Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Chief Chat

This morning I left a message for the police Chief to call me regarding the conversation we had over open carry and left the State statute number that covers it. He called me back pronto quick and agreed that Missouri Revised Statute 21.750.2 gave us the right to open carry but said that 571.010 to 571.070 gave them the right  to restrict carry of weapons. 571 covers a lot of things including concealed carry but I found  nothing that would ban open carry. The only thing they could make a stretch with is one subsection bans "exhibiting". I believe "exhibiting" usually means displaying a weapon in a threatening manner. Here is his fall back. He is going to consult with the city attorney so I one upped him and sent an email to the State Attorney General for official clarification of this matter. Well see what falls from this tree.

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