Thursday, January 10, 2013

WWYD. What Will You Do?

I was watching Fox News this morning and then a little later on too. There was a lot of talk about the upcoming gun regs or suggestions of regs. All the shows had speakers form the left and the right of the gun issue. Both sided talked endlessly about, the hunting aspect of guns rights or the constitutional right to have them. Not a single person had the balls or the vajajay to say what the second amendment is actually for. It is to prevent an overly strong government from bending you to its will. Oh, wait we've passed that point. So tell me what are the gun owners of this country going to do when Obama writes some executive order that ban over 10 round mags, or semi auto firearms or declare us gun owners to be domestic terrorists? So tell me what will we do? Tell me what will you do? I know what I will and pledge to do. I will not go down alone. I have no club, no group, shooting buddies to back me up. When the day comes that my door is kicked in I will die along with several others. I also pledge to take action if I see confiscations or arrests of gun owners. This is the time to decide, what the fuck will you do? What will you do? The time is coming. The leftist are actively calling for our deaths, the President is wanting his hand picked group to suggest rules, laws and regs that will strengthen his position, we have an attorney general that has stated he wants to confiscate all guns, we have a media that supports every thing this government does, illegal or immoral. It doesn't matter. In the medias eyes the government is right and anyone that talks of the constitution, gun rights, or love of country is wrong and needs to be taken care of. Or taken out. They don't care which.
By the way, did you notice we had another school shooting today. It didn't result in a high body count or the death of the shooter, so it's kinda low key in the "news".
The second amendment has not one thing to do with hunting. It has everything to do with checking the governments actions. Thankfully it is starting to sound like the police forces, in the main, are supporting us, it is sounding like many military personnel are supporting us and the constitution. So, I guess the big question is what is the government going to do? With three percent of armed citizens and help from police officers and a lot of help from the military, we could pull of a defeat of any illegal moves the government may make. But will NATO decide to enter the fray or even Communist China? Those commies have been calling for the disarming of Americans and they are stocking up on material and have fielded a huge new aircraft carrier that I bet they are itching to use.
 In regards to the upcoming possibles, like the suggested registering of semi autos, limiting ammo, banning over 10 round mags again, tuning millions of gun owners into criminal, think about it. What will you do?

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justcook said...

I am sorry I wont be able to turn over my guns. It seems as if someone broke into my house and all they took were my guns and ammo. I will have to fill a report saying that I found a door open and now my guns are missing from the gun cabnit. Wow who would've thunk. I see a rash of guns turning up missing just like mine.