Monday, January 30, 2012

Blades, Bags And A Tiny Light

When my mother and her husband come over it's like show and tell for he and I. This past Sunday he showed me some knives he had scored at a flea market. Three for 5 bucks. He gave me one of them. They are David Yellowhorse rejects. Yellowhorse has made some very beautiful knife scales for Buck and Case. He uses turquoise and various other stone and wood combinations for the scales. They are great looking and very unique. These rejects are not Buck or Case. The tang Stamp is DY. As they are rejects, they don't have the scales that are unique to David. The knife is what was rejected. They have slight imperfections in the blade grind near the tip. So the knives have never been finished, the rivets have not even been ground down.
Then we got to talking about every day carry items so I showed him my every day bag. It's a British gas mask bag. It's made of very heavy nylon material, has a combination shoulder/waist strap as well as a thigh strap. It is equipped with one flapped outer pocket, one tall flat open top pocket and the interior has one pocket with seven sub pocket in it, In the main bag I carry a stainless steel cup, a nylon poncho, a multi tool, a knife, 100 feet of 550 cord, 25 feet of 1/4 inch nylon rope, a flashlight, a pair of leather gloves and a pair of glove liners, a Mylar sleeping bag, and a tinder box and finally a small bottle of bug repellent. I got the bags from Sportsman's Guide for something like 3 bags for 12 dollars. I also got the poncho's 3 for 12 . Even with all the mentioned items I still have room for seasonal items.
The we got around to lights. I showed him a tiny little "survival" kit I was building and told him my problem with finding a light that would fit in the little box. One day while at Cabelas, I found a tiny little LED light by Streamlight. It's called the Nano. It might be nano in size but it's giant in light out put considering it's Lilliputian stature. It comes with a keychain attachment but I've installed this one in my little kit. Take a look...
Considering it's size verses it's output I'd say that everyone needs one on their keychain or in their pocket. Big punch from a little package.
I'd provide links to all the above but Blogger is at it again. I can't highlight anything to create a hyperlink. Thanks again Blogger.

The Dinner

For quite a while now I have been making dinner for my mothers birthday. I try to make it special, not common, or just a little different. Friday was her birthday. So the arrangements were made and she came to my house Sunday for dinner.
The menu:

Chicken gumbo over seasoned rice

A deep fried chicken

bacon fried carrots

Dessert was pan fried mini apple pies.

The gumbo was delicious! The deep fried chicken was great, eventualy. Bacon fried carrots? Unusual and very tasty. The mini pies were outstanding.

Chicken issues. I used my turkey fryer to do the chicken. Same process as frying a turkey just alot less oil. The temperature was in the low fourties and for some reason the fire went out while the gas was still whooshing through the burner. It sounded like the fire was going great blazes but the temperature was falling like a rock. Finally I discovered the unlit burner. Then it wouldn't light. There was no gas coming out of the dang bottle now. We shook it, we rolled it, we put it in the sun. Nothing worked. Suddenly it was flowing again.WTH? Any way we fired it up again and finally the bird was done. The carrots, hmmmm. Take a large skillet and fry 3-4 slices of bacon crispy and remove. Add 1 lb of slice carrots, a pinch or two of salt, some black pepper and a sprinkle of sugar. Add a whole diced onion to the skillet and cook until the carrots are slighty browned. Remove from pan and sprinkle with crumbled bacon. Very good.
The pies used flaky biscuits for the crust. Take a sauce pan and add 3-4 cored, sliced apples granny smith's are good for this. Add a half stick of butter, cinnamon and sugar to taste. Cook until the apples are tender. Roll out one biscuit for each pie. Add apple mixture to the dough circles, fold dough over the mix and seal the edges. Fry in a skillet with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of oil. These cook very fast so stay with them and keep looking at the bottoms. When browned on both sides sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar. Everyone had a good time and ate very well. Mom fell asleep in a comfy chair and her husband I shot the breeze for a while. We talked politics, every day carry bags, knives, and preparedness. Later Mom woke up and they traveled back to the big city. We'll do it agin next year

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time To.............

Since the TSA hasn't caught any young Islamic males it's mission is changing. It seems as though they want to pay more attention to .....all of us. All of us that want a smaller government, all of us that want a return to a free nation, all of that in general disagree with what the government is us. Michael Chertoff makes the case here. (Hat tip to III Percent Patriot.) Is this a great big leap into a bigger big brother government? I think it's time for anyone that gives a crap about their selves, their family, their country to pay attention . Talk or email regularly with your congress critters and research what a threeper is. A three percenter. III. If you are a Threeper, put a patch on your jacket. Get some stickers made and let everyone know what a Threeper is all about. Are you willing to stand for your rights? Check out III Percent Patriot and Sipsey Street Irregulars for some information on III Percenters. III

Spring? Winter? Sprinter? Wing?

Yesterday I was out front talking to one of my neighbors and as I was looking around the 'hood I noticed these funny little bumps on all the tree branches. Huh? Buds? In January? I brought this to Bob's attention and he to said, Huh? Yep, end of January and the trees are budding. I saw this happen a couple years ago. Then a freeze hit and killed all the buds. Then it took forever to get some green on the trees. I just looked out the window and there are green patched showing up in the yard where the dog "fertilized" it. Come on freeze. I really don't want to start mowing in February. I sold a car last fall and used part of the money to buy a garden tractor. A garden tractor with a snowplow on it. It currently sits, unused, in the garage.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rand Paul

In regards to the Rand Paul v. TSA issue, Article 1, Section 6 says:

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place.

So Mr. Paul, talk to your lawyer and have at the TSA for violating your Constitutional right as a Senator. If we let them get away with things like this pretty soon it will be "may I see your papers, please" as we walk down the street. They have the population cowed now so if the legislature bows to the TSA/ DHS on this issue there is nothing they won't subject us to.

A Storm Is Coming

With the solar storm hitting as I write I have to ask, has everyone secured their electronics in a Faraday enclosure or even a metal garbage can or ammo can? This is the second large solar storm to hit in the last 6 months. Doing so may allow you to save your radios, cell phones and such. Will this storm damage your electronics? Who knows? I would rather save what I have than have to replace it. This is one of the things we have to look out for and prepare for. Preparedness is not all economic collapse, foreign invasion and super volcano's. Your prudent family will try to prepare for many situations. And it's convenient that most of your preps will cover many situations. Food, water, sanitation and firearms covers all situations. It's the specific things you have to add to make your inventory cover many situations.Let's face it, you can't prepare for everything. Take a look at your life, your economics, your job, your region. Make the decision to prepare for what ever you think is the most likely to occur to you and your family. If something else rears it's ugly head you'll be in a a better situation for it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wow! I Got Some Trim!

After breakfast we broke out the miter saw and started installing all the trim work in the guest bedroom. Some of it we bought at the big box home improvement store and some it came from a place called Re-Store. Unused materials, used material, lumber, granite, tile, paint, you name it are donated from new jobs, demo's and such. You can get stuff at great prices. The deal is, you have to go a lot or just be lucky. We got oak door and window trim for 3 bucks a piece. Once we got 2.5 inch poplar coping for 2 dollars a stick and they were big sticks. This week I have been cutting some to size, sanding, staining, and applying poly to all of it and today was the big day. Kinda. We ran out of light in the room we are using as the trim shop. I got started on the crown moulding when the darkness overtook us. So I need to finish that then do the base moulding and TADA! That's another room done. I gotta say, I hate doing crown moulding. My mind does not work upside down and backwards. Today's install went very easy thanks to Kregs Crown Pro. Best money I've spent in a while.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Went a-Shootin'

After getting a little work done around the home place, I packed up a couple carbines and some ammo and mags. Hopped in the Cherrymobile (her HHR) and off I went. Where? To her brothers place, lucky him, he has a perfect place to shoot, an old quarry. At times it is flooded to a a foot or two. Most of the time it's a cattail forest. I have put a target board on the far side at a measured 300 feet. Now I haven't been shooting for a while, so when I got there today, the brush had grow up at both the front end and the target end. I ended up shooting at 25 yards then going into the pit and choosing targets of opportunity ( light colored rocks and leave laying on the far slope). My armament? A Bushmaster XM15 carbine with short hand guard and 16 inch barrel, a MAK90 as shown in a previous post and one of my carry guns, a Rock Island Armory Officers model in good ol' .45 caliber. The MAK has open sight and the AR has a scope mounted on it's flat top.
AK ammo was Russian 123 grain hollow point and fodder for the AR was United Arab Emmerate 62 grain SS109 type loading.
First off the MAK shot great at 25 yards. I am at the point in life where the rear sight is very blurry and the front is crisp even so, double taps went around 1.5 inches. A few of those and I moved into the pit. Rocks and leaves were no match. I was rolling rocks 75-100 yards away with regularity. The sites were easier to see in this environment. I went with a light ammo load of 2 thirty round mags for each carbine. I ran through the 7.62 ammo and transitioned to the AR. As expected, with the benefit of the scope I was able to put 10 into a 2 inch circle. The shooting in the pit was really no change, put the cross hairs on your target and its hit. I finished these 2 mags and went up to the "pistol range", a shale bank in front of the barn. I set a target and started off with some cast reloads that friend made. Light recoiling and accurate but they had a bad tendency to cause the gun the fail to return to battery. After several of these incidents I unloaded my magazines and filled them with my high dollar carry ammo, Speer Gold Dots and Remington Golden Sabers both in 230 grain. The Gold Dots were not the short barrel variety. I practiced drawing and shooting single, double and triple taps. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I use Ashley 24/7 Big dot Express sights on this little heater. Great for the distances this gun is intended for. It is very similar to point shooting, you plant that big old front sight where you want it and BLAM! It's it's hit. I am a fairly good natural shot and this is a lot of fun for me. To bad I didn't have more functional ammo with me. Oh well, there's always another day. I want to give a report on ammo performance in a later post. In the end, I found that I like shooting the MAK90 better than the AR. And the little .45 is a blast to shoot.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Romney On Guns

I keep watching these debates and you really have decode what some of them are saying. Romney has a lot of business experience some good and some not so good. he has governing experience some good and some not so good. But what is important to me are the Constitutional issues which most of them want dance around. I keep hearing about Mitt being progun, i.e. pro constitution. Nothing firm is ever spoken regarding firearms. But I found this today. Crystal clear. He will not agree with the gun lobby and will agree with HCI and their ilk. Pass this around to any progun/pro Romney friends you might have.

Soaring Aloft

I was over at Granddads Corner this morning and he had a post about kites. I really enjoyed that story. Is that the story of every kid and Dad with a kite? When I was a whole lot smaller than I am now my Dad bought me a box kite. We assemble that paper and stick creation and took it to the field behind my grannies house. We finally got the kite off the ground then it was katie bar the door. A wind current grabbed that thing and away it went. Dad reeled it out until it was a spec in the sky. He finally turned it over to me and it promptly had ME airborne! Dad grabbed me and after flying it for a while tried to get it back to earth. if I remember correctly, that kite never did come back. I remember Dad finally cutting the string. I was a kite flier ever since. When I lived near Corpus Christie Cherry and I were at the beach and I sent a kite aloft. I kept adding string, feeding it into the on shore breezes. Three rolls of string later it was out of sight. That one never came back either. Do yourself a favor and get a kite and let your mind go soaring with it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

And now, Breaking News.

Well after yesterdays blackout in protest of SOPA/PIPA the DOJ raided and arrested several members and are hitting them with a variety of charges. This looks like a taste of SOPA/PIPA. In retaliation for this raid a group call Anonymous has started a denial of service campaign against many government and music industry websites. Let the games begin!
And here I thought I was done for the night.
Cherry got home tonight and I had dinner waiting. Oven baked cod fillets, sweet corn, rice with broccoli and corn bread. I also made a spicy remoulade sauce to go with the fish. Very tasty.

Cooking was way better than listening to more of the Rick Perry dropped out talk by EVERYONE.
That just makes it better for Ron Paul. Mitt Romney only keeps a "little" money in an offshore account. I guess a few million is a little to a guy like him. Anyway that's better for Paul again. Newts ex-wife is making claims of him wanting an open marriage and telling the name of his on the side lover when doing the asking. Better for Paul. I do like that Perry is now supporting Newt. There is a video clip of Perry in the past saying that anyone that would lie to their spouse would lie to their business partner. Figger that one out. OK, enough of the politics.

Good Night!

Just Stuff

After yesterdays blackout of websites and blogs it seems as if Congress is backing off of this issue. Keep the pressure on them and make sure this abomination never sees the light of day again. But they and the Senate don't have the horse power to get the Keystone XL pipe line approved. The Keystone pipe line already goes from Canada to Oklahoma. No problem there. But it can't be extend because they don't know what the environmental impact will be? Come on now, A pipe line was just run across Missouri, through crop and grazing land and the only way you can tell it's there is by the occasion creek crossing and some new fences. Another example of how the "greenies" are running things. As a result all that oil will now get sold to our old buddy China. And we get no jobs out of it.

My son has left his family for duty in Fallon Nevada. He'll be there for 52 day. I know it's not long but he has a wife and new baby that really love and miss him. The last time he went there a snow storm hit the area and he ended up spending his first several days there in a hotel room as the base was shut down.

Cherry and I are still working on this house as money comes available. With my knees and back issues I can't do a lot of the things I used to do a very short time ago. So, she took a lesson in tiling a floor from her brother-in-law and did great. Only tiling a floor has little bearing on tiling a wall in the cramped confines of a shower. Much cussing as discussing later we had a few tiles on the wall and it looked like, well, as her late step father was fond of saying, like a can of mashed asshole. Really, it was not good. We took it all down, cleaned the tiles and scraped the mortar off the wall. I dug out one of my handy dandy books and found a chapter on tiling a shower. We are now backing up and reassessing the situation and will get this damned shower done. One way or another.

With all the trim work going on, house keeping, house improvement and other daily to do's I haven't made much progress on the Winchester I'm refinishing for Dad. It'll get done. I know it'll get done.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


On Strike in protest of upcoming SOPA/PIPA legislation. This blog will resume regular posting on January 19, 2012. Contact your congress critters and TELL them to stop the censorship.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tried And Failed

I have been a frequent viewer of the site for a while. I recently joined up and started reading the AK forums. I decided to post a picture of my MAK90. First off they don't allow or support downloading pictures from your hard drive. You have to load them to photo bucket and then put them on AR15. It's possible I know, as there are a ton of pictures there. I tried several times today to do this and all tries failed. I am some what computer savvy but I still don't know why these efforts failed. I'll try again tomorrow and see what that gets me. It should be as easy as this...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Show Report

I spent a few hours wandering the Fun Show this morning. Only I found no fun there today. I carried my custom SKS 'til my arms went numb, I walked and talked and walked some more. I saw nothing really of interest except 1 Draco pistol and they wouldn't trade and quite a few of the Mares Shank style shorty lever guns. The show was down on vendors and down on gun related vendors particularly. In the three hours I was there I saw no sales of toy helicopters, beef jerky, jewelery, toys, clothes and other non-gun items. And I saw only a couple of gun sales. I also saw no individuals that had anything I wanted to trade for. So I brought the SKS home and I'll post it on the local board that went regional, Midwest Gun Trader. For now though, No Sale.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Home Renovations and the Fun Show

As I have junk knees, Cherry is over at her sisters place getting a lesson in tiling. Later on we'll drag out the table saw and rip some oak plywood into strips to line the window frames with. Pick up some meds, go to the grocery store for stuff that we don't get from Shelf Reliance, then we pretty much have a free day. Tomorrow is the Fun Show. I think I'll take the dolled up SKS for sellin' or tradin'. I haven't had much luck moving this and it's a great looking gun and shoots good too. Since guns seem to be selling good again, maybe I'll have better luck.


There must be a whole bunch of people having the same comment problem I was having. Notice I wrote "was" having. On the help forum this morning there was a thread with the fix. It seems good ol' Google made a change to the comment tool and it's not working well. I just had to change the settings on my comment and wada ya know, it works. YEEEEEEHAAAA! I really was dreading a move to Word Press. This is not the first issue I have had with Blogger, so when this matter came I was ready to make the move.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,
After trying use your "help" site and not getting my questions posted for some reason, Wordpress is looking rather good at this time. Is this problem a result of Google hitting my site so often. Site Meter shows several visits in the last 24 hours. Thanks for nothing.

A New Frustration

Well, Blogger really has it goin' on now. I cannot access any comments to my posts now. Thanks Blogger for all your support.

Blogger Issue?

To all you Bloggers, does it seem like the screen to post on is smaller now? If I put a picture in the post then I either have a hard time putting script below it OR I can't put anything below it just like this mornings post. Is it just me or is anyone else have this issue?

Snow, Finally.

The weather guessers had been calling for a rapid drop in the temperature and a wave of light snow to pass through the region last night. The wind picked up to15-20 mph and had gusts up to 40. We awoke this morning to this. A small amount of icy snow. Not enough to shovel but you can sweep it off the walk way. Just enough to screw up traffic for Cherry's 50 mile drive to work.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I did...

I 'm sorry for last nights angry post but I just got to the point where I had to vent. I have given up many things I like to do and it really gets to me. I have a great wife and a supportive family to rely on. Thanks to all my Blogger friends and readers for their support of me and my blog.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And So It Goes...........

I like many folks in my family have high blood pressure. At this stage in my life mine is uncontrollable by medication. I am currently on 3 very powerful hypertension drugs and just had a new one added just to bring the pressure down (215/100 at the This morning I went to a clinic the doctor recommended for non insured folks. He set me up for an ultra sound of my kidneys (they control your blood pressure). After about 2 hours the technician says their specialist will interpret the data, but in her opinion, there was nothing wrong that she could see. So, if this proves to be true, I don't know what my option are at this point. I have heard of a MRA that looks at your veins and arteries and a life scan that does pretty much the same thing. I may have to look into either of those as my only alternative at this time is to sit around and wait for a stroke or heart attack. Here comes the rant. I have worked hard all my life. Due to none of my own fault, I have not had a job in 3+ years. As a result I don't have insurance. I have also been told by 8 companies that I am uninsurable. I understand that has changed since the @#%$#@^& Obamacare is kicking in. As if we could afford any insurance on our "extravagant income". All social services have told me/us is that we make too much money to qualify for any kind of services. Just because we have worked all our lives. Do you get the drift here? If you work all your life, pay your taxes, try to take care of your family , you cannot take advantage of those taxes you have involuntarily paid all those years. If I do have a stroke or live through a heart attack, there is no way my wife's income will pay for any of the bills to follow. So I have uncontrollable blood pressure, a totally worn out knee that has resulted in a crappy other knee, a jacked up back and a tilted pelvis. I have been turned down for disability, I have been turned down by Social Security, medicair, medicaid, insurance and hundreds of would be employers So unless we hit a jackpot I am well and truly screwed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We went to my Mothers house last night and had dinner. It was good. We had fried taco's. They resembled burritos but had different filling. They are filled with re fried beans, seasoned, cooked ground beef, onions and cheese. Then they are fried on all sides in about a half inch of oil. We had a good time discussing their recent trip to Kalifornia and other aspects of our combined lives.
While there we got a couple of small gifts from my Brother and Sister-in-Law. Cherry got a nice porcelain spoon rest and I got this...
It is very good. I tried it out on my fried tacos last night. Smoky and tasty then the habaneros kick in. Not excruciatingly hot but a good heat. I'll be using this on a whole bunch of stuff. I think there is a place to get more of it in KC.
On a side note, Cherry gave me her final list of to do's this morning and I had it just about right in a previous post.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Perils of Flight

OK, so it's pretty obvious that I just took a journey by aircraft at the end of the year. Here are my observations from that trip.
Even if you can't carry a knife or gun on a plane, you CAN carry a large stick in the form of a cane. Unfortunately I do need a cane at times so along it went. A nice hickory stick for "support".
I read several pages of what you can and can't take and what I got from that was you can take a non"threatening" flashlight. So, in my bag went a very bright led flashlight that didn't look like a weapon. It has an aluminum body and could put a real dent in someones cranium if needed. The next thing I packed were two BIC pens. You know, the old school ones with the clear body and the pointy plastic cap. Then I took a magazine that could if needed, be rolled up very tightly. I also wore a heavy belt with a big, heavy buckle on the end of it. That covered self defense in a place that expects you to be defenseless.
Next is comfort. Or should I say lack there of. Yeah, I'm a big ol' boy. Not obese but tall, broad and and overweight. The seats in the commoners section are not meant for folks like me. All the way out there I was seated next to a fellow that while not as big as me, was of a pretty good size. We spent a few hours contorting ourselves into uncomfortable shapes that would allow us to not intrude on each others limited space. If I fly again we will spring for the first class seats and this is not debatable. On the way back home I actually sat with my tiny little wife. We could raise the center arm rest and have plenty of room.
If you are bigger than 5' 10" and over 175 pounds consider the extra expense of first class seats. Then take something to pass the time with. A book, magazine or electronic diversion makes the time more tolerable. Then do some research about what you can and can't take on your flight.


I just took a trip over to my latest blogger friends place. Watchful, thanks for your interest in my site and it is good to hear from another MO blogger. Welcome friend. To all my other friends, take a gander at his site. You'll enjoy it.

It's 2012 So.........

With new year comes some new ideas and activities. Cherry has her list and I have mine. Since she is the current bread winner in this household we'll see which get the most attention.
Cherry's list...
complete the master bath
complete the master bedroom
finish the office
trim out the rest of the doors and ceilings
ride more
be more social

Dean's list...
ride more
shoot more
get the basement cleared up
start on the vault
put more cash aside
do some gun trading
work on Cherry's list

As stated above, we are a one income couple at this time so we are living on a very tight budget. We have several ideas that we want to try out to make some extra income. One idea is to start an ebay store to move some of our stuff and new stuff too. We want to expand our Shelf Reliance business and get started on selling some amazing health items. Keep watching for some things to appear on this site.

I've got her favorite cake in the oven so she'll have a nice treat tonight. We go to dinner at my mothers house one night this weekend so that's one night I don't have to cook and it'll be good to catch up with my mom and step father after their Kalifornia trip. Next week I'll give you a review of their train ride out there and compare it with their trip back.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Marches On Or Just Getting Old

When we got the new shelving installed I decide to sweep and mop that area. Not my best decision. While mopping, my back went haywire. It got worse as the day went on. A couple of hours later I nearly went to my knees in the kitchen. That night, sitting in my recliner, I pushed back against the chair and something went POP! And I started to feel better. By the next morning I was feeling pretty good. That day went pretty good. Tuesday I got up early to take my nephew to county court. While getting around I started getting shooting pains down the back of my left leg. This went on all freaking day. I had to pick up my mom and step dad from the airport at eleven last night and take them home to KC. I got home about 1:30 AM. Still with shooting pains. I have a doctors appointment set up for tomorrow. Man I hate getting old.

The Knife

When we traveled to Virginia I was very put out by leaving my knives at home. I told Cherry as soon as possible we were going to by a knife in Virgina and Son could either keep it or ship it back to me. Upon landing and being picked up by Son I asked him to take me to a knife dealer in the morning. The next morning I asked when we were going to leave and he told me to hold my horses as it was my birthday and then handed me a box. A blue box. A blue box with the letters S O G on it. Inside was an SOG Trident with spring assist opening and built in belt cutter. I felt much better then. It's nice and sharp and I did get it back to Missouri. My father-in-law traveled with us and then he drove a car back for our niece. Our larger carry on luggage, gifts and such went with him and we traveled back with just our under seat bags. I still had no knife on the flight though.

Monday, January 2, 2012

We started the new year off by finding some shelving on sale at Lowes. We purchased 2 sets of the 56 inch high models. Upon assembling them and loading all the Thrive foods on them, we decided to go back the next day and get some more. The closest Lowes had only one set of this model left. they called another store to verify stock and off we went. We brought four more units home. These units have 4 shelves and are 55 inches high which allows us to use the top shelf in our slightly over six foot high basement. The additional shelves allowed us to move many containers to them instead of sitting around in various places. Each shelf has a 150 pound load rating giving a limit of 600 pounds per unit. Each shelf has slots and hooks that allow the units to connect to each other. It looks like this might be a short term item for Lowes as they didn't have many on hand. Here is a picture and model number of the shelf unit.
Here is a view of our growing storage area. Not shown is the ammo, camping and hunting stuff. The other side of the basement is slated to get a walk-in gun vault.