Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Randomness

I would assume the oil spill is still spillin'. Right? Well, if it is then the Southern coast is well and truly fucked. "Cause that means the oil company has not come up with a plan and the .gov still has no clue, as if it was really any of their business. Unless you have lost your livelihood due to this accident or are in line for a job or in line to provide supplies or services then you really need to pay attention to more of what the government is doing and maybe even use some of the non-tv -viewing time to review your various lists or do an inventory of your supplies or even, say, here's a real neat idea, read a book. Ya know they still print 'em? Read a history of government and see how they all eventually fail when the leaders get visions of grandeur in their heads. You can even read something about how to can food or raise a garden or fix a gun. It's amazing what you can find in an old fashioned book.

We are still working on the second house but we have finally depleted my "retirement" savings. We are now to the point where it nickle and dimes you to death. We have a whole list of things that we want to do as opposed to things we need to do. We have most of the need to to do's done or nearly done. Here is a list of some want to do things:

  • apply security film to the lower window
  • install wrought iron "storm" doors
  • remove the two sliding doors and install regular entry doors in their place
  • replace the fence with heavy duty chain link or even wrought iron

There are a couple of other things we want to do but I'll not be discussing those.

With all the thoughts of wrought iron this and that it brings up a sore point with me. I see ads, quite frequently advertising "rot" iron for sale. What really puts the icing on the cake is when they have "rot" iron for "sell". Crap! Did any of the folks retain any of their, say grade 1-12 education? That one really gets me. For sell. Not TO sell but FOR sell. Maybe those folks could read a book to improve their grammar.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He said what?

Egytian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit claims that, in a one on one conversation with The Chosen One, it was revealed that Obama is a Muslim. Who woulda guessed? What with all the islamohugging going on and all the judeobashing happening and all the christiandenying being tossed around.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

I couldn't pass this up! A past employee of the County of Honolulu says .........there is NO Hawaiian birth certificate for one Barack Hussein Obama. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Kenya is still happy to claim him as a creation of their country i.e. a citizen of Kenya. Complete with birth certificate and road sign. Oh yeah, and his old granny says she was present at his birth in .....Kenya! His wife even says he is a Kenyan man. What more do the courts and the libtards need? The courts, in their infinite wisdom have decreed over and over that Citizens of The United States have no standing to bring forth a lawsuit regarding this issue. No standing? Every freakin' citizen in this country is affected by everything this guy does! How can we have no standing? This usurper has spent nearly a million dollars or maybe more now, to conceal his birth record, his college records, his passport, his scholarly writings and who knows what else. If he is truly a Citizen of The United States, wouldn't it be easier and a hell of a lot cheaper to prove it than to hide it? He has proven over and over he hasn't a clue in his head of how to govern a nation or even appoint knowledgeable people to his various cabinet positions. Yet there a millions of people who still support and back this liar. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Young Shootist

When our only child became mobile he also became fascinated with my guns. Always watching me clean them, work on them and shoot them. When he turned 5 we made a conscious decision to give him a gun for Christmas. A real firearm gun. It was a Chipmunk .22. It was a sweet little thing. Before we gave it to him, I took it down and gave it a real nice linseed oil finish over its walnut stock and then waxed the living hell out of. Talk about shine! When he opened that present on Christmas morning, the look on his face was unforgettable. We included a hard case for it that would hold the diminutive rifle as well as eye and ear protection and a few boxes of ammo. I had taken the time to cut out the foam to custom fit all the items. This led to a youth full of practice, lessons, hunting, shooting and responsibility. When he became old enough to walk a full day with me in the field, he carried an empty gun for a whole season. The next season he could only load the gun when we encountered a sitting rabbit. The next season he could carry a fully loaded gun. By the time he graduated from high school he had several deer to his credit with one nice buck hanging on the wall. By the age of nine he was shooting my .40 caliber Star FireStar. Today he is in the Navy, married to a Navy woman and is still interested in firearms and shooting. As soon as he became of age he acquired his CCW and we gave him a Glock 36 in .45 acp. With out time or a place to hunt near his duty station he has gravitated to handguns. He does have a pistol caliber carbine as well as the other guns we gave him while growing up. It is just easier to shoot the handguns with a range just down the street from him. If my economic situation improves, I plan on gifting him a couple of nice firearms. And it is well known that when it's time for me to go to that shooting range in the sky, he is to take possession of my collection. With the exception of a few stolen ones and one trade for others, I have every gun I was given or bought since I was 12. He should make out all right indeed.

Seized Up

Yesterday, I'm working away at the plumbing in the new house, happy as a pig in mud. I had to make several trips up stairs, not as many as normal but still a few. By the time I left around 3:00 my junk knee was really acting up. By the time I got home I had to walk in a really strange way. Either I could twist my foot inward and walk stiff legged or I could do the high step with the bad leg. Both of those allowed me to move around the place pretty well. I looked like a moron in both cases and it was a pain in the ass but let me get around OK. I ate dinner and then sat on the lawn tractor and mowed the grass. Went to bed and this morning, no moronic gait, no hobbling around(no more than usual anyway), no sideassed limping. What ever was out of place evidently went back into place. Any one got 60 or seventy grand laying around available for loan? I under stand that's the going rate for a cash payment knee replacement.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No change in profession.

Now I'm a plumber. Who knows what I'll be next week. Oh yeah, a flooring specialist.

As someone who has been out of work for a year and a half I found this very interesting. WTF? I know employers are free to hire whoever they want but to disqualify everyone who is currently unemployed makes no sense to me. Nearly everyone I know that is unemployed is unemployed involuntarily. As in through no fault of their own. My employer of 20 years made me Employee Of The Year for 2005 and persona non grata in spring of 2006. Nothing changed, I was still doing my job and doing it well. My theory is that my previous rate of pay increases and bonuses put me out of the acceptable pay range for a lout with no college education. I actually saw my new boss choke when she saw my pay rate during my last employee evaluation. Two months later I'm on my ass. I took me 9 months to get a job after that. That new job lasted 10 months before I moved on to what I thought was going to be a great job(if things get better I would go back to work for them in a heartbeat). The employer was going to open an office in KC and I would sell and run jobs from that office. Then came the great collapse of 2008 followed by the greater collapse of 2009. The new office never became. I then had no job again and it continues today. I/we have several ideas for self employment. All of them will require money we don't have at this time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bring on the Cool!

We got the air conditioning running in the new house this morning. It's been installed for a while and we had the furnace portion working this winter but we had not ran the electrical to the compressor unit. I got the disconnect installed and the conduit and such in and my retired electrician father in law did the wiring. This would have been nice LAST week when working in the master bath in temps up to 110. The attic temps were near 125. A little cooling would have been nice then. We just keep moving on a little at a time. It appears like we will be moving during the month of July. That's when the work really begins.
That's all for now.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All the goin' ons

Well, it's been a busy week. What with painting, counter top installation, shower building, sheetrocking, mowing, buying and insulating I have been a very busy man indeed.

We are going to pay the insurance company what they are asking for the returned pistol. It's turning out to be a pretty good deal. I finally did a good comparison to the color prints in the Blue Book of Gun Values and it seems to be a solid 90-95 percent gun.

I don't pay much attention to the news any more. It's all about spilled oil and an ineffective response to it or job loss records. So I know all I need to know at this time. When the news outlets actually do some REAL investigative reporting about real issues then I'll pay more attention to them. By real I mean, oh, say a true and definitive investigation into the actual birth place of Barry Sotero or maybe why Barry has spent so many millions hiding his school records as well as his birth certificate. This is getting to be a habit with this guy, I read that his pseudo administration is considering concealing the papers of the latest SCOTUS candidate, Kagen. So, when the news outlets start doing real news type work I'll start paying more attention to them. Or FOX gets their female anchors back in short skirts. Which ever comes first.

For now, over and out. I leave you with this......

Cool, eh?