Saturday, November 21, 2015

Knuckle Who? Standing Where?

I've been away awhile with one thing or another, work, 'shinin' , being broke and miserable, you know that kinda stuff. So, today I was browsing through my bloglist and find the once again Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In is MIA again and Ken over at Knuckdraggin' My Life Away site does not come up. What gives? Is Stephen having problems with his account again? And about Ken, who the fuck knows, he might have shot someone. Seriously, anyone know what's up? These are two of my favorite bloggers and would like to get the lowdown.

 With the sudden onset of winter that will limit or curtail my, uh, outdoor activities, I'll be posting some more gun article, some more pics of those bitches we cannot live without, some anti- .gov shit, shit and some other shit. Oh yeah, some pics of silencers, sawed-offs, SBR's and other such goodies. And I'm thinking of doing a series on bug out vehicle and such. Studying up on it now!