Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care for All Americans?

This health care law is supposed to provide health insurance for all Americans. So when did we elect non-American politicians? 'Cause if they were Americans they would be in line for the same crappy, socialistic plan we are getting subjected to. Ask your congress critter about that. Or maybe even demand that those high and mighty on the hill partake of the same sewage we are.

I want it real bad
I'm jonesing for a Sig Sauer P238. Bad. Real Bad. But with a house under remodel and a Harley in the midst of a rebuild, a new heater is not in the plan. But if I can squeeze 600 smackaroos out somewhere I'll have a new belly gun.

Mo. Lt. Gov. Sounds off

Missouri may be joining in on the lawsuit that is developing over the health care law. Thirteen or fourteen state are currently signed on and Missouri's Lt. Governor is asking the Governor, Senator and Attorney General to join him but when you're the only Republican in a Democratic State House...well you can probably guess.

Cost Rica?

A good friend of mine is doing a lot of talking about Costa Rica lately. Costa Rica this and Costa Rica that. I think I found out what is going on. Here a picture of the Miss Costa Rica Contest. Or maybe it's this. Or even this. Here's something I found for him. What ever the reason, good luck and if you get there enjoy it all you can.

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