Sunday, May 16, 2010

M14. E2?

Last night I was re-reading my copy of "Bostons Gun Bible" and that got me to thinking. What I thought was, I bought a unique M14 stock at a gun show a few years ago. So I went and dug the thing out and found I had already given it a camo job. So I dug out the M1A and put it in the "new" stock. Damn it looks good! It has the appearance of an M14 E2 stock but without the bulbous buttstock. As purchased it had a thick black coating over the entire stock. Some kind of paint or something. I had smoothed it up and did a camo job over that. The stock has a nicely formed pistol grip and the butt actually resembles an A1 style M16 butt. It's all wood and has all GI metal. When I took it to the shed to start working on a clearance issue with this stock I found that it IS an issue stock as it had a filled selector switch. Then I found that it may be a Frankenstein of sorts unless the E2 stocks were pieced together. The grain of the grip runs vertical and that of the stock runs parallel. And the wood forward of the grip is different from that of the butt/grip. Any way, the previous work had left the rear portion of the upper stock too low to make contact with the back of the receiver. What I'm doing is cutting the low portion of the stock out and will epoxy in a block of birch and make it all fit right. In the end it looks like someone took an E2 stock and trimmed it up nice and neat in the butt area, contoured the pistol grip and morphed it onto the front end of a regular M14 stock. It looks and works so good I would like to try and get a fiberglass version of this made in the future. I'll get photos of the stock posted as it comes along or maybe a complete series in one posting. We'll see what comes.

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