Monday, July 29, 2013

BRRR! In More Ways Than One.

It's cool and rainy here in the Heartland. Really, this time of the year it's supposed to be freaking HOT! Normally it's in the 90's and 100's, right now it's 66 degrees, raining and windy. The windows are open, the curtains are blowing and I've got a delightful chill. I just need a warm body to share this weather with.
I had one lined up, a woman I have know for many years. The two of us have always had an attraction for each other. When she found out that my wife had left me she started texting me certain something's that really heated up the airwaves. This has went on for a couple of months now and she has even left her husband. After several aborted attempts to meet up for a couple days I finally had a weekend off that coincided with her days off. Way fucking cool! I called her to confirm the weekend and she told me "Uh, I'm getting used to being by myself so never mind" or words to that effect. Ask what I think about woman at this time, go ahead ask me. Strike Two.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Summer has finally hit and it looks like we have another hot muggy day ahead of us. It makes me think of the beach.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fire Eating Wiener Dog

As mentioned previously, I was at my Step Mothers on the Fourth. She and my father have had this wiener dog for years named Tater, everyone calls him Tate. Tate has gotten very fat over the years. Dad and Step Mom moved to another town for a couple of years and Step Moms sister and husband moved onto the farm and looked after Tate. They fed the little dog very well. When Dad and Step Mom moved back to the farm, Tate's belly was dragging the ground! Dad put the little guy on a diet and Tate is quite a bit slimmer now. Any way, Tate hates fireworks. Smoke Bombs? He hates 'em. Fountains? Hates 'em. Fire crackers? Hates 'em. Aerial shells? Hates them too. Any firework you light, Tate rushes over and bites it or knocks it over. If he gets there to late and a shell is in the air, he chases it barking all the way. When he was younger he would leap 2-3 feet in the air chasing the rising shell. He usually ends up with a colored mouth from biting the smoke bombs. If he sees a person walking towards the launch area with a firework in their hand he goes on alert, and starts to creep toward the site. As soon as sparks start shooting from the fuse, he goes into full throttle, darting in and biting the offending object. That's him, Tate the Fireworks Eating Wiener Dog.


I am sorry for the lack of posting. My hours at work are ever changing, I have been looking for a place to live, working on the Harley and doing all those other things that a home and vehicles require. and of course mulling over my situation. Over and over and over.
On Independence Day however, after I got off work, I went to my step mothers place for a little get together. Lot's of good food, good people and of course fireworks. I do love fireworks. For a couple of years I was even part of a pro team that did the big shows. I was going to get my license to be a shooter then the pesky ATF/ USG changed the rules regarding fireworks. It went from being a one page form to a complete background investigation, fingerprinting AND getting a shooters certification. Certification from where? In Missouri it's at the University of Missouri where they have a school geared towards miners. Now they do cover fireworks and the end of the class involves setting up an a rather large fireworks show and shooting it. You also get to learn about shooting dynamite and other explosives. Now that sounds pretty cool to me but do we want every yabo that that wants to be a fireworks guy also getting trained in high explosives? By the way, the cost is rather prohibitive for an industry that really doesn't pay well. In fact most folks on a fireworks crew are working for.......FREE! That's right, most of the hard work and sweating is done by people that do it for the love of fireworks. Even when I was setting up shows, doing the labor, wiring the show and shooting the show the most I ever got was 50 bucks. Fifty dollars for a long, hot, sweaty, labor intensive day that usually ran 6-10 hours. Most folks do it for a T-shirt. So the next time you see a fireworks show thank all those unpaid, hardworking volunteers that make it possible.