Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fire Eating Wiener Dog

As mentioned previously, I was at my Step Mothers on the Fourth. She and my father have had this wiener dog for years named Tater, everyone calls him Tate. Tate has gotten very fat over the years. Dad and Step Mom moved to another town for a couple of years and Step Moms sister and husband moved onto the farm and looked after Tate. They fed the little dog very well. When Dad and Step Mom moved back to the farm, Tate's belly was dragging the ground! Dad put the little guy on a diet and Tate is quite a bit slimmer now. Any way, Tate hates fireworks. Smoke Bombs? He hates 'em. Fountains? Hates 'em. Fire crackers? Hates 'em. Aerial shells? Hates them too. Any firework you light, Tate rushes over and bites it or knocks it over. If he gets there to late and a shell is in the air, he chases it barking all the way. When he was younger he would leap 2-3 feet in the air chasing the rising shell. He usually ends up with a colored mouth from biting the smoke bombs. If he sees a person walking towards the launch area with a firework in their hand he goes on alert, and starts to creep toward the site. As soon as sparks start shooting from the fuse, he goes into full throttle, darting in and biting the offending object. That's him, Tate the Fireworks Eating Wiener Dog.

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