Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Still Around

Well Irish wanted to know how I was doing so here it goes. With all that is on my mind, bearing down on my shoulders and with a busted heart to boot, I'm not doing bad. Yeah I have some anger and a lot of frustration too. But in the end things will work out, I hope. I still have not found a place to keep my Harley, tools and outdoor gear. I spoke to an individual I have done business with in the past about renting some garage space for non commercial use. The price wasn't bad, if you wanted to run a business out of the place or you had a good income. On a low income personal use basis however, the price was far to high. I am going to pitch an idea to the man about splitting the space in two as well as splitting the price in half. That would give me a powered garage to keep the bike and other items in, a space to use for a workshop and a space to use for vehicle repairs and whatnot. I need to re-evaluate my ever changing budget and see if I can find a budget line for this garage.

My soon to be ex-wife and I are trying to work out the details of her piss poor decision so we can refrain from using a lawyers at multiple hundreds of dollars an hour. It does get rancorous at times but progress is being made. If you can call splitting up after 30 years, progress.

If I can find a place for my things, I'd be doing OK, that's it just OK. I must find a way to trim my monthly budget but it's already pretty skinny. Do I cut back on the grocery budget or quit seeing a doctor? It's those kind of decisions that fuel my anger and desolation.

So there it is, I'm still here, just got a lot on my mind anymore. Rest assured, I am still reading all you inspiring writings and they lift my spirits. So keep up the good work!

On a brighter note, my son and his family came into town for a couple days. we spent a lot of time together last night and then had a nice lunch at the local barbeque joint. Man last night I had so much fun playing with my 18 month old grand daughter. She is a riot! Happy, smart, cunning and cute as a bugs ear to boot. My mother, her great grannie, gave her a bag of chocolate filled Vienna wafer type cookies last night. After she chewed on a couple she sat down at her mommas foot and while great grannie and I spied on her, she proceeded to open every single cookie, one at a time and eat the chocolate filling. She would then place the empty cookie slabs to the side, give a furtive upward glance at her mom, to see if she had been caught and then proceed to the next cookie. Needless to say, a half hour later her spring unwound! I chased her, flew her around the room and had a good time in general for about two hours. When they left for the evening the little girl was still going strong!


Stephen said...

An hour or two with a grandchild has a way of righting all that is wrong with the world. Bless you, my friend. I hope you find peace very soon.

John Feralirishman said...

Hi Dean , glad to hear things are at least Ok and you're doing alright.