Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knife Talk

In the last couple of months I've acquired a few knives. And in this post I want to discuss them a little bit.
The first is a Gerber product, one of the new BG knives, with the BG designation referring to survival specialist Bear Grylls. This is the Compact Fixed Blade Knife. It is a handy size, having a blade length of 3.4 inches and an overall length of 7.8 inches. Really it's not any bigger than today's generation of tactical pocket knives. The blade has about 1 1/4 inches of serrations, the handle is a green rubber type material and offers a great grip. This knife has come in handy for opening boxes, cutting sticks and trimming carpet. Gerber says the steel is 7cr17mov whatever that is. All I know is that it took me forever to get it sharp and I cannot get it as sharp as I like my knives to be. The steel seems to be fairly soft, I guess so you can sharpen it in the field with what ever may be handy. I can't seem to get rid of the fine wire edge that develops while sharpening the blade. I just spent a few minutes tonight with a hard Arkansas stone and a Case Moon Stone, a ceramic block that Case Knives used to sell in the late 70's and early 80's, working on the edge. While I got the edge polished somewhat it still has a wire edge to it. I can normally get a knife extremely sharp using different methods and with this knife no method I use gets satisfactory results with this blade. Now we get to the sheath. All I can say is it's a POS. It is hard plastic and retains the knife very well, but, it has a removable belt clip on it. The removable belt clip likes to self remove at inopportune moments. Really, you cannot depend on this this to stay on your belt, your waist band or your pocket.
All in all, the knife is handy and reasonably sharp but if the sheath clip will not stay with the sheath, you might as well not even spend the money for one as it will soon be lost . On a 10 scale, as a everyday carry knife I give it a 5, as a survival knife? I give it a 3. I will be contacting Gerber about this issue.

The next knife I want to discuss is a Camillus knife, It is marked USMC but it is not a USMC issue. It is stainless steel, has a flat grind to the blade, is 12 inches long with a 7 inch blade. The grip is stacked leather with a stainless steel butt cap. This is a big 'ol knife. I have sharpened and polished the clip of the blade and I am in the process of putting a matte finish on the blade. This knife came with a lackluster edge. Using a freaking file, I was finally able to set a new angle to the edge, work it over with a butcher steel followed by soft and hard Arkansas stones and finally the good old Case Moon Stone. This thing is now very sharp.  As I just got the edge worked out I have not had a chance to use this large knife. I have been customizing it to my liking and will start trying to use it. This knife feels good in the hand, like it was meant to be used. Hopefully it will live up to it's lineage. This knife came with a heavy black leather sheath utilizing a secure snap fastened strap to lock the knife in place. With the self formed belt loop there is no chance of this sheath falling off your belt. The only thing I did was add some 550 cord for leg ties. For 40 bucks I think this was a great deal.

Since I've mention sharpening several times, I want to talk about a now sharpening machine I recently saw. It is made right here in Missouri, down in the Ozarks. This particular machine uses a low speed 110 volt motor to drive a horizontal belt at low speed. The belts appear to be ordinary 1 inch wide belt grinder/sander belts. This is a well made unit that will put a mirror polished edge on a knife in a couple of minutes. I had the gentleman that showed me this unit sharpen a Buck 120.
This Buck was horribly dull and I could not put an edge on it. It's scary sharp now with a 25 degree bevel. And he did it in less that 2 minutes. I have no doubt that it is one of those edges that will cut you and you will not feel it. No, really, it is that sharp. You can set the machine to one of several angles depending on your wants and needs. Unfortunately, there is no website. When I get some info I'll pass it along. One note though, I believe the man told me it was around 500 bucks for this unit. If I get one I better be able to make some money off of it. Folks, I gotta say it is the fastest way I have ever seen to get a dangerously sharp edge and doesn't harm the blade in the process. I will be passing this Camillus off to this guy for his special touch.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stick To Your Guns

I picked this up from some articles that author Matt Bracken is floating around. Bracken, who has written a remarkable series of books about a US government that has run amok is speaking out now about the proposed gun laws we may see and what gun laws have done for honest folks in other parts of the world. Strangely enough, when I tried to go to his website to create a link, Internet Explorer is unable to open that site.  So, with his expressed permission I post this.

Stick to your guns, no matter what.
If they come to take them by force, they have declared war on the Constitution, and on you. At that point, war is joined, just as it was on another big gun confiscation raid on April 19, 1775. If it was legal in 2012, it’s legal in 2013 and it will be forever. If they say otherwise, they are liars and traitors and oath breakers and domestic enemies.
If you are disarmed and led away in cuffs, are you so sure you’ll be bailed out? And not taken to a “new place” with “new rules”?
Every survivor of every genocide says the same: when they come to take your guns, shoot them. Make them work for it, and THEIR system is overwhelmed, because they don’t have 20 million FLEAs to do armed battles all over the country, instead of nice polite arrest raids like those that that Glen “Ghandi” Beck envisions, with the NRA lawyers throwing your bail and suing the pants off the .gov.
It’s like the Solzhenitzn paragraph “how we burned later in the camps” because they didn’t resist the GRU/KGB in the lobbies and stairwells with axes and knives.
Entire divisions of Russian troops hiked home from WW1 in 1917/18, carrying their rifles and swords and other sidearms. Very early on, Lenin decreed that public safety demanded they all be turned in, under penalty of death. And so they were disarmed, but not the Party members! Then came the purges, the Great Terror, the gulags, and tens of millions of dead. So well preserved was the fiction, that most Russians, when arrested, thought, “Gee, there must be some mistake. I haven’t done anything wrong. They’ll let me go in a few hours.” (Wrong anwer.)
If you give up your arms, you are placing your entire trust in the permanent future benevolence of the U.S. govt. This trust is invariably fatal. The German gun registration laws and limits on “military” weapons (then, Mausers etc) were put in in the 1920s Weimar Republic,years before Hitler.
They were all common sense and reasonable gun control laws, I’m sure today’s liberals would agree 100%. Then Hitler comes along, and uses the list to first disarm, and then ghetto-ize or “deport” and finally gas the Jews and others, killing millions.
Genocide, using the “common sense” gun registration lists to locate their most dangerous enemies. But first, they just come to pick up the weapons. “No trouble, foks!” They come for the mass arrests later, when the people are disarmed.
Millions of Polish Jews were rounded up this way, when the German police only needed a 1-10 ratio to thier victims. 100 German military police, 4-fs in their forties, bottom of the barrel conscripts, would round up and murder a town of a thousand. Force them to gather, then march groups at gunpoint into the woods for execution. A 1-10 ratio means the killer police are not worried at all. The victims were all disarmed. If they were armed, every village would requre a major military effort.
I’m sorry, I do NOT trust that our .gov won’t turn as mean as the old USSR to its “class enemies,” the MSM’s duly appointed scapegoats, us white racist tea-party terrorists, the bitter clingers.
Folks, they perceive that we are reactionary forces not only standing in the way of social progress and liberal utopia, we are actively blocking it. That makes us pure Evil, since their plan for utopia is pure Good. That means they will come to feel totally justified in seeking a “final solution to the bitter clinger question.”
And once their mortal enemies (that’s us) are disarmed and helpless…the temptation grows to simply do away with them. Bill Ayers thought they would need to murder 10% of the population to achieve their utopia.
As it was with the Turkish Armenians, German Jews, Russian Kulaks, Chinese, Ugandans, Guatemalens, Cambodians, Cubans, Rwandans, and on and on, history’s lesson is clear:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WWYD. What Will You Do?

I was watching Fox News this morning and then a little later on too. There was a lot of talk about the upcoming gun regs or suggestions of regs. All the shows had speakers form the left and the right of the gun issue. Both sided talked endlessly about, the hunting aspect of guns rights or the constitutional right to have them. Not a single person had the balls or the vajajay to say what the second amendment is actually for. It is to prevent an overly strong government from bending you to its will. Oh, wait we've passed that point. So tell me what are the gun owners of this country going to do when Obama writes some executive order that ban over 10 round mags, or semi auto firearms or declare us gun owners to be domestic terrorists? So tell me what will we do? Tell me what will you do? I know what I will and pledge to do. I will not go down alone. I have no club, no group, shooting buddies to back me up. When the day comes that my door is kicked in I will die along with several others. I also pledge to take action if I see confiscations or arrests of gun owners. This is the time to decide, what the fuck will you do? What will you do? The time is coming. The leftist are actively calling for our deaths, the President is wanting his hand picked group to suggest rules, laws and regs that will strengthen his position, we have an attorney general that has stated he wants to confiscate all guns, we have a media that supports every thing this government does, illegal or immoral. It doesn't matter. In the medias eyes the government is right and anyone that talks of the constitution, gun rights, or love of country is wrong and needs to be taken care of. Or taken out. They don't care which.
By the way, did you notice we had another school shooting today. It didn't result in a high body count or the death of the shooter, so it's kinda low key in the "news".
The second amendment has not one thing to do with hunting. It has everything to do with checking the governments actions. Thankfully it is starting to sound like the police forces, in the main, are supporting us, it is sounding like many military personnel are supporting us and the constitution. So, I guess the big question is what is the government going to do? With three percent of armed citizens and help from police officers and a lot of help from the military, we could pull of a defeat of any illegal moves the government may make. But will NATO decide to enter the fray or even Communist China? Those commies have been calling for the disarming of Americans and they are stocking up on material and have fielded a huge new aircraft carrier that I bet they are itching to use.
 In regards to the upcoming possibles, like the suggested registering of semi autos, limiting ammo, banning over 10 round mags again, tuning millions of gun owners into criminal, think about it. What will you do?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little Nickel Beauty

As I had mentioned previously, I had a nickel plated sweety on lay away at work. I finally retrieved this gem. A High Standard model H-B. It has a 6 inch barrel and fixed sights. The grips are hard rubber. At some time in it's past it was nickel plated. This old girl is still in very good shape for a 73 year old pistol. Yes, it was made early in 1940. It came with a very nice black leather flap holster that was hand made by some one that was skilled in leather work. Well, take a look look for yourself.

Our Children, Our Poor, Poor children

Last night I accompanied Cherry Pie, her sister Rock Star and her husband Gasman to the bowling alley. Cherry's Dad and I were observers only. I love to bowl but with my junk knees it's not really the thing for me to do any more. So, in observer capacity I noticed one very striking item. There were a lot of kids there from the age of, say, 13 to 20. And most of them were heavy, fat or obese. And none of them, fat or skinny, had any muscle tone or strength. Ninety five percent of them could not one hand a bowling ball. I saw them doing  the two hand from between the legs trick, the two hands from the hip fling, and finally one tall, fat, uncoordinated, weakling did a modified two handed shot put of the ball. Yes, there were a few that used one hand but, walked up to the foul line, dropped the ball to full arm extension and gave a weak swing, letting the ball arc out about 2 feet before crashing to the floor. The other 5 percent of the kids in attendance were in good shape and more interested in preening, dancing and yes, doing some bowling.
   Is this what we are faced with? 95 percent of our youth, fat and obese with no muscular development? How can a parent let a child grow up in this condition? I was shocked to say the least. My son grew up strong and fit. His friends, for the most part, were strong and fit. Even his fat friends were strong. Is there no more PE in school now? Do boys have no interest in weight lifting, running, physical sports or fitness anymore? I know it's from a different time and a different community, but when I was in that age range I was a power house, a bull, a muscle packed dynamo. At 185 pounds I could dead lift over 500 pounds. I could out run the backs  on the football team, I could jump very high, I could climb a rope to the gym ceiling, I could run for hours at a time. My brother was a long distance runner and would ride a bicycle for over 20 miles at a time. My freaking brother in law rode a skate board to school one day. It was over 8 miles to school on a road with a lot of hills! What the fuck has happened to our children?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Controlled Scene

Who is Christopher Rodia? He's a drug dealer and thief that has a get out of jail free card and his car happens to be the one that is called the suspect shooters car at Sandy Hook. The car that had the long gun in the trunk. Is Rodia the un-named guy in the woods the day of the school shooting? Is he the government patsie or is he the facilitator? That whole thing is looking more and more like a controlled scene that was set up by, well, certain folks that want to strip legal gun owners of their rights. Hmm.

Go fuck Themselves

Yeah, demand it of the santimonious sons of bitches. Nearly all of them have made money off of gratuitous gun violence in their movies and tv shows.