Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seized Up

Yesterday, I'm working away at the plumbing in the new house, happy as a pig in mud. I had to make several trips up stairs, not as many as normal but still a few. By the time I left around 3:00 my junk knee was really acting up. By the time I got home I had to walk in a really strange way. Either I could twist my foot inward and walk stiff legged or I could do the high step with the bad leg. Both of those allowed me to move around the place pretty well. I looked like a moron in both cases and it was a pain in the ass but let me get around OK. I ate dinner and then sat on the lawn tractor and mowed the grass. Went to bed and this morning, no moronic gait, no hobbling around(no more than usual anyway), no sideassed limping. What ever was out of place evidently went back into place. Any one got 60 or seventy grand laying around available for loan? I under stand that's the going rate for a cash payment knee replacement.

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