Thursday, March 20, 2014

Justice On the Way

In a previous post I had mentioned that my step-fathers brother was murdered a few nights ago. Thanks to some folks on his street and hard work by the detectives, the cops already have four fuckers in custody, one of them sporting a gunshot wound to the arm and breast. Yes, at least one of his murderers is a woman. All of them are from Wyandotte County Kansas if that tells you anything. Unfortunately his actual shooter is still on the loose, hiding in under a rock somewhere. Well at least the old guy got off a round before they did him in. Go out fighting!

A Little FJ40 If You Please

I went to the lab the other day to let some vampires take my blood and what did I spy in the parking lot? Huh? A way cool Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. It was lifted, winched, detailed, painted and looking good. This would be a most excellent daily driver or a get out of dodge vehicle. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Neighborhood Or the Death of Life

I live in the east Bottoms of Kansas City Missouri. It's a heavily commercialized area with a small residential area tucked in to the fringes. This locale has been here for over 100 years and used to be a thriving immigrant community with stores, beer halls, schools and huge fields of market vegetables that were sold locally. Now however, there is one convenience store, no schools, one beer halls/music venue, one dinner and no farms.

What we have is low income folks trying to survive. In addition we have scumbags that seem to come from Kansas City's East side, homeless vagrants that live along the river and assorted low life individuals that will not pass up a chance to steal. Two night ago I came home to find 2 cop cars, one paddy wagon, an ambulance and a fire truck parked in front of my residence. A man had caused a disturbance in the convenience store two doors up from me and the cops arrested him for stealing. Then last night I passed by one business and there were cops and security guards all over the place. As I turned the corner into my alley I saw 2 more cop cars, an ambulance and a fire truck going down a street 2 blocks away. On the street my step fathers brother lives on. I found out this morning that his brothers house was were all those vehicle were going because, my step fathers brother was murdered last night. He was a nice man with a gruff personality who had dealt with low lifes in his business. It was an all cash business too. Yet, no cash was taken. No apparent reason for this heinous act as of yet. My heart cries for my step dad and my mom. This will be a very trying time for them.

Monday, March 3, 2014

To Low and Too High

I woke up this morning to -7 degrees. Negative Seven! No telling what the windchill might have been. We are up to a balmy -2 now. In the last 3 months I have spent over a grand on the electric bill. Yes, you read that right a fucking grand. On an 1100 hundred dollar a month budget.  Hamburger around here is over 3 dollars a pound but I can get nice pork chops for lest than 2.70 per pound and a bag of chicken tenders for 7 dollars. So, when I eat meat it's chicken or pork. I mean a freaking chuck roast is right around 25 dollars now. So no more Sunday roasts. Any way you can't go wrong with pork and chicken. I just made a badass spicy fried chicken sandwich. Mmm, mmm good. I never thought that hamburger would cost more that pork chops. But hey, I'm forcing myself to eat 'em. Uh Huh, forcing myself. Well I gotta go make some more money for the damn electric bill. I have to do something before next winter to reduce the electric bill. Insulation, or a coal stove or something 'cause this is crazy. Or move to Florida. Or Georgia. Or back to Texas. Some damn thing.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soup and Muffins

We have been having weather that held the promise of spring for the last week or so and now it seems that winter is leaving like a lion. Today the temps are in the teens for the high and there is a light snow falling. 4 to 8 inches is forecast for Sunday and the windchill is horrible. So with the chill in my bones this morning and a hunger in my belly I made a pot of vegetable stew for my evening meal. Ever so tasty, filling and cheering of the spirit. While it was bubbling away I mixed up some blueberry muffins, nothin' special, just a Martha White mix, they came out very nice. Golden and crusty with a multitude of tiny blueberries. I washed all that down with a glass of cranberry juice.

Entertainment on this frosty evening includes another reading of the book,  "Lights Out". Good food and a good book. Now I just need a good woman to share evenings like this with. And I'm working on that issue too. A nice looking woman from my local grocery store is still a work in progress. I did have a nice conversation with her last night at the store and that headed us in the right direction. I gotta say, she is fine looking and seems to be very nice too.

I know I need to do some house work.