Sunday, May 12, 2013

Now Daddy...

While Son and his Family were here we went to the local BBQ joint as I mentioned previously. While we were dining our little Diamond was jabbering away, looking everyone over and in general having a good time. Our order was delivered and the feasting began. Little One had chicken strips and just plain attacked them. She was attempting to eat the chicken out of the inside of the crust. Mom finally gave her a hand with the decrusting process. While we were eating the little Diamond stopped, pointed her little index finger at her Daddy and soundly told him off about something. Of course we don't speak her language but the tone and facial expression let us know her Dad was in trouble for something! I can forecast a handful of problem in say, 8-10 years. If I ever get ahead financially, I will be packing up and moving to their state so I can see this little princess a whole lot more. I just kills me when the leave, knowing it will be a long spell before I see them again.

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