Sunday, July 22, 2012

And It Goes On

Whew! Turns out the lady I'm debating on Facebook is a COP! Take a gander at some of these exchanges.

This is what started the whole thing. Me:  "I posted a comment here yesterday and I guess the original author didn't like it and removed it. Some people won't understand this but, If everyone that was legally able to, carried a personal firearm on them at all times, we could stop incidents such as the Colorado tragedy. Take some lessons, practice and start doing your share to make society safe once again".

Much Later and several volleys of discourse we get to these nuggets.

Me:  "Since there is NO WAY to forecast a persons future acts we should place bans on constitutionally guaranteed actions? Thousands of people a year are killed in, with and by cars. Not constitutional items or guarantees yet you don't call for bans on them? I don't know you from Eve but I would gladly put put my life on the line for you. Could I expect the same? As the saying goes, when your life depends on seconds, the police are just minutes away."

She:  " As long as they have conceal and carry they should have to carry a million dollar liability policy that way if they accidentally shoot somebody their insurance company will have to handle it. They have a quote that fits perfectly, "With great power comes great responsibility." Also I have to carry insurance on my car whats any different according to you. Cars are the same as guns is that not what you just said?"

She: "Weather I'm Seconds or minutes away I have a job and a passion as a peace officer to serve and protect my fellow man and woman and that includes yourself if you are ever in a situation where you need protecting, no matter how much you ridicule my fellow brothers and sisters"

Me:   "NO, guns are not the same as cars. There is NO constitutional right to own or operate a car. We have a God given, government recognised right to bear arms. And for the record I do not ridicule Cops. I state facts,like The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect. That's them not me. May god protect you on your job and keep you safe."

It makes me tired just reading her labored pseudo points with no reason or facts.

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