Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Asking For some Input

I have always been a determined, hard working, no bs kinda guy. I have always been the one that asks no one for help. Well life has taken a big change for me and now I'm asking for some inut.
Here are the parameters of my situation
1. Married for 30 years, wife walks out with no notice or comment
2. Wife intends on taking the house I bought and refurbished using my retirement money.
3. I have things I do not want to get rid of, a gun collection, a buncha knives, a Harley and quite a few tools.
4. I have been turned down for disability but have had two different state offices tell me that I am a perfect candidate for disability. Go figure.
5. Due to physical limitations I have a part time job that pays very little, right now based on my schedule, 8,700 bucks a year. And the schedule is so varied that a second job in no possible.
6. I do not have any money.
 If she gets the house I really have no where to go and that is what I am asking input on. Oh, I do qualify for an income based apartment but then have no place to put the Harley I ride regularly or the tools I use on the HD and my truck. Yeah I know I can rent a storage unit. But that does not jibe with the daily riding of the bike and yadda, yadda, yadda.
   In the upcoming divorce settlement I may end up with 15-17 thousand in cash. She has suggested I use the cash to live on (this amount would cover me for just over a year) and augment that with my now meager income. When the cash runs out the current income will not cover my basic living expenses( just over 11 grand a year), i.e. gas, food, rent, insurance, medication, phone, auto repairs, doctors and yes, Internet too. I consider the Internet a basic utility now. It is where most jobs are found, it is replacing the post office, it provides entertainment and knowledge, so yes I consider it a basic utility.
I have found a place a I really like and want, 5 acres in the country with a brand new unfinished, two story cabin. 27,000 bucks. It needs a lot to complete it too. Exterior finishes, interior walls and of course those ever expensive to install utilities, water, electric, sewer. But it's twenty seven thousand I don't have. And then thousands more in the near future.
I have wracked my brain, the soon to be ex has been little to no help in this matter so, Lets see what the internet can provide. Do you have an idea for housing for me and my hard earned stuff? I am receptive to any suggestion. I have even looked at buying one of those shed/cabins
and dropping it somewhere but around here a bit of land to drop it on is very expensive.OK, let's see some ideas floated around here. Any ideas?


rjs said...

You need to hire a good divorce lawyer.

Dean Carder said...

I have a good lawyer. going to the local housing authority next week and applying for low in come housing and will be looking a for a low buck garage or other space to rent to keeo the bike ready and accessible along iwth tools and what not.

John Feralirishman said...

Hey Dean, I just wanted to give you a shout out and see how youre doing?

Hope all is as well as it can be.