Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Private Army

One of the little things included in the Health care Law is not so little. Hardly anything in this law is little. Massive is more like it. Any way, the law has a provision it to allow the creation of a new governmental corps. It's called the Ready Reserve Corps. Just what we really need, another government group to do the bidding of the the government. We have FBI, US Marshall's, DIA, CIA, NSA, DHS and now the RRC. So in effect, Obama created his own private police force. Instead of jobs. Oh yeah, 16,500 jobs were created for the IRS... to monitor our compliance with the law. Let's see. The government took over the health care industry and we will be forced to purchase their coverage. The government owns 60 percent of GM, will the government force us to buy GM products under the general duty and commerce clause as well?

Mexico Wants What?

The President of Mexico, a country whose primary export is humans, wants the US to re-instate the so called assault weapon ban cause we are, ya know, responsible for all the violence in Mexico now. The drug cartels can buy a whole container of AK's from China for the cost of a few AR15s. But it's our highly expensive firearms that are causing the violent out breaks in that third world country. Does their President also smoke crack? He must, to come up with this bullshit. Or maybe the UN is putting him up to it. The UN really wants the US to sign up for their small arms anti-proliferation treaty. Let's see, they say guns are coming across their border and it's our fault? We need to remind Mexico that they are sending millions of illegal immigrant to our country every year. If they stop that invasion maybe we will try to stem the flow of firearms into their pathetic, destitute, crooked little country.

A Militia?

You have probably heard that the FBI and several local pd's raided a militia in three states. A militia? A militia of 9 people? That's less than a squad. More like a patrol. And they sound more like a bunch of bubbas that all go to their own brand of church and bs about all they would like to do and shoot guns to top it off. I will say, if you are a shooter and you fall in with a group like this leave immediately. My biggest question is how far did the FBI informant "embedded" with this "militia" push them? What this has done is put the word militia in the minds of all law enforcement again and put a bad connotation with it again, just like in the 90's. So folks if you're going out shooting, make sure you know all your shooting buddies and for crying out loud don't wear camouflage to the range and don't give yourself a goofball name. Oh, yeah, try to keep your group below 9. That seems to be the trigger point for being declared a "militia". Nine. The Feebies are pulling out all stops, even dragging out the sedition charge. Sedition? How long has it been since anyone was charged with that? And weapons of mass destruction? Didn't we invade a country over that? And now 9 morons are building them here? So a pipe bomb is a WMD now? So plumbing supplies would be precursory materials now right? Will there be a registration of all plumbing supply providers and UN check points and searches of all semis that could be transporting plumbing supplies? They're really stretching the point on this one.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Decline

It has been tossed around that the Social Security system will be bankrupt by 2016. By 2016 all of you collecting a check and all of you that expect to collect a check might be in trouble. The problem is though, this year Social Security says they will pay out more than they take in. That's right, more going out than is coming in. In my mind this is the real start of the end. To continue paying all those millions of monthly checks the Government will have to borrow more money from foreign governments or have their buddies at the Federal Reserve make loans so the federal printing presses can run 24/7 which will devalue the dollar even further resulting in massive inflation. At the same time we are embarking on a misguided journey with a national health care bill that will end up costing trillions that we don't currently have and will not ever have unless once again we borrow more dollars from, again, foreign countries and/or run the federal printing presses even faster creating even more inflation and devaluation of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) Do your self a favor and use the worthless dollars in your possession now and trade it in on real money. Silver coins, gold coins. Real constitutional money. A lot of financial advisors tell us that gold is not a wise investment but if that were true why does every nation in the world have massive stockpiles of gold bullion?

Tis' The Season

Spring is here and there are many thing everyone needs to do. Consider putting in a garden, as large as you can manage. Learn to preserve any of your extra produce. Tune up your lawn and garden equipment. Repack your GOOD (get out of dodge) bags. Replace any batteries in flashlights, smoke detectors and other items. Check and clean all your firearms. Do a detailed summary of all you stored items and make a list of other items to buy. With the nice weather, get outside an let the sun shine on you. Go fishing. Go biking. Wash all the winters accumulation of salt and sand off all your vehicles. Change the tires if you run winter only tires. Spring is the time for renewal and rejuvenation so get with it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care for All Americans?

This health care law is supposed to provide health insurance for all Americans. So when did we elect non-American politicians? 'Cause if they were Americans they would be in line for the same crappy, socialistic plan we are getting subjected to. Ask your congress critter about that. Or maybe even demand that those high and mighty on the hill partake of the same sewage we are.

I want it real bad
I'm jonesing for a Sig Sauer P238. Bad. Real Bad. But with a house under remodel and a Harley in the midst of a rebuild, a new heater is not in the plan. But if I can squeeze 600 smackaroos out somewhere I'll have a new belly gun.

Mo. Lt. Gov. Sounds off

Missouri may be joining in on the lawsuit that is developing over the health care law. Thirteen or fourteen state are currently signed on and Missouri's Lt. Governor is asking the Governor, Senator and Attorney General to join him but when you're the only Republican in a Democratic State House...well you can probably guess.

Cost Rica?

A good friend of mine is doing a lot of talking about Costa Rica lately. Costa Rica this and Costa Rica that. I think I found out what is going on. Here a picture of the Miss Costa Rica Contest. Or maybe it's this. Or even this. Here's something I found for him. What ever the reason, good luck and if you get there enjoy it all you can.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Battle Starts

There are 14 states that are bringing suit against the Federal Government over the Healthcare mandate. As expected, I have been hearing the tired old story that the Government has the right to enforce this bank busting law due to the commerce clause in the Constitution. What complete and total bullshit. That clause has been stretched so far and thin it's a wonder it hasn't snapped. "To regulate (make standard) Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes" In that same section it says that the congress must "coin" money. Not create it from thin air. It also says that congress shall not fund an army for more than 2 years. All this can be found in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution. Look it up.

House Plan

We are rapidly running out of funds for this project. A grand here, a few grand there makes it go very quickly. We have found and applied for two grants and another will open in April that we will apply for. So we have our fingers crossed at this point. The furnace is in and running with over half of the duct work installed. Some of the electrical work is done and Cherry Pie has a nice walk in closet framed in. Cabinets are ordered but, we got them from Lowes instead of Cabinets To Go or Kansas City Cabinets Direct. Lowes could provide the size of pantry we wanted and we had a nice discount with them.. Windows are ordered and we are waiting on delivery. So you can see all the major stuff is bought. Now come the part that nickle and dimes you to death. Great.


Son is back home and is already on a ship for a short det. His major deployment keeps getting put further and further back. Consequently, daughter in laws cruise gets longer and longer.

Ann Coulter (the Goddess) was shut out of the building she was going to speak in at Ottawa Canada. Rocks and stick were thrown. The police were barred from responding. Blogs called for her death and the Parliament spoke poorly of her. Reminiscient of Michael Savages problem with the UK. Where he is banned. Fuck all those British countries.

The Health Care bill is now law. But not for the law makers. They still get their "cadillac" plans.

New saying....Come November, We'll remember.

It seems that several bricks have been thrown through several windows in protest over the health care law passage.

It costs much more to live in LA than it does Missouri. Fact. 63,000 dollars/frn California is about 28,000 dollars/frn Missouri.

Playing hard in your youth makes you a worn out adult. Ask me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Welcome Comrades! Hail to the Great ONE! This glorious morning we start that long journey that leads us further and further into socialism. We had an abortion delivered on the floor of the House last night and our liberal, marxist, socialistic, would be president is all set to sign this travesty. Seven states are poised to file lawsuits against the federal government over this theft of the Americans right to choice, to decide, to live free of government intrusion into our lives. We are now under the thumb of the Government as they will now direct every aspect of our health. From providing service to deciding if you are worth the expense of life. Yes, Sarah Palins death panels ARE in the bill/law. Yes, you will be fined for not buying insurance. Yes, you will be ordered to buy insurance. Yes, the IRS is hiring nearly 17,000 agent to police the peoples purchase of insurance. Yes, the IRS will fine you for non-compliance. Yes you can go to jail for not complying. So yes, we are now subjects of a despot. The only shining light is that subjects have been known to rise and remove the despot. The time to rise is now. Right now. Remove EVERY Democrat from office this fall and in 2012. Every fucking one of them. We as a people must start holding our electorate accountable for their actions. Dig up any dirt on any one of them, publish that info. Get pictures of them in compromising situations. File lawsuits against them until they are broke and destitute. Fund their political opponents as much as you can afford. Run for office and call them out to answer for their actions. It's time for real Americans to take this country back.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Congressional Circus Is In Town

We've been watching that horror show called the House of Representatives. Representative? Who do they think they are representing? All polls indicate that the healthcare bill as it stands, is widely unacceptable to a large majority of Americans. My thoughts are, if a Congressional district is largely against the healthcare overhaul like we are seeing and that districts Representative votes for it, the district should recall the Representative and his vote should be discounted. If he did not vote the wishes of his constituents then he is not doing his job. And if the job is not being done then the vote cannot, should not count. Thank God the fall elections are approaching faster than we really want, but at least we'll be getting rid of a whole bunch of imperious fools known as liberals. Liberals who have long ago left the human race to become, in their minds, demigods. Demigods with all the power to impose their will on all the serfs of their fiefdom. I urge any one with a Representative that votes contrary to your districts wishes, to take it up with the Representative personally. As said frequently on the Sipsey Street Irregulars, break their windows. I prefer arms and craniums but hey, to each his own. Ahm, a honin' ma' blade and loadin' ma' rifle guns. Nah, just looking at them fondly and dreaming of a better place.
At least the President and his motley collection of 216 fools are going to be met with multiple court challenges as soon as pen touches paper. Florida, Idaho, Virginia and others are prepared to file suit against the Feds to have the healthcare bill declared unconstitutional. As in not in the Federal mandate, as in not an enumerated power. And don't give me that general duty clause bullshit either. We're on to that particular little game that has been foisted on us for decades.
As usual we heard a whole bunch of Dimocrats speaking against the healthcare bill but, when the rubber meets the road, they vote party line. Liars and charlatans every one of them.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gone Again

Our Son has been here for a week and today we delivered him to the airport for his return to home and service. We always appreciate his visits but they are never really enough. Please take a moment of your time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Air Force personnel or Coast Guard you see or know, for their service to the country.

Thieves Bickering

The Honorable House of Reprobates is debating the latest version of the tax and rob bill tonight. Yeah, I mean the Health Care bill. The one that will cost us, our children and grandchildren untold millions, nay, trillions of dollars to implement. The Liar in Charge says he can get this atrocity in place and provide health care for all at no net cost. WTF? No net increase to cover every man woman and child in this nation? Is he still smoking crack? Who's doing his math for him? Drunken kindergartners? We'll just have to see how this p.o.s. shakes out. I just heard there are 100,000 calls coming in to the congress every hour over this issue. Is any one listening? I have my doubts.

Sibel Edmonds Again

I recently wrote about a lady named Sibel Edmonds. She's the FBI translator that heard tapes that implicate several politicians in treason. Now her previous employer is backing her. The FBI says they have the documents to back up what she has been saying since 2002. I really am interested to see if any of this results in any kind of charges against these hypocrites.

Federal Reserve Reservations

The Federal Reserve has had reservations about disclosing the names of the banks and financial institutions that received bailout money. They claim it will cause harm to those banks if this information gets out. I guess we'll see if any harm comes to them as a Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that The Fed must release that information. It's about time is all I can say about this.


Construction trades unemployment is at 27 percent. No wonder I'm having a hard time finding a job.
It seems that strategic defaults on home loans are getting popular in California. With the collapse of housing prices, many folks are refusing to pay for McMansions that now are priced like a McHovel. So they pack up, walk out and rent a house or apartment at far less than what they were paying on a mortgage.
TSA needs to train their employees about basic gun handling. My son brought two pistols home with him via airlines. Questions to him were: How can you tell if the magazine is loaded? If you put the magazine thing in it will it be loaded? Do you know what we're supposed to do for this gun thing? Are you a SEAL?
His observation: They can't tell if the magazine is loaded and are concerned that it might be but NO ONE looked in the chamber. And finally, "These are the people that are supposed to be protecting us?"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done For Now

The Rock Island Armory .45 that is. I got all the major pieces Dura Coated, the feed ramp polished, an Ed Brown trigger installed and all re-assembled. Due to finances, I have to wait on the stainless hammer, grip safety and mainspring housing. But it is lookin' good! I had some issues this morning getting the sear assembly installed. They make it look so easy on the AGI video. I finally got it done though. I'll be glad to tote this instead of the boat anchor of an XD 45 I've had filling in for my carry piece. I got my Dad's Marlin model 60 done too. Installed a new inner mag tube, detailed cleaned it and mounted a 1 inch scope on it. I also got him a couple of magazines for his 10/22. Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Wyoming Challenge

Speaking of guns, Wyoming just issued their own 10 amendment proclamation. Now they have a law in place that says any federal officers trying to enforce federal firearm laws in Wyoming can be arrested, tried and sentenced to two years in prison and or 2 thousand dollars in fines. Talk about a slap down. I wish good ol' MO. would sprout a pair and get our own law like that on the books. It looks like the USG is gonna have their hands full with all the Tenth challenges they are seeing.

Low Volume Content

With all the time we have been spending at the new house and given that my Son is home on leave I haven't been posting much lately. Either dog tired or very busy( I was up at 5:30 to work on the gun). That's the way it's been lately. Tomorrow we are going to take a tour of the Boulevard Beer Brewery and eat lunch somewhere.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Silence No More

Sibel Edmonds was an interpreter for the FBI. As such she was privy to critical information gained from wiretaps that she had to interpret. Some of the stuff she heard shook her belief in the American Political system. She attempted to bring this information to light but the Bush II administration muzzled her under the State Secrets Clause. Now, due to her testimony for the Ohio Election Commission, she may be able to tell all as the Obama administration is not going to stop her from revealing the treasonous information that she holds. This stuff is really inflammatory, were talking Senators and Representatives being on the take to a foreign county and working to help that country in exchange for cash and property as well as lucrative employment after their political term ran out. Well known names at that. Dennis Hastert, Roy Blunt, Tom Lantos and others. If this information comes out and is proven true then all of the suspects should be found guilty of treason and publicly executed. FBI and CIA employees think she has some real solid information that points to treason.

House Report

We are making progress on the house that we bought at foreclosure. We hired a few teenagers we know to swamp out the basement. That was interesting. Three teenagers covered in mud, traipsing up and down the stairs with buckets filled with mud, trash, debris, junk and who knows what. They did work hard though. We paid them 50 bucks each for 5 hours work and threw in a few pizzas to sweeten the deal. We are really making some progress with the demo type stuff. I'm starting construction type stuff now. The only problem is me. I big and have always been strong as an ox. Now after a lifetime of hard work and even harder play, my body is failing me. Arthritis and some other joint issues are really slowing me down. Wrists and shoulders are the real problems. I broke down and bought a nail gun this morning as I could hardly swing a hammer yesterday. Ain't life a bitch? I've got all this time on my hands now, we have a little money to make the repairs, we have a decent property to work on and I'm falling down on the job. That sucks. I'm still sticking with the 3 month idea to get us in to a portion of the house. We have looked at new cabinets for the kitchen at Lowes, a local cabinet shop and another cabinet shop. The 2 shops came in around 5 grand. Lowes came in at 5 grand but we had a discount with them that brought it to 3,600 dollars. Then I found a place called http://www.cabinetstogo.com/ Their base cabinets are the upgrade cabinets at the home improvement centers and are the same as from the custom shops. But, at much lower costs. Every cabinet maker bases their pricing on a 10 x 10 kitchen. Cabinetstogo's price for an oak front with plywood side is something like 1,700 dollars and a very reasonable shipping rate. We have since found another place that is local to us, called http://www.kansascitycabinets.com/ and they are even more reasonable with the same construction. Soooo, we will be going with Kansas City Cabinets. I keep saying, to make your dollars stretch further you have to look for the deals. Here's another example, we found wrought iron security storm doors with frame and dead bolt locks for 389 dollars. Not light weight black tubing but wrought iron work. I'm keeping this one secret until we get them installed.


Ive been thinking while I'm working and in the evening I'm re-reading James Talmages book, "Making The Best of Basics". He brings up several good points that are often overlooked by a lot of folks setting up their preparedness inventories. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do you have back up for them? You need to. I have one extra pair of glasses but I need the prescription updated. What about meds? Do you have allergies? Do you have what it takes to get through you particular allergy season for the next year or two? Do you have women in the child bearing years living with you? Feminine Sanitary products will make life much better all around if you have these items in stock. Small children get colds, sniffles and a host of other debilitating problems that can make life hell for any one in the house. Keep all the necessary item to deal with childhood sickness on hand. I urge everyone to get a copy of this book. Get it here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

NAFTA No More?

A group of politicians, Republican and Democrat, are looking to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Did you notice that, Republicans and Democrats ? Finally the two main parties working toward something that is actually good for American and the American people. Now we just need to see if it gets passed.

That's A Lot of Guns

You want to know why the Government is unlikely to try a gun confiscation plan? It's because in 2009 Americans added 14,000,000 guns to their home inventories. 14,000,000 guns! That's on top of the 250 million or so the ATF estimates is already in the hands of law abiding civilians. That 2009 number is more guns than 21 of the worlds armies have. Folks, keep the USG nervous, try to top that number this year, another 15-20 million would be OK. I'll try to do my part to help out. In a similar vein, this has become my favorite song.

Random Randomness

I've been very busy this week working on the new property. All demo is finally done and I can start on the rehab this week.

I read that Home Land Security wants to read ALL emails originating in this country. Isn't that a Constitutional violation or something?

The Honorable Senator Harry "Fucknut" Reeves calls it a good day when 36,000 folks lose their jobs in one day. Just 36,000. In one day.

Last year Federal regulators shut down 140 banks. So far this year they have shuttered 26. That includes the four that were closed this weekend.

Missing.........jobs. The Government claims they have created or saved untold thousands of jobs. So far the only ones I've seen are more Government jobs.

The Supreme Court has heard arguments in the McDonald case. Chicago says they have the right to ban handguns, the plaintiff says they don't. Is this case going to finally settle the question that was never in need of asking? It's a plain as can be, " the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". Reports say that the Justices were somewhat ambivalent and peppered both sides, revealing no hint as to their final decision.

Now I'm off to start getting the motor out of the Harley.