Friday, September 26, 2014

What The Fuck?

Comment of the day... "We can't tell you everything you need to know about selling cars but, we can give you enough rope to hang yourself". Really, this was said this morning in a meeting for the new sales people. Hmm, is that some fucked up management skills or what? In the construction trades, he wouldn't last two fucking days in management before either the Union called him out or a muscle bound laborer did. Oh, and the new woman sales person , who happens to be tiny and smoking hot and dresses to heer best advantage, got the standard one hour offsite lunch, leaving me the only sales person on the floor. When it came my turn for lunch, I was told to grab it and get back as &*@$ would be the only sales person on the floor. Uh, unless I'm wrong that is called sexist. Oh and by the by, They don't pay for the lunch hour, so by making me work during my break they tweaked a labor law or two. The day just got better and better! Good thing I took notes!


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