating stuff.

My Flags

In light of current politics, Liberal quotes and general asshattery, various blogger and news reports of the government shut down being the result of Tea Bag politician, Republicans and Conservatives in general I am posting some of my flags. I do this in case readers haven't figured out what side of the line my politics fall on. So, here are some of my flags....

The Tea Bag

The Confederate Battle Flag or the Southern Cross
 The Missouri Battle Flag (Civil War era)
 The Missouri State Guard Flag (circa 1861)

The Missouri State Flag (current)
These above all others.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cover Thine Head

On my to supper today I spotted a young woman of color walking along the road. Wearing a very form fitting red top with long sleeves and a pair of white skin tight pants. Now these clothes accentuated the remarkable tits and fine ass she possessed. It's a good thing she had that white scarf wrapped around her head so I wouldn't get aroused at her appearance and have unclean thoughts. WTF? Seriously do those rag wearing folks of the desert tribes really think covering the head of a woman is going to stop impure thoughts by men?