Sunday, May 12, 2013

Now Daddy...

While Son and his Family were here we went to the local BBQ joint as I mentioned previously. While we were dining our little Diamond was jabbering away, looking everyone over and in general having a good time. Our order was delivered and the feasting began. Little One had chicken strips and just plain attacked them. She was attempting to eat the chicken out of the inside of the crust. Mom finally gave her a hand with the decrusting process. While we were eating the little Diamond stopped, pointed her little index finger at her Daddy and soundly told him off about something. Of course we don't speak her language but the tone and facial expression let us know her Dad was in trouble for something! I can forecast a handful of problem in say, 8-10 years. If I ever get ahead financially, I will be packing up and moving to their state so I can see this little princess a whole lot more. I just kills me when the leave, knowing it will be a long spell before I see them again.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Still Around

Well Irish wanted to know how I was doing so here it goes. With all that is on my mind, bearing down on my shoulders and with a busted heart to boot, I'm not doing bad. Yeah I have some anger and a lot of frustration too. But in the end things will work out, I hope. I still have not found a place to keep my Harley, tools and outdoor gear. I spoke to an individual I have done business with in the past about renting some garage space for non commercial use. The price wasn't bad, if you wanted to run a business out of the place or you had a good income. On a low income personal use basis however, the price was far to high. I am going to pitch an idea to the man about splitting the space in two as well as splitting the price in half. That would give me a powered garage to keep the bike and other items in, a space to use for a workshop and a space to use for vehicle repairs and whatnot. I need to re-evaluate my ever changing budget and see if I can find a budget line for this garage.

My soon to be ex-wife and I are trying to work out the details of her piss poor decision so we can refrain from using a lawyers at multiple hundreds of dollars an hour. It does get rancorous at times but progress is being made. If you can call splitting up after 30 years, progress.

If I can find a place for my things, I'd be doing OK, that's it just OK. I must find a way to trim my monthly budget but it's already pretty skinny. Do I cut back on the grocery budget or quit seeing a doctor? It's those kind of decisions that fuel my anger and desolation.

So there it is, I'm still here, just got a lot on my mind anymore. Rest assured, I am still reading all you inspiring writings and they lift my spirits. So keep up the good work!

On a brighter note, my son and his family came into town for a couple days. we spent a lot of time together last night and then had a nice lunch at the local barbeque joint. Man last night I had so much fun playing with my 18 month old grand daughter. She is a riot! Happy, smart, cunning and cute as a bugs ear to boot. My mother, her great grannie, gave her a bag of chocolate filled Vienna wafer type cookies last night. After she chewed on a couple she sat down at her mommas foot and while great grannie and I spied on her, she proceeded to open every single cookie, one at a time and eat the chocolate filling. She would then place the empty cookie slabs to the side, give a furtive upward glance at her mom, to see if she had been caught and then proceed to the next cookie. Needless to say, a half hour later her spring unwound! I chased her, flew her around the room and had a good time in general for about two hours. When they left for the evening the little girl was still going strong!