Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The M94 Project Revived

A long time ago, to far back than it should have been, I started a refinish of my fathers 30/30 Winchester. This is the one that got laid under a bed then got rained on and ignored for awhile. It had some major pitting on the barrel and some minor on the magazine tube. I spent many hours filing the barrel by hand, filing the magazine tube. Anyway I got all the that done and then we went to Virginia and came home and started using my limited work space as a refinishing and home improvement work center, then I had joint issues and so on and so forth. I got back to working on this gun last week then Cherry Pie took over the space once again. Now, I'm back at it.

Here is the whole mess on my improvised work bench.

I ended up filing the receiver too as it was dished and wouldn't match the bluing I use (Brownells Oxpho Blue) This took a lot of filing to make a nice flat surface. Every thing is polished to 600 grit and I believe that is as far as I'm going.

The wood is fitted to the metal and it too was sanded to 600 then buffed with 4 aught steel wool. It will eventually get a slight stain and rubbed many times with linseed oil. Due to some factory issues with the wood not all wood to metal interfaces are seamless. I usually take pride in making the joints absolutely perfect so that no seam can be felt. But even with some wood too low to repair it is looking good.

Here is the bottom of the butt stock where the tang is inletted into it. Notice the gap in the upper right curve? There is no taking that out without doing a whole bunch of relieving of the front end of the stock.

This is all the major bits and pieces, polished and waiting for some bluing.

I know the pictures are not the best in the world but Hey, I gotta work with what I got. Hand polishing really stimulates the arthritis in my shoulders and the stooping over does a number on my lower back too. Pain aside, this is the one hobby I love doing the most.

More pics to come as I make more progress. The marathon of polishing yesterday just about did my shoulders in, so there is no telling what will get accomplished on it today.

The Marines Are Back At It

After using the M9 pistol for a couple decades the US Marine Corp is reverting back to the good ol' 1911. By Colt no less. Is the placement of a 22 million dollar order that includeds 12,000 pistols, parts and support the tip of the iceberg? That's a pretty good chunk o' money if they are not evaluating a wholesale change out of the M9's. Think of it, an American designed gun in continuous service of our armed forces for 101 years. Is that dependability or what? Is that proof of an excellent design?


Monday, July 30, 2012

Who's In The Militia

In regards to the comment on my posting of July 26, 2012 entitled "The Asshat Has Spoken"  I found this over at Rawles place in the form of a link.

"10 USC 311-Sec311
(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard. (b) The classes of the militia are - (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia."

There it is in black and white, if you are an able bodied male between the ages of 17 and 45 you are in the Militia either organized or unorganized, but one way or the other you are in the Militia. And ladies if you're in the National Guard you too are in the Militia too. I guess if you're over the age of 45 you're on your own. I guess the Grey Hair Militia is better than nothing. Or if that is the way you fly, lone wolf it.
This section the code should be used in firearms lawsuits over automatic rifle, grenades, short barreled shotguns and a whole host of other interesting items that the modern soldier has access to. It should also be used to overturn current gun laws.

Monday Milf

There ya go now,,double MILFS

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Now The Conservatives Are At It

It was revealed today the one of the most conservative judges on the Supreme Court now says that guns may be regulated. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has he read the second amendment? Is he getting senile?

   "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

At the time of the writing, regulate meant regular. So they required the militia to be regular. And then it says, the militia is needed for the security of a state. It then goes on to say, the peoples right to own and bear arms shall not be fucked with.
The whole purpose of the second amendment is about stifling an overly powerful government. Aside from nuclear weapons, shouldn't we have basically the same arms as the federally run armed force?And by the way the founders wanted NO standing army for the same reason. So, back in 1780 or thereabouts, the common people owned the same weapons as the army they were fighting against and in some instance the common folk had better weapons in the form of rifled barrels that allowed them to shoot with pinpoint accuracy instead of relying on volley fire. The rifles could pick off the leadership and the soldiers will stop fighting. So today we have ordinary people with fine arms in the form of AR-15's, M1A rifles, outstanding shotguns and excellent choices of handguns. We are tit for tat there. Now we get to the bigger arms. To posses a cannon or a machine gun you need the governments approval. Cannons and machine guns are limited in numbers due to past legislation, which has driven the cost of these arms through the roof. So the leftist and the judges and the president are worried about our semi-auto rifles, semi-auto hand guns and normal capacity magazines. Not high capacity as we have the same magazines as the government forces. Normal capacity magazines, drill that into your vernacular. So when the government directed forces come for your guns, I ask this, What the fuck are YOU going to do about it?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ass Hat Has Spoken

OK, the gloves have come off. Maobama has started the rhetoric that leads up to new firearms legislation.

   "A lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals,” Mr. Obama said at the annual National Urban League convention in New Orleans. “They belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities.”

Then he clarified his position with this gem.

"And he said the nation’s attention should not just be focused on mass shootings, such as the one on Friday in Aurora, Colo., but on the daily shooting deaths of youths from gun violence in major cities".

His supporters are pushing him to adhere to promises he made 4 years ago

"Progressives are pushing Mr. Obama, who campaigned four years ago on a platform of stricter gun control, to speak out on the subject and use the tragedy to impose stricter gun regulations"

And I guess he's never had to fill out a 4473 (amended) form. And regarding crazy people, unless they have been adjudicated as mentally deficient, we don't have a crystal ball to predict when and who is going to go off the farm so to speak.

"we should do everything possible to prevent criminals and fugitives from purchasing weapons, that we should check someone’s criminal record before they can [purchase a gun], that a mentally unbalanced individual should not be able to get his hands on a gun so easily."

So, with the impetus from this latest mass shooting, the lefts strident demands and the socialist bent of the Main Asshat I really look for more draconian laws to be shoved down the throats of law abiding gun owners. We see this kind of thing happen every time there is a shooting that captures the attention of the entire country. Politicians have no problem riding the blood soaked coattails of innocent victims to further their political ambitions.
And if you don't think the possible new laws will be draconian, take the thousands of gun laws we have now, add in the hundreds of gun owners and dealers that have been financially ruined and imprisoned by the BATFE. Then add the already strictly controlled items, machine guns, that ownership without paperwork and a stamp, will land your ass in prison. That all adds up to draconian. We have laws that require mufflers on cars and truck to protect the tranquility of life, but if we do the same thing to a gun i.e. put a muffler on it, we violate Federal law and some state laws too. If we dare make a shotgun  or rifle more compact, if we trim 1/16th of an inch too much we can land in prison. If we dare to make a profit on a private gun sale the Feds can charge us with dealing firearms without a license. Hell, if we want to take in friends and families guns and restore the finish of the wood and metal they want us to have a freaking dealers license. Are you catching on here? The current plan is to regulate guns and their owners out of existence. And "they" want to know what we are upset about. It's our life, it's our passion, it's our right.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bloombergs Wish

New York mayor Bloomberg has a new wish. That wish is for the cops to go on strike until Americans turn in their guns. Whatta dick head this guy is! If the cops went on strike they would soon find the armed citizens of this country would do a better job that the "thin blue line". Does he really think we would turn in our guns to get the cops back to work? We are armed, we have preps in place, we have training, experience and education. So all I can say, Michael, is let it happen, we have a thing or two to show you.  

Evil Abounds

I just come across this horrid story. These sick, dements fucks need to dissapear from the face of the earth. I imagine, though, they will sentenced to a facility where they will be studied for years to come. Sick, sick, sick bastards.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just One Gallon

I'm hearing calls to re-enact the assault weapon ban. A lot of folks are talking about the carnage this piece of shit caused. My reaction to this is, the hell with the guns, what would have happened if he chose some lengths of chain, a couple padlocks and a gallon of gas? Add one freakin' match and there, in all likely hood, there would have been no survivors. If he made it into the theatre with all the guns and ammo he surely could have made it to the fire suppression valve and shut off the water supply with no problem. People want to blame the gun when it is really all about the sick, demented fuckers that hold the gun. Unfortunately we have no way of forecasting these event so the only realistic , viable solution is for the general populace to bear arms at all times. If two or three folks had been carrying in that theatre ,in all likely hood we would have had a dead bad guy with minimal collateral damage as the military is wont to say. But the movie chain chooses to ban weapons in their establishments and supposedly Aurora has some stringent local laws against firearms and self defense. All that equals dead men, women and children.
With Wirecutter announcing a cessation of blogging activities for the foreseeable future I have no other option but to take up one of his duties. Wirecutter, I'm not trying to step on your toes, you can have it back when you resume blogging. So here we go...Milfs on Mondays! Did ya see that one coming?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

And It Goes On

Whew! Turns out the lady I'm debating on Facebook is a COP! Take a gander at some of these exchanges.

This is what started the whole thing. Me:  "I posted a comment here yesterday and I guess the original author didn't like it and removed it. Some people won't understand this but, If everyone that was legally able to, carried a personal firearm on them at all times, we could stop incidents such as the Colorado tragedy. Take some lessons, practice and start doing your share to make society safe once again".

Much Later and several volleys of discourse we get to these nuggets.

Me:  "Since there is NO WAY to forecast a persons future acts we should place bans on constitutionally guaranteed actions? Thousands of people a year are killed in, with and by cars. Not constitutional items or guarantees yet you don't call for bans on them? I don't know you from Eve but I would gladly put put my life on the line for you. Could I expect the same? As the saying goes, when your life depends on seconds, the police are just minutes away."

She:  " As long as they have conceal and carry they should have to carry a million dollar liability policy that way if they accidentally shoot somebody their insurance company will have to handle it. They have a quote that fits perfectly, "With great power comes great responsibility." Also I have to carry insurance on my car whats any different according to you. Cars are the same as guns is that not what you just said?"

She: "Weather I'm Seconds or minutes away I have a job and a passion as a peace officer to serve and protect my fellow man and woman and that includes yourself if you are ever in a situation where you need protecting, no matter how much you ridicule my fellow brothers and sisters"

Me:   "NO, guns are not the same as cars. There is NO constitutional right to own or operate a car. We have a God given, government recognised right to bear arms. And for the record I do not ridicule Cops. I state facts,like The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect. That's them not me. May god protect you on your job and keep you safe."

It makes me tired just reading her labored pseudo points with no reason or facts.

Colorado Fallout

You otta see the discussion I'm having with a woman on facebook regarding legal carry of firearms, the Colorado shooting and how one could have changed the other. Talk about a person with their head in the sand. She tells me I'm pulling stats out of my ass when I urge her to look up FBI stats!She thinks legal concealed carry folks are committing crimes on a regular basis. She uses the Zimmerman incident as proof. Some folks just don't want to burden themselves with the truth.

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's A'comin'.......

I've been thinking, that is after I got my head cleared of this mornings tradgedy. Our good blog friend Knuckledragger or Wirecutter has declared a hiatus from blogging and may or may not return. We will miss his writings and his outlook on life in general. So after consideration of this, expect a few surprises, Knuckldragger style, to come from this site.

It's Coming

I have been a reader of Northeast Intelligence Network for years and I am always amazed at the information they dig up through contacts and good old intelligence work. Read this article about a conversation they had with a DHS contact. It seems "they" are further ahead in preparations than "we" are. Remember a short time ago, DHS ordered 40 million rounds of ammo? Well it sure fits in with this report. And Sheriff Arpaio should really watch back.


It's Aready Started

The smoke hasn't cleared, the  blood is still running yet the Leftist Machine has started the call for more gun control.



Government must need a lot of support to get the UN deal done. I predict we'll see more and more calls for more and more restrictions on our rights. It never fails. NEVER.  A call for legislation followed by a shooting and then more laws, more restriction, more bans. We will soon see another big dent in the second amendment. This time by the UN with the groveling government at it's feet.

Another tragedy

My brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom, I'm sorry to say there has been another mass shooting.This time in a theatre. Not a school but a theatre showing then newest Batman saga. Different venue for a mass shooting but true to form. What form you ask? Our government is at this moment sucking the tit of globalism and working with the UN to strip our right to own, carry and use firearms. Think back through out violence ridden past. What precedes nearly every mass shooting in this country? A discussion on more firearms laws and restrictions. I don't have any empirical data for you but it sure seems to me that this is the way our world has been working. Problem, reaction , solution. Over and over again. It is strange indeed.New laws on the tail of, usually, the lives of children. Are these acts done by drug addled, basement video gamers with bent minds or is there a darker more sinister aspect to this pattern?
Pray for the families of the victims, pray for the emergency workers that have to deal with this horrible scene. Lives will be affected, one way or another, for years due to this latest national tragedy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knuckledragger, Anyone Home?

Hey Knuckledragger! Whats up? Did you bail? Holy shit no more milfy Mondays! Come on man we need your presence. I know it gets old writing about the bullshit government and the outrageous acts of this government, but we need every voice we can garner.

Deny Who?

Wow! I just read a posting by a woman who believes that anyone that gets ANY form of check from the government should be barred from voting. She believes that anyone who gets a check from the government will vote to keep those checks coming in. Hmm.
I have been on unemployment a couple times. This last time was for an extended period of time. I am currently trying to get disability. From a system that I have paid untold dollars into by the way.
And ya know what? I have never, not once, voted democratic. Never once cheered on a liberal. Never once drank from the smiling Kool Aid pitcher of liberalism. I am a RonPaulian, a threeper, a prepper And I vote conservative EVERY fucking time.
Would this woman make payments on a car but then not use the car? Would she make payments on a house but live in the streets? I really doubt it. So she expects I and anyone who has worked, toiled their way to some semblance of success, paid gobs of taxes and voted for a party that is big business to the core, not use the benefit of all those years of payments? How foolish was her statement. Yes, I have a problem with folks using a system that they have never paid into. I have a problem with folks that procreate only in an effort to get mo' money. Mo' money to get things they have never worked a day in their life to get. They that have a entitlement belief. I am, therefore I shall get paid. Yeah, I have a problem with that. But for a certain antiquarian to say that anyone that gets a check should check out of the voting system is pure, unadulterated horse shit.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sitting here watching the darkness, evaluating my life, sippin the turkey. Well, not exactly sipping.
Where did I fuck up? What can i do?  O fucking well. good night. Thanks spell checker!

I'm Baaack!

Whew! It's been a while since I've used the computer. We have Verizon as our provider and we have a 5kg ? limit. Well, as mentioned before I've found a couple of places that post online novels and stories. I got wrapped up in a couple of multi part novels that used up a significant portion of our Internet allotment and then Microsoft took over to do some "upgrades" and tied up the service for HOURS.
  Cherry got a new phone and with Verizon's new integrated data plan we now have 6 whatevers of service. Not that we really need it. This is the first time we have exceeded our limit. But, anyway we now have more time, unlimited text and some other electronic goodies that they entice you with.

Here's the latest rant on my disability ruling. I got a determination letter on my appeal for a denied disability claim. Wait for it, DENIED. WTF? After being told I was a very credible witness, being told I was unemployable I was then told that by letter that some of my testimony was discounted because my doctor failed it put some information in my medical records. The Judge also discounted his professional witness' finding that said I was unemployable. I am not disabled because I use only ONE cane, I turned down additional treatment (that I don't have the money to pay for), I was turned down because my DR, didn't write in the record that my medications cause me to fall asleep for a couple hours every day, I was turned down due to my slim current medical record(the one that I can barely afford to pay for) and the finally I was turned down due to my...AGE! It is illegal for any one to use age as a basis for anything but the government can use age as a determining  factor? I was turned down because the state doctors they sent me to lied and omitted information from the exams they did on me. All this from a man that has been paid by the taxpayer for most of his life and shows up in court dripping with gold chains, a large gold watch with giant gold chain bracelet and finally a pair of glasses that were the most outrageous that I have ever seen. I had to get semi-dressed up for this appearance yet the ruling official can come in dressed like a successful pimp?
Now, I have to go to a job retraining program. I have worked at everything from a janitor to a project manager of a ten million dollar project. And they want to retrain me? For what? The issue at hand is no one wants to hire a white man approaching fifty, that walks on a cane, takes handfuls of medications and has a background that usually exceeds their own and is considered un-insurable. I have worked since I was 15, I have paid into the system since I was 18. I have a broken down body due, in part, to my hard working past. Yet I am denied any of the benefits that I have accrued. Am I mad? What do you think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What This Day Means

On this date we celebrate the freedom that our forefathers secured for us. They faced the greatest army and navy in the world, sacrificing their lives, families and fortunes.
Starting in the 30's we have seen these freedom attacked from within. Our freedoms and liberties have been whittled away until this nation is a faded image of what it once was. We still claim to be the greatest nation in the world and I suppose we are, in a global sense.  In reality though, we as a nation have surrendered our hard won freedoms. We have stood by while God given rights are shaved a way little by little, we accept incursions against our rights on a daily basis. We accept paying to exercise a right, we accept an illegal tax system, we accept a limit our speech  by way of official protest zones and a liberal information system that ignores and ridicules the voice of the right.
We accept schools that forbid any discussion of religion except that of our enemies, and promote immoral life styles, we tolerate courts that establish law instead of ruling on the legality of the cases. And the most egregious of all, we accept a over powerful government that touches every aspect of our lives, something the founders of this nation fought to escape. I urge everyone to pick up a copy of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and read it. Try it today at your family gathering, try it tomorrow after dinner. See how many people know what we have lost in the last hundred years. Compare what the Constitution says to  what we are ruled by today. The two are in no way connected except by a few phrases cherry picked to strengthen the governments position.
On this day watch the fireworks displays and think about what they represent and then ask God to bless this nation in these troubling times.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I Was Born A Poor White Child

A while back I went to a administrative appeal for a disability claim I made. The Judge was entertaining and made the process easy. Today I got the letter with the results of the appeal.
Let's just say life just got a lot harder for me. In the hearing they have an occupational specialist, my lawyer, a court reporter and the judge. Due to my limited medical record the judge said I would have to make him believe my case. At the end of the hearing Mr. Judge said I was a very credible witness. The occupational specialist was given a fictional character that matched me and my circumstances. The specialist, after weeding through various jobs and getting down to menial work finally added in my reaction to the medications I take. I call it my daily coma. She stated, on record, that I was unemployable.
The letter I got today basically said the judge only believed 90 percent of my case and in the letter he said the occupational specialist was as very credible professional yet discounted the part where she said I was unemployable. The letter also mention my age. I am really suprise they didn't mention my race too. So at this point in my life I am uninsurable, unemployable, pain ridden, drug addled amd incapable of doing the most basic of chores. But, I'm not disabled because I had the audacity to try shoveling snow a two years ago. That act threw out my left hip. But since I tried it I'm not disabled. The whole system is populated by liars. The Dr. that did my physical exam ommitted evidence. I fell during one test and had to have help up off the floor in the other test, and my blood pressure was 185/95 or there abouts. The walking test consisted of me taking two steps in the tiny exam room. No mention of any of that. The  hearing exam lady told me I have significant upper level hearing loss. Yet report was signed by a man and the judge said I had no hearing loss yet todays letter says I have loss of hearing in both ears but since I could hear his booming voice in a quiet room he says I have no hearing loss. So the Dr. lied, the judge lied, the occupation specialist was ignored and I was basicaly called a liar. Since I didn't have money to pay for certain treatments my Dr. offered, I was denied, since I my health has degraded since a year ago I was denied, since the States Dr. ommitted evidence I was denied.Since I'm broke and can't afford tests and treatments I was denied. I guess my only option is to go to Mexico and sneak across the border, declare myself an illegal alien and then apply for benefits. Fuck me with a stick! Let the drinking begin.

Another Chief Chat

This morning I left a message for the police Chief to call me regarding the conversation we had over open carry and left the State statute number that covers it. He called me back pronto quick and agreed that Missouri Revised Statute 21.750.2 gave us the right to open carry but said that 571.010 to 571.070 gave them the right  to restrict carry of weapons. 571 covers a lot of things including concealed carry but I found  nothing that would ban open carry. The only thing they could make a stretch with is one subsection bans "exhibiting". I believe "exhibiting" usually means displaying a weapon in a threatening manner. Here is his fall back. He is going to consult with the city attorney so I one upped him and sent an email to the State Attorney General for official clarification of this matter. Well see what falls from this tree.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Chat With The Chief

Last night Cherry Pie and I went to the local annual shindig call Waterfest. While I was gimping and she was strolling we ran into the Chief Of Police. I asked him about open carry in our town. I knew the city ordinance and knew (or thought I did) the State pre-emption law. But I asked anyway just to get it from the horses mouth. He said it was allowed BUT if they started receiving complaints and it it became more common then THEY would pass an ordinance banning open carry. To say I was stunned was an understatement. If we have a right and we exercise that right then they will ban it! If we talk to much would they ban speech? I wonder if he listened to what he was saying.
As it turns out we both were in the dark According to Missouri Revised Statutes of 2011 the whole pre emption thing has gone bye-bye.

2. No county, city, town, village, municipality, or other political subdivision of this state shall adopt any order, ordinance or regulation concerning in any way the sale, purchase, purchase delay, transfer, ownership, use, keeping, possession, bearing, transportation, licensing, permit, registration, taxation other than sales and compensating use taxes or other controls on firearms, components, ammunition, and supplies except as provided in subsection 3 of this section.

So, it seems on these hotter than hell days we seem to be having every day I really don't need to have a cover shirt on. I can dress as usual or for the weather and carry as I see fit.
Now should I open carry, not goading or baiting the cops, and wait for that day when a police office detains me for exercising my right and the get hold of the States Attorney General and file a complaint aginst the Police department and the city or should I be the nice guy and send this info to the Police Chief?
I see intesting days ahead in our little hamlet.