Friday, March 19, 2010

Gone Again

Our Son has been here for a week and today we delivered him to the airport for his return to home and service. We always appreciate his visits but they are never really enough. Please take a moment of your time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Air Force personnel or Coast Guard you see or know, for their service to the country.

Thieves Bickering

The Honorable House of Reprobates is debating the latest version of the tax and rob bill tonight. Yeah, I mean the Health Care bill. The one that will cost us, our children and grandchildren untold millions, nay, trillions of dollars to implement. The Liar in Charge says he can get this atrocity in place and provide health care for all at no net cost. WTF? No net increase to cover every man woman and child in this nation? Is he still smoking crack? Who's doing his math for him? Drunken kindergartners? We'll just have to see how this p.o.s. shakes out. I just heard there are 100,000 calls coming in to the congress every hour over this issue. Is any one listening? I have my doubts.

Sibel Edmonds Again

I recently wrote about a lady named Sibel Edmonds. She's the FBI translator that heard tapes that implicate several politicians in treason. Now her previous employer is backing her. The FBI says they have the documents to back up what she has been saying since 2002. I really am interested to see if any of this results in any kind of charges against these hypocrites.

Federal Reserve Reservations

The Federal Reserve has had reservations about disclosing the names of the banks and financial institutions that received bailout money. They claim it will cause harm to those banks if this information gets out. I guess we'll see if any harm comes to them as a Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that The Fed must release that information. It's about time is all I can say about this.


Construction trades unemployment is at 27 percent. No wonder I'm having a hard time finding a job.
It seems that strategic defaults on home loans are getting popular in California. With the collapse of housing prices, many folks are refusing to pay for McMansions that now are priced like a McHovel. So they pack up, walk out and rent a house or apartment at far less than what they were paying on a mortgage.
TSA needs to train their employees about basic gun handling. My son brought two pistols home with him via airlines. Questions to him were: How can you tell if the magazine is loaded? If you put the magazine thing in it will it be loaded? Do you know what we're supposed to do for this gun thing? Are you a SEAL?
His observation: They can't tell if the magazine is loaded and are concerned that it might be but NO ONE looked in the chamber. And finally, "These are the people that are supposed to be protecting us?"

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