Thursday, September 8, 2016

A New Project

Many years ago I bought a gunstock at a gun show. I initially thought it was an M14 E2 stock but now that I'm working on it I realized that it is different form an E2 stock. It IS for a M14 or M1A but it has a couple of differences that make me wonder what the hell it really is.
 First off, it does have a selector cut out plug so it is a military stock. It uses a normal M14 butt plate. The pistol grip has more of a curve to it than an E2 stock does and the butt does not have the swoopyness that an E2 does.

Here is an M14E2

And here is what I have.

Now I suspicion someone has cut off the top of the butt of a real E2 stock as the bottom of the butt has the same profile as that of an E2. There is really not much difference in the pistol grip but there is some. I have posted pictures on to see if anyone there can figure what the hell I have.

I plan on putting my M1A in this and topping it with some nice optics. Optics are stupid expensive anymore so I don't know how that is going work out but it will have some glass on it. For a finish I'm leaning towards a Vietnam era tiger stripe camo. Will I do it with DuraCoat or will it get dipped? I really don't know at this time. I will probable have some nation match work done to the gun.  boring out the flash hider and welding the flash hider and gas regulator assembly into a unit, squaring the receiver(?) and some other things that increase the accuracy of these fine firearms. It already has NM sights but with my aging eyes its time for glass on the beauty.

I'll keep this project post as I go along and actually make some progress.

And by the way, yeah, I know I have been a lazy ass and not post much of anything for a long time. As I say a lot anymore,  life intervenes.

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uffda said...

As an armorer in RVN (68-9) I had one E2 and a box of selector switches. I converted a dozen or so standard M14s for my buddies. Offhand only about a 3 round burst is realistic. Aim the first shot at the groin and the third will be at the head. Still a lot of fun when Uncle Sam pays for the ammo. The flip down fore grip helped some, but not enough.

The barrel was bedded in a rubber-like marerial which melts and runs all over after beaucoup mag dumps. Gotta be sloppy accurate after that. Standard 14s just smoked the wood. We had a cholice of blowing up old bunker ammo in an EOD pit or shooting as much as possible at a Viet army range. No ear-pro which explains my half deafness.