Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Prodigal Gun Returns

Back in 2003 our home was broken into and when the tally was completed I had several guns and many switchblade knives missing. I know no safe, yadad yada yada..... Any way, the local PD couldn't lift any of the clearly visible fingerprints from many of the articles the thieves chose to carry around and bang on other things. The best they could do for us was to tell us file an insurance claim. Really? My insurance agent wife and I weren't aware of that. Some other things we learned were that there are several known thieves in this area, my step brother, kind soul that he is, claimed to know one of the asshats in question but wouldn't give him up, and once stolen it's highly unlikely that you will ever see any of your stuff again. This type of crime occurred to two other home owners that I am aware of in a very short time. The other two lived in the next county in a rural area. One of the guys has a son that my son ran around with occasionally. This particular Dad found information that that said one of his neighbor kids had done his break in. Dad trots his angry self down the road and calls the kid out and soundly thrashes him. Parent of miscreant kid appears and is understandably mad as hell. Until he hears the story of the theft. The kid gave up the information that he and a couple other young men were in good ole KC at a pool hall where a couple of Latino gang banger were. The gang bangers took this one kid outside and roughed him up, took his drivers license and told him to steal guns from his neighbors and give them to the gang or they would come to his house and kill everyone there. Is that what happened in my case? Who the fuck knows. The point here is that Thursday the police called my house and left a message for us to contact them. We did. The parties we were to speak with were not available. Friday we did make contact with the right officer and lo and behold I was told to come to the station to reclaim some of my stolen property. What I found in the box was the Ruger Single Six that was stolen from me. The best part is that is looked like it had never left my house. Other than needing a good cleaning it was damaged in no way. It's still an early model flat top Single Six without the late model conversion in a solid 95-98 percent condition. Evidently the Kansas City police had it in their possession since.....2003! It was used in a robbery, collected as evidence and has been in the evidence locker since 3 months after the gun was stolen! What I have to do know is buy it back from the insurance company. It seems the cops called the insurance company before they called me. The day I picked the gun up there was message from the insurance company saying some of my property had been reclaimed and they would like to set up a time for someone to come and collect it from me OR make arrangements to receive payment for the item. Man they're fast. They want 397 dollars for it which is what they compensated us with. Fine. I looked it up and it's now worth about 500 dollars.

Monday, May 17, 2010

M14 Stock II. E2 modified.

Today I got pictures of the M14 stock I'm working on. It now appears to be a real E2 stock that has been trimmed up and patched up a little.

Notice the M16 A1 shape to the buttstock as well as the contoured pistol grip. This is a very good feeling stock.

Just above the pistol grip you can see a vertical line and a faint horizontal line. This is where a wooden patch has been installed. The dark blob is a filler of some sort.

In this picture you can see a narrow horizontal line that delineates the front of the patch. You can also see the selector switch plug on the right. Unfortunately the existing patch appears to be something other than birch or walnut. The stock itself appears to be a light colored walnut.
I think when I'm done this will have a DuraCoat finish in a tiger stripe pattern. In my eyes, waayyy cooool. There will be more to come as I get further along.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

M14. E2?

Last night I was re-reading my copy of "Bostons Gun Bible" and that got me to thinking. What I thought was, I bought a unique M14 stock at a gun show a few years ago. So I went and dug the thing out and found I had already given it a camo job. So I dug out the M1A and put it in the "new" stock. Damn it looks good! It has the appearance of an M14 E2 stock but without the bulbous buttstock. As purchased it had a thick black coating over the entire stock. Some kind of paint or something. I had smoothed it up and did a camo job over that. The stock has a nicely formed pistol grip and the butt actually resembles an A1 style M16 butt. It's all wood and has all GI metal. When I took it to the shed to start working on a clearance issue with this stock I found that it IS an issue stock as it had a filled selector switch. Then I found that it may be a Frankenstein of sorts unless the E2 stocks were pieced together. The grain of the grip runs vertical and that of the stock runs parallel. And the wood forward of the grip is different from that of the butt/grip. Any way, the previous work had left the rear portion of the upper stock too low to make contact with the back of the receiver. What I'm doing is cutting the low portion of the stock out and will epoxy in a block of birch and make it all fit right. In the end it looks like someone took an E2 stock and trimmed it up nice and neat in the butt area, contoured the pistol grip and morphed it onto the front end of a regular M14 stock. It looks and works so good I would like to try and get a fiberglass version of this made in the future. I'll get photos of the stock posted as it comes along or maybe a complete series in one posting. We'll see what comes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

See What I Mean?

As mentioned earlier, If a few students started an WA Lunch Bunch and went on a whites only field trip, how many kinds of hell would have been raised? But it's apparently OK for the AA Lunch Bunch to go on a blacks only field trip.

Cinco de Mayo? Not For Me,Thanks.

As most people are aware, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as the Mexican Independence day. Thanks to the efforts of the major breweries and millions of illegal criminal immigrants, it has become a significant holiday in this country. It offers an excuse to skip out of work, school and the responsibilities of life for a day. CDM is not an officially recognised holiday but as with most of the participants, it is an illicit holiday. Lately it has become an excuse for rioting, destruction of property and arson. Now it has become an excuse for authorities to violate the first amendments freedoms of students. Several students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Kalifornia were sent home for, brace yourself, wearing clothing with depictions of......the American Flag on them. On Cinco de Mayo! How could they? The shame! The hypocrisy is what I say. We are forced to put up with millions of illegals every day, we are forced to sift through instruction in multiples of languages, we are forced to press one for English on the telephone, we are disqualified for jobs if we don't speak Spanish, we are forced to tolerate ethic organizations in schools, jobs and government but if any one tries to start up a Caucasian students union or the white congressional caucus, or the white mayors group, we are immediately branded as a racist, a bigot, a hater. Well all I can offer as a remedy is take your minor holiday back to Mexico and stay there with it. If you come to this country forget about making your homelands holiday one of ours. If you want to be American then do it, be American.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can Be A What?

I keep looking for a job as I have looked for the last year and a half(very nearly), I have posted my resume on several job sites and I keep getting emails saying there are job openings for me to apply for. Nursing, medical specialist, nursing supervisor, medical records specialist and on and on. Nowhere in my 25 years experience have I ever worked in anything remotely resembling the medical profession. How 'bout the mokes that put up those job boards tailor them to look for more than specific word recognition and utilize something that uses phrase recognition instead. Sheesh!