Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Went Wrong

Yesterday another terrible occurrence at a school should have, could have been prevented. A young man felt he had to resort to killing due to being bullied at school. Did anyone listen to his problems? Did he express his problems to anyone? Who new about the bullying and did they take any action to stop it? The deaths of these children are terrible but in the end it comes down to why were there no armed adults present that could have stopped this tragedy? It has been proven time after time that the presence of a gun in the hands of a responsible person will stop these kinds of action. So doom on the folks that institute gun free zones. Let the blood of children drip upon your heads. If you have children under your protection you should be required to have a firearm and take training in its use. Administration, faculty, staff all of them. If they don't want the responsibility for this then fire them. If your school board won't allow the carrying of firearms the vote them out or make it unpalatable for them to continue in their position.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...........

Well, let's see what can I write? Yesterday I woke up and reached across the bed for Cherry Pie. She wasn't there. WHAT? It's Saturday morning where's she at this early? After a while it dawned on me well duh, she's at work! It's not Saturday dumb ass it's Thursday. Wow! With nothing to set my "clock" by I hardly ever know what day it is. Then add one or two days a week, that due to medications, I loose a few hours or a half a day. That's when things really get interesting. Have a muscle relaxer and a pain pill with breakfast and see how that screws up your morning. Yesterday was one of those days. I was in a fog nearly all day. Today I feel fine. No aches, no pains at least none more than normal. So maybe I'll actually get something done. Lets see if I can not break this new tile cutter like I did the last two. Something about cast aluminium and me just doesn't work out.

Check This Out!

I have often thought about moving this blog but have chosen not to. Another person did take the gap so to speak. He posts relevant items and has a sharp wit to boot. Let's help him boost his readership so he doesn't feel so alone out there. Go on over to Patriots place.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our niece came over last night for dinner. She was lonely and bored and just wanted some contact with her aunt and uncle. The little girl that used to watch Emeril with me and help her aunt make cookies has grown into a beautiful young woman. Normally outgoing, humorous and smiling she has been quiet and withdrawn, and her appearance has not been to her normal standards. She's a senior in high school and moved out of her moms house and in with a boyfriend. She is working a job at night and weekends. I'm worried for her. She has had a life of abandonment and we and her grandparent have been the only solid base in her life. So now on her own I think the reality of her situation is getting her down. A home she is not comfortable with, a boy friend that is not turning out to be the guy she thought he was, a place where she is away from her friends and family and alone a lot for the first time.
I am worried for my wife, Cherry Pie. At her last job she was alone most of the time and had to park in the back of the building. At this time she started talking about getting a concealed weapon permit. We started going shooting and then the weather change to winter and she doesn't do outdoor winter stuff. She hates cold. In the end she was more familiar with firearms but would not apply the things I showed her. As a result all her shots were grouped nicely but not where she wanted the to be. High left every time. Magazine after magazine high left. Winter came and the shooting stopped. Now another winter has passed and she started another job. Up front parking and she isn't alone most of the time. Yesterday she was alone and a man came in and was very loud, angry and upset over something neither she or her agency had done. Her boss came in at the end of the tirade. In the end the man left and everyone (all two of them) went back to work. I asked her what she would have done if the angy man had escalated his actions. Her reply was that her boss was there. I reminded her that he was not there for the majority of the tirade. What was she going to to do at 5'1" and 120 pounds against an angry man much bigger than her? It was only then that she told me she was looking at some shooting instruction. So I worry for her. She still has a lot of alone time, 50 miles from home. And so I worry, I worry for these two women in my life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

And The Wind cries.........

What a delightfully gloomy day. Heavy clouds weep their sweet tears to dry and parched soil. Wind whistles the tune of the season causing trees to bow in their wake. A good book and a couple of shots from below the border brings the whole day together.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Wonder How She's Doin'

I meant to comment on this earlier in the week but I failed to. So now I wonder how the Girl And Her Gun is doing at shooting class. I only wish my wife would get a little of this women's drive to be a shooter. That is,with out the violence that prompted GWAG to enter the world of self defense. This young woman is rocking the blogosphere with her foray into shooting and blogging. More power to her! She has realized that only she can be responsible for her life 24/7. She has realized that as the Founding Fathers meant, you cannot be truly free unless you have a firearm.

Papers Please!

I've got a question. What is the big f'n deal about showing ID when you vote? I've been showing ID for ever and it hasn't bit me in the ass yet. So why does everyone have their panties in a wad over this non-issue? Now don't get me wrong, I don't want a "Show me your papers please" society or any Federally issued card that they want to track you movements with. But we are talking about your state drivers license or state issued ID card. The same ones you show when you get caught speeding or applying for many things. Or is it that the folks doing the complaining have some reason they don't want to be identified? I mean crap, to get a Sams Club card or a COSTCO card (costco stands for China OverSeas Trading COmpany) you have to show your ID. If you get a grocery store card you have to show ID. So riddle me this, what is the problem?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chemically Applied Tile

After getting what we saw as an outrageous quote to tile a very small bathroom ($1500) I am teaching myself to tile a shower this morning. I've read books, watched videos and TV show, had a high sugar breakfast of cinnamon toast, downed a handful of chemical tablets and am ready to go. Well not really but it's the only way it's going to get done. By the way the 1500 dollar quote took in to account that we have all the needed supplies sitting right there. I really think this was an I Don't Really Want This Job Quote. Well it worked. As they say I'm jocked out and stacked up. Got my supply of Vicodin for the after work pain extravaganza.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shoot Out!

The Government doesn't trust us with gun as we all know. Look what happens with the ones they do trust. So much for now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TSA Is At It Again or Still or Some More or.....

Hey ladies! Are you attractive, shapely or got all goin' on? Got the curves that gets a guys attention? Do you look anything like these ladies? If you do you might get a mega dose of radiation at the airport as the TSA pervs are at it again.

If so, you might want to take a train or even drive to your next distant destination. Or contact me, I'd be happy to take you where you need to be. I'd still look but I don't emit radiation.

Doomsday Prepper Fallout

I had intended to review all the episodes of Doomsday Prepper. That is until I saw this piece about one of the features preppers, David Sarti. He is a disabled truck driver and a prepper. For some reason he has been declared a mental deffective and had his firearms removed from his possession. Coincidence? I really doubt it. If you are a prepper or are anti government or a survivalist this is one reason to keep your views and activities private.
After NatGeos portrayal of Megan Hurwitt and now the decimation of David Sarti's life I will no longer provide reviews of this series as they are not helping the prepper scene or doing the interviewees and good.
So Long NatGeo you arrogant, lying bags of offal.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Re-Review of Doomsday Prepper

In the first episode of Doomsday Preppers, one of the preppers spotlighted was a young woman I referred to as Family 3. Over at James Rawles place I found a link to an interview with her regarding the filming of her segment. Just as all of figured NatGeo is trying to make preppers look like fools. So if you watch any more of these shows bear in mind that most TV networks are anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-prepper, anti-survivalist. As a matter of fact they hate almost everything we hold dear to our lives.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doomsday Preppers Episode Two

This second episode aired right behind the first. Once again, I do not criticise to point my finger but rather to help folks better understand the prepping way of life. Every one has their own idea of what to prep for and how to prep for it. I don't have my preps where I want them to be and I'm not in great physical shape. So, let's get on with it.

Episode Two

Family #1

This is a two person family. The husband is a retired disabled truck driver. His physical condition is obese with bad, well as he said the only thing that works good is his mouth.
This guy is way ahead of most folks in regard to this communication center. He is HAM certified and uses his rig regularly. He has a fair amount of stored food but not enough to sustain him for a long time. He has no way to grow any more food with his physical condition and lack of power equipment to do it with. He says he is prepping for an EMP event. During the show he was building a Faraday enclosure to put his radio equipment in. He doesn't put it in and out every day but plans to put it in when he needs to . Is he going to get a warning of all EMP event that may or may not occur? He will need forewarning to move his electronics to the enclosure. And that is something we don't usually get. His security amounts to an M1A rifle, a roll of barbed wire and a pack of Minpins. Miniature Doberman Pincers. He doesn't expect any one to show up at his place during an event so basically it's him and his wife. He needs to join with other preppers in his area and form a network that he can depend on. Since he has a hard time getting around he needs some kind of motion sensors around his property. Plain old infrared or even a MURS system. he also needs to store more food and have a way to get or store water.

Family Two

Wow! What can I say? This lady and her husband have it goin' on! She was the head of a multimillion dollar business and she plowed a lot of bucks into her families preps and continues to do so. She is an amateur gourmet cook. She is focused on food. They have several years of food put away in many different forms and ways. This family practices for lights out type situations. They have learned morse code to communicate in the dark and have become fluent in Tagalog, a dialect from the Philippines as a secure means of conversing. This lady is obese but that doesn't slow her down. She takes shooting lessons, and teaches a self defense course. They claim to spend 6-8 hours a day working on their preps. I didn't see any tool or equipment stocks but with the way they are going I 'm sure they have taken care of that. They needed to get additional forms of power and ways to get water. After the show they said they have addressed that.This family is proof that money can't fix everything but it certainly can help.

Family Three

Lord help me. The naivite of this family is absurd They a prepping for a Black Swan event .They ahve a minifarm in a rural town. They can EVERTYTHING! They have gardens, small animals, water sources. They raise and tend bee's to have a barter item.The are building skills in sewing and woodworking. They encourage their community and invite people to their place to see how they do it. Security? They don't need no stinking security. Really, they don't believe in guns and don't envision any violence coming their way during time of societal break down. They think the community will defend them. Well folks, if that's your thought process, I hope you're right with the Lord and keep up with your prayin'.

Family Four

This family relocated to the mountains of Colorado. They have a huge prepper family with alot of skills and training that are preparing for global chaos and hyperinflation. Dad is a prop builder and fabricator. He has a daughter that is learning his skills. One son is learing first responder skills and is trianing to be a fireman. The have a daughter and her husband that are in charge of fuels. Another son is incharge of security and yet another son that is in charge of IT for the retreat. They have a really nice retreat home. Well set up and have quite a bit of acreage to go with it. No the problems. They only have 6 months of food. The couple that takes care of the fuels only cuts wood when they need it. The have no stockpile of wood to feed the stoves in a grid down situation and nothing was mentioned about any other fuel such as gas, diesel and kerosene. The single person in charge of security is the only person in this "department". He goes on "patrols" by himself. The entire family does shoot though. They really need to selectively invite others to join their family so they can have more people to perform security for the ranch and they need to build a couple more woodsheds and store at least one year of fire wood. They need to strongly focus on food and put away no less than a years supply to feed everyone that currently resides or comes to this retreat.

Show notes

Different guns had different sound but I still don't think they were playing actual gunfire.
Nat Geo is making most of these fols look like they are from the white trash side of extremism. I guess we couldn't expect anything better. More next week.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Different Major Award

I have been awarded this for all my hard work and outspoken views. Thanks to Walter and all my other supporters! Thanks to my parent for all the whoopins! A special thanks to all the shit for brain politicians who bring out the best in me! I also want thank all the alphabet soup agencies out there, you know who you are! Props to all my peeps!

Doomsday Prepper Review

Last night NatGeo aired a new series called "Doomsday Preppers". I wanted to see if it was going to be lame or helpful so I watched and took notes. I do this review knowing full well that my preps are not where I want them to be and my physical condition will not allow a lot of walking or hand to hand fighting. I don't find fault to poke my finger, I find fault to help others improve their lot in the prepper scene.

Episode One

Family 1

This 2 person family lives in some stacked up converted shipping containers. More power to 'em. Great idea. Problem is they bullet proof tested this shelter with .22 long rifle rounds as that is the most common cartridge. Uhh, what about all those guns that shoot 5.56 and 7.62 rounds? They do have a lot of food stored away. In an uninsulated, unconditioned container. I have been in those containers in the summer. They are extremely HOT. Which is not good for food storage. Conversely they are very COLD in the winter which will lead to frozen food and broken jars. They are prepping for a polar shift. If this leads to an earthquake all his food will fall off the shelf and the containers will break. If all their food is ruined, I saw no means of gardening or other food production. Finally, they are the only two living there. They made mo mention of plans for others to live with them in a TEOTWAWKI situation. So they have to provide for all safety and security as well as tend to their property. Not good.

Family 2

Chris Nyerges

This guy has been around the survival scene for years. He used to write articles for the old printed "American Survival Guide" magazine. He portrayed a single person living off the land in the Hollywood area. Finding and eating various plants and herbs he found on stroll along a river, he showed that a person could live well of the land. Come on Chris, how long is all that going to last when the population of the LA region is trying to feed their selves and kill you for what you have? He unloaded his survival pack and showed the contents. Most of the bag space was taken up with knives. Really, he had 12-15 knives in that little pack. I prefer to think he was practising good OPSEC and just showed that even in an urban area you could find something to eat and not showing this was how he intended to survive.

Family 3

Single Woman

She likes to party. She wants to survive in her disaster world caused by a global oil crisis. As millions of people do, she lives in an apartment. She, and I say she because no significant other is ever shown even though she uses the plural "we" often. She has enough food and such to live in her apartment for a couple of weeks. She had seed packs but no plan or experience in planting or growing. Then she will hit the road on foot for the nicer environment of MEXICO! She has it all planned out, when she runs out of food in her pack she states that she plans to whore herself out to survive. Great plan. Live a life of degradation, disease and violence and call it surviving. She claims to exercise 4 hours a day 6 days a week but she is not toned and is rather uncoordinated. Everyone I can think of that gets that much exercise is very fit and coordinated. She does have some firearms and does get training in their use. She is also taking hand to hand combat instruction. Congratulations on that. She runs and hikes through night time Houston with a full pack in short shorts and an abbreviated exercise top. Hand gun hidden deeply in the pack. She did show that she has a knife available to her. But can she use it? Is she willing get face to face with someone and use a knife on them? The after show interview with her revealed that she has cancelled her Mexico plan and has enlisted in the military.

Show notes
I noticed that the .22 rimfires, the centerfire rifles and handguns and the shotguns all sounded the same. Canned sound I guess.

Episode 2 notes tomorrow. n

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back Together

As you can see, after my little rant all my tools are working now. Strange how that happens. We are batting 100 now.

My New Shooter

After my buddy bought the custom SKS I put together, I reviewed my list of firearms I wanted to buy. After much shopping around and price comparisons I end up ordering a Charter Arms Bulldog 44. This matte finished stainless steel gun sports a 2.5 inch barrel and a pair of checkered rubber grips and is chambered in .44 Special. This small big bore has a 5 shot cylinder and a bobbed hammer. Total weight of this belly gun weighs in at a lightweight 20 ounces. It came packaged in an attractive durable plastic case. I ended up getting it through my local pawn and gun shop for 390 dollars plus the governments bite. I have yet to shoot this beauty and the only place in town to get the ammo is where I bought it and their only box, a box of cowboy loads, is just a tad over 42 dollars! I did some web shopping and will order a box or two this weekend. I am also in the market for a holster or two. I'm thinking a pocket holster and one that goes on the belt too. I have started smoothing the action up by dousing the internals with Slip Stream and then cycling the action over and over. I can already tell a difference in the feel of the trigger pull. Not lighter but smoother. I have been lubing all my guns with this new product and they all seem a little smoother for it. Hey, here's the little guy now.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let Me Count The Ways...............

I've got a lot of problems with blogger. The last thing to happen was I lost the ability to highlight a word or phrase to create a link. I used the help forum and got that fixed. As soon as that was fixed I lost the ability to create a link when on the edit page and all the tools such as bold, italics, etc. quit working. Now today I have to click the compatability button to make the highlight feature work AND do it again to get the link feature to work. To top it off I still cannot create a link on the edit page. I made sure I had Internet Explorer 9 and then downloaded Google Chrome all as asked to do by a member of the help team. They have been great help. Blogger is going down the crapper though. I have been using blogger since 2009. No problems until the fall of 2011. I have been having problems ever since. What has Google/Blogger been doing? I can't see all these problem just appearing out of nowhere. The had to have made some kind of change or are trying to get everyone to move to the "upgraded" Blogger.

Sometimes First Ain't So Good

The Declaration of Independence was written as well, a declaration of independence from the tyranny of a distant ruler ensconced in a throne in England. he new or cared nothing for the lives and new culture that had developed in the new land known as America. It was written when the newly coined Americans grew weary of the oppressiveness of the governors appointed by the king and his cronies. The grew tired of high taxation, tired of insidious rules that grew to regulate nearly everything they tried to do. The declaration listed the ways that the king was trampling on their God given rights. The second paragraph in that document contains these words:
"...That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive in these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government........"
Just a over a decade later many of the fresh states found that the US government was overstepping their constitutional bounds. They lobbied for the return of their States Rights and eventually invoked the above phrase and instituted a new government. Their premise was that of a contract broken on one side is null and void. The Government had broken their contract with the States so after all else failed the Southern States seceded and formed the Confederate States. The President at that time, Abraham Lincoln, showing complete disdain for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, caused a state of war to exist between the United States and the Confederate States. What Abe did was to declare slavery illegal. He was right in his thinking but wrong to use the Federal Government to institute this as it was and is not in the enumerated duties of the government. So Abraham caused a war that killed an estimated 618,000 deaths and hard feeling that would last for decades and longer. Good ol' Abe caused the slave to be free, or did he? The Emancipation Proclamation was only meant for the Southern States. In the North a person could still own another person. So you can see, in this case first wasn't a good thing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another One Arrives

Welcome Walter! Thanks for your comment and your time at my humble place. Take care friend and keep up the good work. By the way, I love your threeper mickey!

To my other readers, please take the time to click on over to his place for visit.

Old School Heater

A few years ago one of my friends, who was older than me and sported a name ending in a vowel asked if I was interested in a couple of old revolvers. Naturally my response was sure. This was back when I had a good job with good pay to boot. Any we walked over to his shop and he drug two old Spanish gats out. One was in his family for many years.It worked but the ejector assembly was gone. Now the other one was a different story. Most of the blue was there, it was functional and all the parts were in the right places. Here is the story on this gun. When his uncle died the wake was interrupted by some large fellows who ushered most of the family and guests to another room. Then the large guys escorted 4 old "gentlemen" into the room. They spoke with my friend, his mother and aunt and told them that they were there to honor their best button man! The family was shocked to learn that their dear father, husband, uncle and grandfather had been working for another "family". What a story! It gets better. The dead uncle owned a restaurant in KC. The family decided to close it and was cleaning it in preparation to turn it over to a new operator. My friend was cleaning the restroom. It had the old time toilet tank mounted high up on the wall. He was wiping the walls down and as he scrubbed behind the tank he found a rag wrapped bundle there. Upon opening he found a well cared for revolver in the oily rag. So is this one of the tools of his other "trade"? Who knows but it has a great story with it. A few years later I wanted to get all the details about it but before I could he was killed in an unfortunate forklift wreck. Rest in peace Angelo, my friend.