Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Silence No More

Sibel Edmonds was an interpreter for the FBI. As such she was privy to critical information gained from wiretaps that she had to interpret. Some of the stuff she heard shook her belief in the American Political system. She attempted to bring this information to light but the Bush II administration muzzled her under the State Secrets Clause. Now, due to her testimony for the Ohio Election Commission, she may be able to tell all as the Obama administration is not going to stop her from revealing the treasonous information that she holds. This stuff is really inflammatory, were talking Senators and Representatives being on the take to a foreign county and working to help that country in exchange for cash and property as well as lucrative employment after their political term ran out. Well known names at that. Dennis Hastert, Roy Blunt, Tom Lantos and others. If this information comes out and is proven true then all of the suspects should be found guilty of treason and publicly executed. FBI and CIA employees think she has some real solid information that points to treason.

House Report

We are making progress on the house that we bought at foreclosure. We hired a few teenagers we know to swamp out the basement. That was interesting. Three teenagers covered in mud, traipsing up and down the stairs with buckets filled with mud, trash, debris, junk and who knows what. They did work hard though. We paid them 50 bucks each for 5 hours work and threw in a few pizzas to sweeten the deal. We are really making some progress with the demo type stuff. I'm starting construction type stuff now. The only problem is me. I big and have always been strong as an ox. Now after a lifetime of hard work and even harder play, my body is failing me. Arthritis and some other joint issues are really slowing me down. Wrists and shoulders are the real problems. I broke down and bought a nail gun this morning as I could hardly swing a hammer yesterday. Ain't life a bitch? I've got all this time on my hands now, we have a little money to make the repairs, we have a decent property to work on and I'm falling down on the job. That sucks. I'm still sticking with the 3 month idea to get us in to a portion of the house. We have looked at new cabinets for the kitchen at Lowes, a local cabinet shop and another cabinet shop. The 2 shops came in around 5 grand. Lowes came in at 5 grand but we had a discount with them that brought it to 3,600 dollars. Then I found a place called http://www.cabinetstogo.com/ Their base cabinets are the upgrade cabinets at the home improvement centers and are the same as from the custom shops. But, at much lower costs. Every cabinet maker bases their pricing on a 10 x 10 kitchen. Cabinetstogo's price for an oak front with plywood side is something like 1,700 dollars and a very reasonable shipping rate. We have since found another place that is local to us, called http://www.kansascitycabinets.com/ and they are even more reasonable with the same construction. Soooo, we will be going with Kansas City Cabinets. I keep saying, to make your dollars stretch further you have to look for the deals. Here's another example, we found wrought iron security storm doors with frame and dead bolt locks for 389 dollars. Not light weight black tubing but wrought iron work. I'm keeping this one secret until we get them installed.


Ive been thinking while I'm working and in the evening I'm re-reading James Talmages book, "Making The Best of Basics". He brings up several good points that are often overlooked by a lot of folks setting up their preparedness inventories. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do you have back up for them? You need to. I have one extra pair of glasses but I need the prescription updated. What about meds? Do you have allergies? Do you have what it takes to get through you particular allergy season for the next year or two? Do you have women in the child bearing years living with you? Feminine Sanitary products will make life much better all around if you have these items in stock. Small children get colds, sniffles and a host of other debilitating problems that can make life hell for any one in the house. Keep all the necessary item to deal with childhood sickness on hand. I urge everyone to get a copy of this book. Get it here.

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