Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Yes, I'm tired. Tired of this current life of mine, tired of women, tired of politics, tired of working, tired of prepping, tired of most everything.

Tired of this current life of mine.
   I cannot find a decent job. I make decent money (for this day anyway)  but the hours suck. Open, close, mid-day they all get mixed up until I don't know what day it is. Broke all the time. I don't mean got a 1000 bucks broke , I mean I've got 10 dollars broke. Lonely all the time. Can't afford to go anywhere do anything, buy anything. And cannot find another job. Constant pain and discomfort. I have to work just to survive but that cuts me out of disability. Now, If I have disability, I can get a job, If I have a job I cannot get disability. FUCK! I make insurance payments yet cannot afford the out of pocket expense or put back enough money to live on while I'm off work for surgery.
Cannot afford to make repairs to my truck or my Harley. so the truck gets ignored and the Harley sits, waiting on parts and repairs, I have given up most of my hobbies due to physical problems. Basically, I work and go home and watch TV. And mow because I have too

Tired of women.
   Yep, fed up to here with them. The love of my life divorced me with no notice, no discussion, no nothing just gone. She took the house I paid for with MY 401K and  I did ALL the work on. She will take 1/2 of my union retirement. And she took one of my best friends as her new husband. I have had one date in the last year and she ranted for 2.5 hours about her ex. I cut dinner short and dumped her at her door, I recently asked a co-worker to go to a concert with me. I got the standard female response...Uhm, I don't know, let me think about it.  I cannot get any hits on ANY online dating site. I treat women good, respect them, honor them, look after them and protect them but I guess that is not good enough so, the hell with them.

Tired of politics
    They all tell the same story. And they are ALL LIARS! It's high time for the revolution from my perspective. The soap box and ballot box have failed so it's high time for the cartridge box. Time for a change. They had it right back in 1861.

Tired of working.
Do not get me wrong, I am one of those folks who really like to work. But, I do not like working for no gain. As in, I'm stagnating. I do not like retail at all. I do not make enough dough to do anything, go anywhere, do anything. I work in constant pain, and I'm under the effect of a handful of medication all the time.

Tired of prepping.
   I have prepped for years. Have put vast amounts of dollars into it. Yet now I'm alone, in a big city and no prospect for a bug out location or a group to join. I have had to eat most of my prep foods just to survive recently. I cannot afford to buy ammo anymore so I do not shoot anymore. At this time prepping seems pointless. I'm alone in a major city with nowhere to go to. So what's the fucking point? Shoot until I'm out of ammo then die in place I guess.

Tired of Most everything.

Nothing has any flavor anymore. Dull, lifeless. I have a type A personality. I like dangerous hobbies, Shooting, driving fast, motorcycling, biker bars, pyrotechnics, explosions, making things out metal and wood, riding ATV's.  Since the old lady split, nothing brings me happiness. Life has a fog over it.
The News is a drag, no REAL news, no REAL investigations. I'm tired of groups trying to remove all monuments to the soldiers and leaders of the South from the time of Lincolns War. Like the jackasses at the Washington and Lee College that had the Confederate flags removed from Robert E. Lees Tomb. For crying out loud, he was a major General for the South and fought for the Confederacy! And he was a founder  of that college. AND those jackasses CHOSE to go to THAT college.  Now dickheads are trying to remove Jefferson Davis's statue from the University of Texas. Let's see, Texas was a member of the Confederacy, right? And Jeff was President of said Confederacy, correct? Yet these misguided fools choose to ignore the fact that most major Eastern colleges were either founded by or had the land granted by, slave importers, ignore the fact that Lincoln was a liar, a murderer, destroyed the Constitution and started a war just to expand the federal governments power. I guess I'm just tired of revisionist history. It seems that a lot of stuff pisses me off anymore and I get little enjoyment from anything.

I'm hoping that my outlook will change, that I can improve my income, that my health issues will get better. I'm not hoping for a change in my outlook on women. They can thank themselves for that.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Are Changes Coming To Gun Laws?

This a an article about something near and dear to my heart. Short barreled shotguns and the ridiculous regulations that have been applied to them.
  I found this over on Sipsey Street this morning and found it interesting because of all the good folks that have been persecuted over short barreled shotguns over the years. A big bore pistol is OK but a shotgun the same size as the pistol is not? Sheer lunacy! A gun is a gun is a gun. 

Take read of this and see what you think of the issue.

Really though, these are just fucking cool.......

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just A Little Rage

I clock out of work hurtin' and ready for a little Turkey. I pulled up to the stop light in the outer left turn lane. There is a blue Ford Ranger extend cab next to me in the inner lane. The green light appears and I hit the gas, only to have to grab the fucking brakes and the little shit driving the Ford has mad an unannounced lane change. Seem he really wanted to be in the outer lane and decided to go there mid turn. Never mind that I was were he wanted to be. SHIT! I cobbed the brakes and laid into the horn. Dickhead looked over and fucking grinned and his passengers laughed. Well, that only ignited my familial blood lust. Yes, little ol' me is a berserker from the past. Seriously, I feel no pain, I'm working on instinct, I out think my opponent, beat them to the punch, out maneuver them and it seem like someone else is committing all the mayhem. So, I get lined up, the make the lane change and I floor the old truck and pass them at high speed and enter the right turn land and then pull on to the shoulder and get out of my truck. The little pussy would not even pull his truck up and closer. He blocked traffic and risked the wrath of the multitude of drivers behind his rather than face me. What a downer. I was  working on releasing the inner demon and then nothing.  Zip.  I must be getting old, 'cause not to long ago I would have strolled on down to his truck pulled his ass out and delivered a world class ass whooping and never know I was doing it. And I would have felt no regret for doing it as it would not have been me doing it. It would have been that other guy, that one that dwells deep inside me, waiting to be called forth to do battle for me.

Seriously, when my blood gets up, I become another person, people who have seen me say that I change. And I can say this honestly, I have never been beaten. Bars to streets, to jobsites. The inner guy always wins. When I was younger I used to black out in those situation and would come to only to see destruction. When I got older I learned to control the blackout and step out side my body and observe all that was going on. Cold, dark, rage, hate. That is all that is felt in those spells. It is is a family trait. My Father had it, I, my brother and my sister have it. I do know if anyone in our family past had it but I feel sure that somewhere in sometime long ago there were relatives with the Germans, Highlanders, the Vikings, or some other warlike tribe or clan, we had family. Family who passed this terrible inner warrior down to future relatives.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Short Story

I ran across this short story by Matt Bracken tonight. It is a very insightful fiction story. It has a powerful message for todays news dramas. I encourage everyone to read this and think about todays news, politics, beliefs and the entertainment driven lives that we experience in this current time.

Matt Bracken, "Alas, Brave New Babylon"


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Confederate Grave Yard Visit

Last week I visited the Missouri Confederate Rest Home and Cemetery. The rest home is long gone and only one of the cottages and the Chapel remain. There are a couple of other building but they are now part of a State rehab project.

This is only one of two rest home like this. There used to be a dormitory and a series of 3 room cottages on 100 x 200 foot plots as well as workers dorm and a hospital.
The Daughters of the confederacy donated the beautiful guardian lion and other groups donated the furnishing for the cottages. The site is now a State property.

This place was for indignant confederate  veterans, their spouses and minor children. After the last Confederate died here the dorm was torn down and a group acquired it to preserve it, then the State bought it and maintains it (not very well)
   There is an office with posted hours but is never manned. The Chapel has posted hours and is always padlocked shut. So much for that. Here are some pictures I took of this venerable, hallowed place when I went to commune with my soul mates and kindred spirits. Long Live The Confederacy!

As a side note, the old soldiers, after the war, were proud Americans. They took delight in the daily raising of the United States Flag. Theirs was so large it could be seen in the county seat, Lexington Missouri, 6 miles away. At this time it is not permitted to fly any Confederate Flag here. If the graves are adorned with small flags they must be removed when you leave. No grave decoration are allowed.

If you are in Missouri, this great place is just North of Higginsville Missouri on Missouri State 13 Highway. Check it out as there is only one other place like it in the country.










Don't know why some of  the pictures doubled up and I cannot remove them since I adjusted the jpeg kb amount.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Nuns

It's been a while since I did one of these posts. Kneel at the alter of Nunnery!








Monday, March 2, 2015

New Project

As a part of new project I ordered a 10.5 inch .45 ACP barrel. It is chambered and in the white. After a few sketches and thoughts I'm leaning towards an M3 style build. Not a copy but a ground up pistol made in the vein of that old venerable gun. Home made with hand made and of the shelf parts. This will take a lot of thought and a lot of hand work. I anticipate using  Springfield Armory  XD .45 mags. Compact and holding 13 rounds and readily available and made of stainless steel. I'll probably use a AR grip modified of course and maybe even an AR trigger group. Dunno. If I can get the visions in my head converted into steel it will be way fucking cool. Any way I look at it will be a small mountain of work just to make a crap one. And I don't like crap. More to come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Back in November I captured this picture. This is near Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City Missouri.  This is clear evidence of a planned pattern of spraying know as chemtrails.  And yes, I watched all of them develop and no, they are not cloud formations. These stripes hung in the atmosphere for several hours and did not dissipate as condensation does. I have seen this several times over the years. sometimes they are further apart and sometimes they are gridded. But no matter the form they always stay for hours. Now tell me there is nothing going on.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Matt Bracken Books

I have the Matt Bracken Trilogy, not the electronic one but all three books "Enemies Foreign and Domestic", "Foreign Enemies and Traitors" and "Domestic Enemies". I also have the book " Castigo Cay" by Matt Bracken as well. In the back of Castigo Cay, published in 2011, it says he is working on another Dan Kilmer novel. Kilmer is the main character in the Castigo Cay book which tells the swashbuckling tale of a Marine, his sail boat and crew and the women and enemies in his life during and after the fall of the late, great America. Well, it's 2015 and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Kilmer story. All four of Bracken books are great reading and full of adventure, ideas and can give you an insight as to what America is facing. Bracken also has an anthology which sounds like it has some good writing. alas, it is only available on Kindle. maybe it's time for me to get one of those infernal devices? I know that writing can be difficult and time consuming so I have been quiet about the missing book. But at this point I'm asking....Come on Dan, bring us another Kilmer adventure. Your fans are eagerly waiting...........

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mini Skirt Monday

Since it is winter and all, I thought I would give ya some of this...mini skirts. Uhuh yeah...Get ya some of that!

 And could ever forget those teasingly short skirts of E.D. Hill from Fox news?

Or those of that alluring Laurie Dhue?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

File This... Nicholson Files are Crap

As I've mention many time on here, I dabble with making knives and other metal objects and work on guns as a hobby. In these past time I use files. I have always used Nicholson files as this is what is readily available in most hardware stores and various tool outlets. Over the years I have notice that Nicholson file are no longer serviceable. They will not cut gun metal and they will not cut most knife steel. These steels will leave grooves in the file! One ting I have noticed is that Nicholson files are now made in Mexico. I have 10-15 worthless Nicholson files that will be made into knives when I get that segment of my life. It's a pity, in my younger days I could use a Nicholson for many years with proper care. Carding and chalking will go long way to preserving files. Now, you take one from the package and it will make a handful of passes then it's done. Pure crap! I a on the look out for a decent set of files. I have heard that Bahco  makes good files. I do have a few decent ones with blue plastic handles that say Supertainium on them. I got them from a welding supplier but even these are loosing their cutting ability. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave them in the comment section or even email me. I would only suggest that a person by a Nicholson file if it is New Old Stock. Some that have been sitting on a hardware stores shelves for many years. Do not buy any new ones that say Made In Mexico.

I did find this guy. He has a lot of info an good files.

Plastic Skins

Well, I have started a new skill that one day I hope to turn into a new venture. Kydex forming, making knife sheaths and gun holster and tool carriers from thermoplastics. I have been piecing together the supplies and after making my sons Christmas present I had to coble together a Kydex press. I also had to order the foam for this press and there is none available in Kansas City, none that I have found so far anyway. I made the sheath for a knife I made from an Old Hickory brand butcher knife, I made it in the Kephart style and them modified that to my liking. Then I just knocked out the sheath like I had been doing it all my life. Then just for me and general practice I made a sheath for a Buck 120, which was a real bear and then a holster for a Gerber multi-tool and that was a pain in the ass too. I do not have these two item done yet as I need a couple of more things to finish. I need longer eyelets and a heat gun. And once again I am BROKE. I start back at Home Depot this coming Friday and I got a big ol' raise too for coming back. BUT, all they had was part time so.....

Any way the sheath for the Buck will be in the old style, meant to be carried thrust behind your belt with a finial holding it from sliding through. The finial is on a separate strap of Kydex that will wrap around the sheath body, hence the need for longer eyelets to go through 4 layers.

The holster for the Gerber only needs the belt clip formed and I need a heat gun for that. So until funds are flowing again this, sigh, is on hold, dammit.

The knife...

The sheath is made from .60 digital tiger stripe camo Kydex.

Here is the starting of the sheath for the Buck 120...I think it's gonna  be sexy with the black Kydex and a one inch strip of camo Kydex for the brass finial. More to come.

And finally the Gerber project...

This skill will come in handy for many things, especially when I get my blacksmithing shop going and then my bladesmithing shop in order.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More On Kalifornia

I regards to my FUCK KALIFORNIA post, here are the details as I feel free to give. My brother, whom I am very close too has had a wreck of a marriage for many years. He like many other people has been out of work for may years. He received a job offer in Kalifornia and accepted it. We packed his incredible amount of tools, furniture and other household and personal item. We talking a full 35 foot semi trailer. They got out to the land of fuckthewhiteguyistan, and he started that good federal job. Shortly after ward he told his teenaged daughter that he was going divorce is wife. The bitch wife and kids later took a trip to mommy dearest's homeland the good ol' Phillipine Islands. Daughter told mommy dearest about the impending divorce and the PI famil discussed it. Evidently in the PI version of Catholicism divorce in not approved unless ther is something horrible happening in the family. So, the day of there departure back to the land of the BIG PX the daughter told her cousins that Daddy had been sexually molesting her for many years. She was 12 at the time I believe. Family come back to the USA and the PI family calls mommie dearest and tell her of the story tols in the PI's. MD calls the cops and tells them this story AND tells them that Daddy has guns and is a violent man. At 2:00AM the trustworthy Riverside POPO execute a felony no knock raid on Daddy's house. 12 guys with machine guns pointing at my brother. They took him into custody and recorded a call the popo made to his daughter. The recording was too damaged to present in court and the police said they threw it away. Many months later when things were not looking good for the prosecution the recording showed up and had been enhanced to a edusable state. It was later found that a written transcription was read aloud and recorded and present as the original recording. The daughter and mommy dearest had a script ready and proceeded to tell a fantastic story of molestation that supposedly started when she was 7 or 8.When the forms were filled out, guess what, my brothers name was not on It, the name of one his sons friends was on it. Now, mommy dearest never noticed anything in all those years, my brother frequently worked out of state and daughter always sent him emails telling him she missed him, loved her daddy and hated her mommy, please come home and save me from mommy...... You get the picture. When her Daddy was gone she was almost in a state of depression, she became withdrawn and childish. When Daddy came home she became a normal animated little girl. He has over 600 emails she sent to him when he went out of state. Months and years go by, Several lawyers took his money and dis nothing. One lawyer told him he was a man and to take what he has coming to him! So now two years have gone by, the prosecution has never once put the girl in front of a judge. The girl has never been taken to a doctor or a shrink. The so called mother never noticed anything and her family never notice anything No one notice or said anything in all those years of supposed abuse.The judge remanded this case back to the local court since the prosecution was never prepared and then told the prosecution how to execute the case! (There will be a lawsuit over this and a disbarment of a judge with the help of the Bar Association) . So finally after two years of hiding the girl, making up stories and coaching her on what to say the big day came. Witness' were flown in from his home state for both sides. In the end the prosecution had NO evidence just say so. The Defense had many people that could and did refute every bit of prosecution testimony. The jury made their misinformed decision and found my brother guilty of 4 counts of child abuse. The jury also referred to his family and witnesses as hicks, rednecks and liars. Now many of the dates on which they claimed these things happened, my brother was not even in the state and had evidence to prove it, the court dismissed that evidence, the court dismissed those 600 emails, the prosecution presented NO evidence. The descriptions his daughter gave came directly from pornographic movies or stories and were worse with every telling of the story. They were filled with lurid, graphic descriptions of sexual acts and depravities. But not one piece of evidence was presented. Now my brother is looking at 14 years in jail and having his name on a damned predator list for the rest of his life. With no evidence.  I can hardly wait to see how the divorce trial come out now.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


ANGER GROWS BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS! FUCK KALIFORNIA! FUCK IDIOTS FUCK JUDGES AND FUCK STUPID PEOPLE ON JURIES! More to come on this matter. Right now I'm so pissed I could.....well never mind what I could. but just in case you didn't understand the first time.....FUCK KALIFORNIA!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Overturn USC 922

Help this guy overturn USC section 922 which illegally bans and or severely restricts the ownership, manufacture and possession of automatic guns, firearm suppressors and other fine things. Really this could be the crack in the damn that becomes the torrent of legal changes to our way of life.
So, brother can ya spare a buck?


Really, lets help with this.


Rebel Mississippi recommended this to me. Things like this are one of the reasons I do not endorse the NRA, that and being way to ready to bend over for government and gun banners alike.


Take a read of this and  cancel any NRA subs you might have. Then put that money into Gun Owners of America or even JPFO (Jews For the Protection of Firearms Ownership) both good groups and ready to do battle with the minions of gun control.

A Wicked Trio

As I've mention before I have a quite a few knives. I like blades, they always give me enjoyment and I find my fascinated by them. Lately, my interests have run to the tactical, the large and Bowies. Tactical folders have been in my pockets for many years now and I have quite few of them. There's one in my pocket every day without fail.
Bowies are a part of our American history. They were widely carried in a certain part of our countries development, they were carried by Confederate soldiers and greatly feared by United States soldiers. At one time they were the only knife that was illegal to carry. Today they have made a resurgence and quality ones can be had for just a couple hundred dollars. Excellent ones by custom makers can go for 5-10 THOUSAND dollars, look at the fantastic fighting bowies made by Bill Bagwell. During and after the bowie reign, the Arkansas toothpick was on the scene. A very large double edge knife, it too was greatly feared as a combat tool at one time.

Take a look at this deadly trio. The first and largest is my Cold Steel Natchez Bowie. Huge, wickedly sharp and beautiful. It is capable of severing a persons hand or arm, as they say, clean off. The next is a rarely seen folder, a Benchmade Balisong AFCK. The AFCK stands for Advanced Folding Combat Knife. This was the first tactical folder I ever had and carried it daily for many years. This thing was so freaking sharp I cut the tip of my thumb off and DID NOT FEEL IT!  Yep, scary sharp. Notice the hole in the blade, word was they paid Spyderco a fair sum of money for the right to use that hole.
Next up is an Arkansas Toothpick, a Damascus dagger made by an unknown artist probably in Turkey or Pakistan. It has buffalo horn scales on a full tang and Damascus steel guard. If I remember right it has 576 layers or some such number. The edge is like a jillion tiny razors ready to cleave through flesh.

I call these fellows the Wicked Trio, look for yourself. Pretty deadly looking huh?

Since they aren't seen often I've include a pic of the AFCK on it's own.

Now imagine this guy giving you the look on the street with a Bowie in one hand a Toothpick in the other,
For shits and giggles take a look at the picture behind me that hangs in my dining room. Fitting artwork for groups, I say .